guangxi food

Snail duck ankle

The snail ducklings can be said to be the must-have for Liuzhou night stalls. Whether it is an open-air food stall or a well-decorated storefront, it can be said that as long as there are people in Liuzhou, there will be snail duck feet. The snails and bones are combined to make a taste, and the aroma is rich. With snails, quail eggs, tofu sticks, sour bamboo shoots, etc., the snail duck ankles of this pot are full of flavors! The duck feet are full of soup, soft and fragrant, and the accompanying side dishes are also delicious, and it is impossible to stop!

Wuzhou paper wrapped chicken

According to research, the Cangzhou paper-packed chicken was handed down for 150 years and originated in the Qing Dynasty. It was founded in Zhangzhou. In 2014, the “Chuzhou Paper-Bag Chicken Production Skills” project was selected into the intangible cultural heritage of Cangzhou City.

Hezhou Sanbao Brewing

Hakka cuisine has many dishes, the most representative of which is the brewed dish, which is brewed into various materials and then fried (or cooked). Hezhou Sambo is a stuffed bitter gourd, stuffed pepper and stuffed eggplant. The fried sautéed Sambo is brightly colored and tastes pleasant, making people appetite.

Lemon duck

The lemon duck is a special dish in the Wuming area of ​​Nanning, Guangxi. The duck meat is sour and spicy, the taste is strong and rushing. The first mouth feels strong, crisp and meaty, not soft and not greasy, with a special lemon aroma.

Lipu button up meat

Zhapu 芋 肉 is a traditional Han dish in the Zhangpu and Guibei areas of Guangxi. The meat is delicate, soft and aromatic after cooking. It has a special flavor and is rich in nutrients. It contains crude protein, starch and certain inorganic salts and vitamins. The effect of tonifying qi and kidney, strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Sand crab and beans

Sand crab juice Bean Bean is a special dish in Guangxi Beihai City, which uses the unique taste of sand crab juice. It is simple to make, and when the beans are ripe, it is topped with sand crab juice, and then simmered for a while, it can be freshly baked. Someone once described this dish as follows: "In the green and green beans, there are some thin crab shells, crab feet and the like. The juice is light gray. The beans are imported and tasted, except for the sweet taste of the beans. There is a very special taste, a bit awkward, but very fresh, and it is addictive to eat." "The taste of the beans is sandwiched with the smell of crabs, the taste is salty, sometimes the beans are eaten, and the "喳喳" is also chewed. Crab foot sounds.

Yangshuo beer fish

Yangshuo beer fish is a famous local speciality of Yangshuo. The fish is spicy and delicious. There is no smell of fish itself. The aroma of beer and fish can make people appetite. Yangshuo's beer fish is a fresh squid from Yangshuo River. It is first cooked with raw tea oil produced in the mountainous area of ​​northern Guangxi, and then added to the finest beer red glutinous rice produced in Guilin. It has a unique crispy and fresh flavor.

Huanjiang fragrant ox button

The raw material of Huanjiang Xiangniu Buckle is also called “Xianan Cabbage”. It is the Maonan people who used traditional methods to fatten local yellow cattle. Huanjiang Cabbage is produced in the national-level karst landform virgin forest nature reserve in Huanjiang County. It is known as the “three-in-one meat”, and the meat is tender, sweet and crisp, delicious and delicious.

Hengxian finely sliced raw fish

Hengxian Fish is also known as the two traditional dishes. It has always been called “County Cuisine” by Hengxian people. It represents the highest level of cooking technology and food culture in Heng County and the highest standard for receiving guests. The reason why Hengxian fish is famous and delicious is closely related to the unique craftsmanship and the fineness of the ingredients. Hengxian fish production is exquisite and amazing. The fish of the ruler is out of the water. To scale, peel, and bone, you can do it with ease. Fish raw ingredients, colorful, beautiful. Ginger, onion, garlic, papaya, radish, lemon silk, silk into the buckle, meticulous.

Pomelo peel

The grapefruit skin buckle is a traditional Han traditional dish in Rongxian County of Guangxi. The “Pomelo Buckle” is called “Snow Cover Five-story Building”. It was first seen in the Qianlong period (1736—1795) and has a history of more than 200 years. Rong County has been rich in grapefruit since ancient times. It is the hometown of Shatian Pomelo. The “Pomelo Buckle” is a famous dish made with grapefruit skin and five-flowered pork and seasoning.