Top restaurant in chongqing

Bridge pot

Bridge hot pot is the only one old Chinese hot pot, which is characterized by hot, spicy, hot, tender, fresh, fragrant. In recent years, on the basis of inheriting the traditional characteristics of the old bridge, the Jiangsu cuisine and Cantonese sweet and lychee flavors of fine craftsmanship integration into the pot, the pot did hemp unbeaten taste, spicy Shang Wei, hot does not harm the throat, oil is not greasy mouth, reaching smelling raw saliva, motilin see color, taste Yan open, postprandial memorable situation. Production Bridge pot principle: seek balanced flavors, fresh and seek mellow, spicy seek soft palate seek level.

When the restaurant Yi

Yi's large restaurant opened in 1941, formerly located in Chengdu Huaxing Center Street, in 1948 moved to Chongqing Zou Rong Road, Luo Guorong originally founded to food flavor characteristics when operating, main dishes are "dry shark fin," "water cabbage ", etc., operate to close down in 1953, 1958, Luo Guorong in Chongqing has opened" Rhythm of time "in order to operate, featuring authentic Sichuan flavor, the main dishes are" dry rock carp "," garlic fish "," a product sea ​​cucumber "," boiled cabbage "and so on.

Stupid noodles

The definition of "stupid noodles" is: "use tradition, do noodles well". "Using the tradition" means inheriting the traditional culture, adopting the traditional formula and adhering to the traditional craft; "doing noodles well" means making standardized, healthy and innovative Chongqing noodles with the craftsman"s spirit of "stupid and good at managing noodles", which is the soul of stupid noodles.


Taoism has the legend of cave heaven and blessed land. The world of immortals is composed of ten big caves, thirty-six small caves and seventy-two blessed places. Sichuan cuisine also has the legend of gardens, halls and halls. Zhengxing garden, Rongyuan paradise and Zhongdian building are the schools for cooks. It is the famous little Dongtian hotel in Chongqing that can connect two unrelated legends together. The signboard of xiaodongtian hotel is built by two generations of Sichuan cuisine chefs separated by 30 years. They have superb cooking skills and dishes. There are glories and gloom, expansions and regrets. Until the curtain call 15 years ago, it is still the Holy Land in the hearts of pilgrims.

Wu Chao Shou

Wu fangshou was first operated by Li Wensheng and Chen Shangzhi. It opened in 1952 and specializes in hand copying. After more than 50 years of ups and downs, Wu chaoshou has developed into a famous flavor food store in Chongqing. Its sales of pot stickers with chicken juice, plain pepper mixed sauce noodles and peanut bunting have been rated as "Chongqing famous snacks" and "Chongqing flavor snacks" for many times. Among them, pot stickers with chicken juice were rated as "Chinese famous snacks" in 2000. In 2011, Chongqing wufangshou was listed in Chongqing Municipal intangible cultural heritage.

Xiaojiu mother fish

Old mother and uncle from the very beginning 25 years ago, when the mother and uncle both wore boss grilled fish life stress and social impact, in Wanxian Shahezi runs a small shop and began a minor celebrity; later, relocation Zhou Xiangjiaba to the North Bus Station hall side, but did not fit the customer also known for two years came up; and finally moved to square one mind contiguous fish in greenhouses, then, the real fame.

I remember a small mountain rice balls

Shang Zi Yuan "I remember the small mountain rice balls", Chongqing has become the leader in the rice balls. For decades famous Quartet, renowned overseas, has been awarded the Chongqing snack. In 2011 he won the "Chinese snack" award, in 2013 the government awarding "Shang Zi Yuan Chongqing old business", the same year won the "Chongqing special food" title. 2015 again won the "Chinese name snacks", "Chongqing special food 50" two major honors, the same year was named "old Chinese tradition of innovation advanced units." He has loading "Chongqing recipes", "Sichuan snacks", "Chinese dishes Collection" and other books. Yu Ying, Yu Siu put aspire heritage, "I remember the mountain small dumpling traditional production techniques," so old dishes to flourish, accompanied by rigorous choice of materials, healthy and nutritious recipes, safe and reliable quality and to attain the beauty of taste, so we are honored hundred years old delicious shine with new vitality.

Qiu two Museum

Qiu two Museum, Chongqing flavor food shops. Before liberation, the capitalists hired workers were known as Chongqing mound two. Qiu two Museum is a few had been a "mound two" partner to open the snack bar. Chongqing old "Qiu two Museum", derived from the Qing court"s "imperial copper stove stewed chicken Law," chicken soup clear yellow oil, mayonnaise chicken melted waxy, delicious fresh delicious, nutritious, its production techniques more than 300 years history, heritage where there are 100-year history.

Cuiyun boiled fish

Chongqing "Cuiyun boiled fish" is the survival of the fittest at the time of verification and the market, from the country's first home run of boiled fish restaurants to the present, known as the "father of boiled fish China" to "boiling oil , live fish, fragrant, spicy flavor, fish, crisp outside and tender, full of flavor and "well-known major north-south, is fixed to the authentic flavor of Chongqing boiled fish.

Steamed stuffed buns

Jiuyuan steamed stuffed buns began in 1931. The first shop was opened in jiaochangkou, Chongqing. It was the most "qualified" snack at that time. It was deeply loved by officials and celebrities. Xu Zhimo, Guo Moruo and Bai Yang were all familiar guests of Jiuyuan. With a long history of catering, it is worthy of the honorary title of Chongqing intangible cultural heritage, China"s top ten warranty shops and Chinese famous snacks. It is also a restaurant that old Chongqing people always talk about when they mention it.

Hot pot cuisine

Located in Nanbin Road, which is close to the mountains and water, kaiset is just like "it"s better to have a sunny day and not to set up a feast". It is a "hot pot reception hall" created by the founder of Dezhuang hot pot brand in Chongqing, which is based on Chongqing hot pot and integrates global food. As a 2020 Black Pearl Restaurant on the list, this title alone is worth your exploring. No matter where you sit, the beautiful scenery of Chongqing is in front of you. With the gentle light and the slow river water, the Grand Theater opposite is like a lighting show, especially in Yuzhong District.

Jinxi Restaurant

Jinxi restaurant is located in the prosperous Diwang Square Business District of Jiefangbei in Yuzhong District of our city, at the corner of "Hongya cave" and Cangbai Road, with a distance of less than 200 meters. This is to provide zero meal, Baoxi, the main Sichuan and Guangdong cuisine, traditional home dishes. Many diners, from young to old, are regular customers of restaurants.

Classic Steakhouse

Ruskui classic Steakhouse is the largest Steakhouse company in the world. It was founded by Ruth FERTEL in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1965. It has more than 150 restaurants around the world. Since its entry into China"s mainland market in 2009, Ru has opened its branches in Shanghai, Chengdu and Chongqing, and has won 2019 black pearls and one diamond glory.


The second shop of Yutu -- palm shop!

Haixu Garden Hotel

When you come to Haixu Garden Hotel, you have to mention Jianshan restaurant. Jianshan restaurant of Haixu Garden Hotel was opened in September 1940 under the initiative of the famous patriotic industrialist Mr. Lu Zuofu. It was a large-scale restaurant with strong technical force in Beibei at that time. The restaurant was second to none in tasting Beibei"s cuisine and Jianshan restaurant!

Zhengdong Dandan noodles

In August 2015, it was rated as "Chongqing time honored brand".

Qianyueming vegetarian dinner

Like other vegetarian restaurants, the decoration of qianyueming is plain and simple, elegant and fresh, giving people a feeling of "Zen" and "getting rid of vulgarity". What"s different is that [qianyueming] is presented in the form of a private banquet. You only need to choose the meal standard to avoid the tangle of ordering. In addition, they adapted measures to local conditions to cater to the hot and spicy lifestyle of most Chongqing people, and developed a vegetarian food with Chongqing Lake cuisine flavor. This allows Chongqing people to experience vegetarianism and meet the needs of taste buds at the same time.

Forest music spiced chicken

1986, Zhu was on Geleshan breakfast business, only to down the mountain pass of good people on their way to fill his stomach, until after the mountain road was built, a large number of vendors selling chickens to sell duck elapsed, since the first time elected to the highest quality chicken, chicken Zhu began doing research, trying to go through all sorts of feedback and customer of three years, Zhu finally put end to the first set of spiced chicken in front of diners. As the use of domestic soil cock, Big Red pepper and hot pepper frying finest in Sichuan's spicy chicken, distinctive, taste cool and sought after by connoisseurs of all walks of life, the dish instantly exploded in Chongqing! It became one of the influential food arena of Chongqing Representative dishes at that time.

Beautiful kitchen restaurant

The beautiful kitchen of palm island in Chongqing is located in the Palm Island Business District of Yubei District, Xingui District, Chongqing. The three storey glass house is built near the lake, half hidden in a modern garden, with unique geographical position. Palm Island Business District is the gathering place of high-end restaurants in Chongqing, surrounded by high-end villa areas, and the orientation of restaurants is healthy Cantonese cuisine.

Pakistan pour hot

Chongqing Wang Yihan Food Development Co., Ltd. is the first research and development and operation of land in Chongqing hot pot pie catering company. Company caravan cultural background, in order to carry forward the mission land pot pie, pot pie land to build the first brand. Now the company's existing mature brands - Lu pour hot pot pie bar. As Chongqing hot pot Association, "the governing units," Lu faction. Pakistan has poured more than ten years of successful operation, has won the "Chinese hot pot", "rest assured Chongqing hot pot", "Chongqing hot pot franchise qualified enterprises" and other awards. It is unique to land pot pie recipe is based on a century, the use of unique ancient "longan well water" brewed pot of soup, the soup taste is red, delicious spicy aftertaste pot features customers attracted rave reviews!

First sitting residence

A large number of towering ginkgo trees beside the single building, sunshine patio, Chinese style courtyard, sunshine Qingbo, Koi play color, erhu Yangqin, folk music around the beam: a priceless calligraphy and painting, pieces of Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture, pots and pans of rare bonsai, engraved with traces of time and years, hard to copy, revere in the years. The first sitting mansion is committed to spreading healthy food and traditional culture. It adheres to the belief that "food makes life better, and health makes life more wonderful". It strictly selects healthy and rare food materials. It mainly specializes in custom-made ceramic tableware for "health preserving official cuisine and traditional Sichuan cuisine". It also enjoys tea and friends and has a good time to relax.

Ah Peng Kee

"To the Qianjiang Qianjiang Dirty eaten, you're not really tasted Qianjiang food!" This is the food of overseas visitors in the Qianjiang highest rating and praise, we can see Dirty loud reputation of the Qianjiang. In Qianjiang, there is a private enterprise - Chongqing Ah Peng Kee Restaurant Management Co., Ltd., not only to the Arab-Israeli Peng Kee Qianjiang Dirty stores to open across the country, but also made Qianjiang Dirty deli bags to sell branded products throughout the country.

Wudoumi Hotel

Wudoumi Hotel, with ten years of quality, integrates the five elements of health preservation, adopts Southeast Asian decoration style, and builds the flagship store of wudoumi hotel according to the international star standard. It combines the ethnic customs of Southeast Asia with the exquisite cultural taste, introduces the advanced cuisine concept, presents the exquisite Sichuan cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine, Shanghai cuisine and Korean cuisine to customers, as well as special Hong Kong Style pastry. Rich dishes, is your first choice for business banquets, wedding and birthday parties.

Mutton mountain

I mutton-based restaurant in number, cost-effective, every dish was unique, it is recommended, a native of Chongqing will from time to time to go eat. Lamb cages of signature dishes in the shop, the entrance Ruannuo lamb, spicy fragrance, tasty meat. Parsley sprinkled on meat flavor reduce the smell of mutton, more of a spicy. Eat here not only taste, but also a feeling. Steamed lamb and mutton noodle especially good, fresh tamales usually lamb and flour-based, seasoned marinated out, it looks like people drool. Vermicelli is Pakistan proper, lamb soup base, coupled with Haggis lamb or lamb chops, sprinkle with chopped green onion, rotten meat soup sweet, tasty noodle Ruannuo.

Taste Kung Fu

Weikungfu is one of the brands of Chongqing Yangji weikungfu Catering Management Co., Ltd. Weikungfu integrates Bashu culture, warm yellow light, retro and nostalgic decoration style. The traditional dining environment has the flavor of coffee shop, which highlights its unique style and reflects the culture of Chongqing noodle.