Top restaurant in gansu

Wyatt Binlou

Wyatt Binlou Qing Xuantong three years (1911) in Beijing created by the Beijing and Yantai banner Wang Zhuang Ting chefs in the show the following year, shifting Shanghai Hubei Road. Yes, the old Chinese and Western restaurant on the beach many foreign soil restaurants everywhere. Wyatt Binlou But, superb cooking skills and comprehensive service integrity, won the "Shanghai to Beijing to help ringleader" reputation, and won the "name high light candle neighboring countries and the world," the praise, in forty-four carrier Shanghai, can be described as day guests full, color bleeding Tong Yue from time to time, striking sound at Home and Abroad, Xuan were broadcast Quartet. In October 1956, aid for the construction of the Northwest, is hereby whole building moved to Portland, settled in Qingyang Road, a dilapidated inn trade, although Jane condition nowadays, but again famous bird, diners as the plot.

Oriental Palace

Lanzhou beef noodles oriental palace dating back more than 100 years of history, its predecessor by Mr. Ma Shi Zhai Qing Dynasty, founded in the Palace in restaurants; the main beef noodles, steamed buns, tea and so on. After the founding of New China in 1953, three joint heirs with Ma Baozai beef noodles horse knot in government policies require public-private partnership set up a "horse family" restaurant by its disciple Ma Shangwen with fresh goat and beef soup into soup purification the cooked meat and beef soup separate processing technology will be the first technical innovation beef noodles, beef noodles make a good base for batch processing. It is characterized by Tang Qing beef noodles, rich, mellow entrance, pasta noodle, flexible, entrance smooth, bright color, fragrant, with a reasonable nutrition, the human body is truly in line with the required Chinese fast food nutrition.

Yuquan Hill

"Yuquan Hill" in January 2017 was named the national AAA level scenic spots, Villa beautiful scenery, unique culture, currently operating six branches, five branches in the construction of thousands of people to solve the employment. Villa with rich folk culture and old Lanzhou Northwestern cuisine is famous fruit roasted whole lamb, Lanzhou rural tourism has become quite the gold content of the "culture card."

Lanzhou Joy Tsin Lau

Lanzhou Joy Tsin Lau Hotel is a set of dining rooms, banquet ceremony, conference, lounge integrated hotel. Nearly three decades the company of people-oriented, integrity management philosophy, committed to creating long on features boutiques.

Segment remember Hotels

Kee braised pork flavor segment is Lanzhou diet prestigious snacks, after 30 years of effort and innovation and development, brewing a unique segment in mind braised pork products.

King Yang floor

King Yang floor Lanzhou City, the only existing normal operation of a century-old restaurant. It is mainly engaged in authentic Huaiyang, Sichuan and Guangdong, Beijing and help Long and famous Northwest cuisine. Chong Qing dynasty Renyin autumn (fall 1902), Hanyu in the Yangtze River Sea Canal (Yangzhou), flourished on the banks of the Yellow River Highlands (Lanzhou). Huaiyang bearing body, fine elegance, Wan Lingxiu appoint a bowl. Long compatible dish rough forceful, simple natural features, mighty hundred years, on behalf of a teacher, Chi in the northwest, known far and wide, truly be said: Huaiyang wonderful, bloom Western Regions. In 1998 it was reviewed by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and People"s Republic of China issued the "old" corporate certificate, in 2002 was awarded the "Chinese restaurant brand," China Cuisine Association.

Looking back Restaurants

Niangpi is the Northwest"s favorite local snacks, local Gansu in production, sales. Located in Lanzhou City Road liters Lane "Looking back," restaurant Niangpi out of the ordinary, which features a selection of high-quality flour and seasonings carefully made, due to its rigorous process, unique ingredients, it tastes unique, so won the majority of consumers. Features are old Lanzhou store operations, taste authentic, affordable, and clean store environment, with a lot of people gather together to eat great feeling and atmosphere.

Yongchang old restaurant

In Jinchang City, Gansu Province, a company called "Yongchang old restaurant," the restaurant renowned outside, every day, to visit this restaurant, in addition to Jinchang local faithful, "iron", many foreigners come here. Yongchang Yongchang old restaurant excavated on the centuries-old tradition of folk food culture, has nearly 100 kinds Yongchang folk snacks and delicious classic dishes, is Yongchang Yongchang people to explore and taste ancient food culture of nostalgia!

Jincheng Ga old man

Lanzhou Ga old man Restaurant Management Co., Ltd., established in 1999, is the dining-led private sector. There"s Chinese food, lamb, pot, pasta, snacks and other brands. "Jincheng Hotel Ga old man," the old man under the Lanzhou Ga Restaurant Management Co., a subsidiary of one of the brand, created in 1999, the hotel completed in Riverside Road, Seven Mile Henan Golden Sunshine City. Lanzhou"s unique and "Jincheng" geographical basis, registered a patent for the enterprise, to the northwest, "Ga" word "simple, honest, kind-hearted as the cultural characteristics of enterprises," the old man "and" wisdom, honesty, practical "corporate code, the old man Jincheng Ga interpretation of the dripping fine.

Long Sheng Xiang and vegetables

Cheung Shing Restaurant Group pioneered in March 2009. Existing Gansu Sheng Xiang and catering companies, catering companies Jiayuguan and Sheng Xiang, Xiang Sheng booming and catering companies, non-taste Gansu cattle catering companies, outlets 8. Existing independent brands: Long Sheng Xiang and vegetables, non-taste cow, blue cow elephant country, Whey meat dish, Lane 5 cattle centralized meals, hot pot, casual dining, fast food, meals, group meals into one multi-brand, multi format development.

A bad restaurant

"A rotten", Lanzhou lot of the older people know. The pot in the last century because of rotten soft delicious braised pork, named after the restaurant, now heritage to the third generation. Since it is "a rotten," a hundred years, and stewed certainly missed. 1976 pot of brine soup, do not know how many Wei Hou fragrant stew of braised pork.

Sheng Xiang Zhai Tianshui

Qinzhou District of Tianshui City has a bright Lane East Side antique tiles, rustic decoration own some left the world of rhyme, elegant gourmet diners attracted Plus, here it is - Sheng Xiang Zhai.

And home and Huaiyang

And House and Restaurant Group Co., Ltd., established in 2001, the company"s main Chinese food, fast food, Western food and hotel management as an integrated Restaurant Hotel Group management company, is located in the beautiful Jincheng Lanzhou, Lanzhou"s ignore the dog, quick Garden hotel, hotel cabbages Hong, Wang Shun Ge big head, and home and Huaiyang, Western and other formats.

Lee Kee Chong donkey

Lanzhou Lee Kee donkey originated in Jingyuan, Gansu Long donkey village founder of the Department of vegetables teacher Lishu Gang, founded in the beginning of leap invited Chinese culinary masters grams end any consultant, Gansu Long dish grandmaster Tang Weisheng, Long dish master Huang Ruihong any technology director. Lee Kee Chong donkey is now Gansu cooking Association, the governing unit, has been awarded the Department of Commerce, Cuisine Association awarded the province "Long fine flavor snack bar", "Gansu snack bar", "Gansu dishes" and other awards .

Transit House

Transit floor is a large Muslim country five-star restaurant, located in the downtown section of Lanzhou City, the commercial center is located off the West Shopping district, adjacent to the Yellow River, the location and convenient transportation, beautiful environment, luxurious and elegant style, unique taste, The formation of modern Chinese style food culture. Reception 800 people dining at the same time, the president has the luxury box, box fashion business, modern style of box 50 A number; can undertake more than 300 gorgeous festive banquet hall, a large conference, wedding, business reception and tour groups Ideal place team in front of a car park. We have successfully completed several national leaders, international friendly reception People, stars and provinces sessions reception tasks, but also friends, family dinners are a good place.

Yi Bao Food

Yi Bao called before dining eight square meals Museum, located in the city of Linxia, ​​Gansu Province Sandaoqiao Up to now more than 40 years of history, when Main: River State buns, mutton, sauced noodles, pork noodles, spicy chicken nuggets, traditional heritage to date, now renamed Linxia IHO halal food Co., Ltd., to carry forward the traditional food culture River state, IHO catering for four generations and to discover the essence of traditional Islamic heritage cuisine.

Wells Fargo Dunhuang Hotel

Phu Quoc Hotel is a collection of entertainment, dining, lodging, business and conference multifunctional integrated four-star hotel. Wells Fargo a product inherited the original "Cai Gen Xiang Hotel Dunhuang" Sixteen years of culinary dishes, chefs are from elite chefs around the country, each dish can be customized according to your taste, and is Dunhuang snack bubble children oil cake, produced at a specific date volume. A rich specialties every product represents the different cultures of Dunhuang, allowing you to feel the magic in these delicious flavor of Dunhuang culture.

Furong Hotel

Zhangye City, formerly known as Fuk Wing Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. is Fuk Wing Hotel Linze County, founded in 2003, the hotel after ten years of development, the development of three hundred thousand from the initial start-up capital to thousands of yuan in fixed assets, dining evolved to accommodate thousands of people dining, from 30 people up to now has a staff of employees reached about 150 people, we always adhere to the quality of survival, integrity and development of philosophy from can accommodate 300 people.

Silver Wan Grand Hotel

Silver Wan Grand Hotel is in Thai Misys invest in the construction of a collection of accommodation, catering, conference and entertainment as one comprehensive four-star business hotel, the total investment has reached a billion dollars, is located in Silver City, West End, adjacent to the municipal City Hall, East posted the western market, south Prynne highway, west of Silver West Railway Station, convenient transportation, is the first use of central air-conditioning Silver City luxury star hotel, a 24-hour central air conditioning; there throughout the hotel the Internet is the best place for dining, travel, vacation, business, entertainment and other activities. Local government is the main host hotel.

Kee sauce of yellow donkey Noodle House

Dunhuang note of yellow donkey face, is careful exploration study of thirty years of Dunning master chef local delicacies. Huang Huang Liang surface, good face good chewy, fried bean sauce smell fragrant, long aftertaste. In fine finish, the unique sauce, tasty pure. Nutritional benefits are characterized for different guests to savor. Over the years praised by Chinese and foreign tourists and local citizens.

It features high Yuxia dial knots

High Yuxia dial pimple is almost 20 years old, in 2001, folk artists Yuxia high after years of experience and a secret recipe, with its superb technology occupy a certain market share in pasta. He won the "China Top Ten Regional Cuisines", "Gansu famous snacks" and is one of the traditional snack of the second batch of selected municipal intangible cultural heritage.

Gansu yak meat jelly


Yinxing (fast food) acid Lanrou shop

Baiyin District Baiyin City Yinxing acid Lanrou restaurant "acid rotten meat" was in Pengxie selected as "China"s top ten snack area", Wan Grand Hotel, Baiyin District Baiyin City Yinxing acid Lanrou restaurant was awarded "China"s top ten regions snack "on behalf of brands; in October 17, 2019, the 30th anniversary of the inaugural meeting of Gansu Province cuisine Association on Yinxing (fast food) acid Lanrou shop won the Gansu old.

Lanzhou Hualian Hotel

Lanzhou Hualian Hotel is located in the railway station square, convenient transportation connections. Clean, magnificent, like eagle wings, flying volley. Ranking high overlooking the panoramic landscapes of Jincheng, Jincheng commonly known as a King! The hotel has various rooms, intelligent hotel management system, home-like facilities, safe, comfortable, warm, tourism, the ideal choice for business guests at home and abroad. New restaurant decor, comfort and luxury, can accommodate 400 people while dining.