guangxi snacks

Guilin rice noodles

Guilin rice noodles is a traditional snack with a long history in Guilin, Guangxi. Known for its unique flavor. The workmanship is exquisite, firstly, the good early glutinous rice is ground into a pulp, bagged and filtered, and then smashed into a powder dough to be cooked and pressed into a round root or a sheet. Round rice noodles, sliced ​​called cut powder, commonly known as rice noodles, which is characterized by white, tender, soft, smooth and refreshing. Its eating methods are diverse. The most elaborate production of brine is different in craftsmanship. It is roughly cooked with pork, beef bone, mangosteen and various seasonings. The content and practice of the brine are different, and the flavor of the rice flour is also different. There are roughly lettuce powder, burdock powder, three fresh powder, original soup powder, stewed vegetable powder, hot and sour powder, horse meat rice noodles, and rice flour.

Liuzhou snail rice noodles

The snail [sī] powder is a snack rice noodle in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It has a unique flavor of spicy, cool, fresh, sour and hot. It is the most famous local snack in Liuzhou. The snail powder is also delicious because it has a unique soup. The soup is prepared from natural spices and flavors such as snails, snails, star anise, cinnamon, cloves, and various peppers.

Gold Brand Crispy Durian Cake

The golden and attractive durian pastry is made of fresh durian pulp with a soft, smooth filling, with a layered, unusually loose, finely crafted meringue. After eating, the faint durian taste makes people "durian" forget to return. Durian Crisp is a delicious, often delicious, durian fragrance that is often found after morning tea.

Gongyi old friend Rice noodles

There is an allusion about the origins of old friends: in the 1930s, an old man visited the Zhouji teahouse every day to drink tea. In a few days, he didn’t go because of a cold. Zhou Ji’s boss was very worried, and he cooked the noodles with the fragrant garlic. At the end, soybean meal, chili, sour bamboo shoots, minced beef, pepper, etc., boiled into a bowl of hot noodles, and sent to the old friend to eat. The hot and sour noodles suddenly increased the appetite of the old man. He made a sweat and caught a cold. Afterwards, the old man was grateful, and the plaque of the old friend's "professional friend" was given to the boss of Zhou. The "old friend" was named after it and gradually became famous.

Yulin Niuba

Yulin Niuba is a traditional flavor of Yulin. It is made from oxen buttocks (commonly known as bacon meat). The meat is fine and chewy. After eating, it is full of flavor and is a must.

Beihai shrimp cake

The shrimp cake in the North Sea can be said to be the love of many people. Fresh shrimps from the North Sea, together with rice noodles, shallots and condiments, are fried and crispy. They are a kind of gourmet snack for all ages.

Zhuang nationality five-color glutinous rice

Five-color glutinous rice, commonly known as five-color rice, also known as black rice, green rice or rice, is named after the five colors of black, red, yellow, purple and white. It is used by the Buyi and Zhuang to entertain guests. traditional food. Or the sacrifice of the ancestors to the gods.

Nanning old friend rice noodles

The appetizer of the old friend's powder is popular with the diners and is enduring. Nowadays, it has become a signature snack of Nanning. Both local citizens and foreign tourists have tasted it. Old friends powder is one of the must-eat foods in Nanning. It is the golden signboard of Nanning snacks. The taste is spicy and the soup is rich. It is popular with diners and is enduring. Pepper, sour bamboo shoots, cardamom, sliced ​​meat, stir-fry, stir-fry into the powder, eat appetizers in the summer, and eat cold in the winter. Nanning people always say: "Do not eat old friends powder for a few days, just like long time no old friends!"

Gongcheng Oil Tea

Gongcheng people have to "play tea" every day for breakfast, and some families can't live without tea. The method of making camellia tea is based on Laoye black tea. It is fried with oil to slightly coke and fragrant. It is boiled with salt and water. Most of them are cooked with ginger. The taste is strong and simmering. In addition to the drunken peanut powder in the area of ​​Gongcheng, the taste is more mellow and less, and because the cooking time is just right, Gongcheng Camellia is recognized as the top of the local oil tea, and enjoys a good reputation in northern Guangxi and Guangxi. Drink oil tea regardless of the season, drink all year round, one day and night. When you arrive, you will be able to cook at any time, and it will be more abundant. Gongcheng is now rated as the hometown of longevity in China, and the secret of longevity has a great relationship with Camellia.

Wuzhou soyspring soybean milk

Cangzhou Ice Spring Soy Milk is a traditional Han Chinese traditional snack. It has been more than 70 years old. Its ice spring dripping soymilk is well-known at home and abroad with its three characteristics of “fragrance, slippery and strong”.nThe unique water of Zhangzhou Ice Spring Soymilk is the well water of “Ice Well Spring”. “Ice Well Springs” has been famous since the Tang Dynasty. The Cangzhou Ice Spring Soymilk Museum is located in the beautiful Baiyun Mountain of Cangzhou City. It has been operating in this place since its establishment. The saying that "do not drink iced spring soy milk, not counted in Zhangzhou" has been spread all over the world.

Jingxi Zongzi (Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Bamboo Leaves)

Jingxixiang 糯 粽 粽 是 是 是 是 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖 靖Ten said to cook the fragrant manchurian. The process of making chills is also very particular. It is necessary to soak the fragrant rice in concentrated alkali water for 10 hours, remove it, rinse it, drain it, then wrap it in bamboo leaves and put it in the pot for three or four hours. The chills made through such a process are crystal clear, full of aroma, sprinkled with honey, soft and smooth, sweet but not greasy. The sorghum made from the scented soaked in soda water will not deteriorate after ten days and a half.

Hengxian Big Zongzi (Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Bamboo Leaves)

"Smell the big musk, the gods also jumped into the wall." It is said that the "opening" of Hengxian County has the characteristics of musky fragrance and delicious taste, which makes the readers love it. The reason why Hengxian Daxie has become a sought-after food has a lot to do with its unique production skills. Hengxian Daxie's craftsmanship has a long history, unique characteristics and rich cultural representation. It is a famous folk traditional handicraft skill in Hengxian County. It is famous in Nanning City and even in the vast Lingnan area.

Cloud cake

Liuzhou Yundie Cake has a long history and exquisite craftsmanship. It is made from the finest glutinous rice, pure lard and refined white sugar, supplemented by natural spices and dried tangerine peel. It has the characteristics of rich nutrition and long-lasting fragrance. 25 pieces of high-quality cloud cakes, one hand, can be fanned open. Because of its sufficient sugar and oil, it can be completely burned by ignition. The production of the material is exquisite, Seiko production, can maintain delicate and soft, snowy white aroma, tearing off a piece of film like a cloud, hence the name. With its white, soft, sweet and traditional flavors, Yundie Cake has won the love and welcome of friends at home and abroad.

Nanning raw rice noodles

Raw pressed rice flour is also known as raw pressed powder. The most traditional raw rice flour is from Pujing Town, Nanning. The raw rice flour is famous for its soft, slippery, fragrant and slightly different slightly acidic.nThe formation of this slightly acidic acid is not added to the edible acid vinegar, but is naturally formed by the action of a yeast that can help the food to be digested during the processing of the rice flour. The raw pressed powder (rice flour) is fermented, acidified馊馊 is the unique taste of raw pressed powder, which is the taste of rice flour itself. "It is necessary to eat this kind of 'sweet taste' when eating raw rice noodles. That is authentic."

Nanning mealworm

The mealworm is a traditional dish of Nanning. This kind of food made with rice in the middle of the two ends is called "powder" because of its shape like a worm. The smell of rice, the chewing of Q bombs, and the scenes of childhood life are engraved in the memory of many Nanning people. In order to eat the taste of the mealworms in the memory, many people in Nanning will choose to go to the "Huang Apo (Magnolia) mealworm shop" on the road.

Wuzhou paper wrapped chicken

The paper-packed chicken is a famous dish in Zhangzhou. The traditional paper-packed chicken is a selection of local farmhouses, and the three-yellow chicken is used as raw material. After the cut chicken is marinated with paper-made chicken secret sauce, it is wrapped with jade paper. It is then fried in peanut oil. The original paper-impregnation cooking method locks the original taste of chicken and seasonings, so it can keep the chicken fresh, smooth, mellow and not greasy, with golden color and fragrant aroma.

Jingxi Zongzi

Jingxi Xiangyu is produced in Baise Jingxi. When making the fragrant stagnation, firstly, soak the large and pure fragrant rice in the clear water, add the appropriate amount of concentrated alkali water, stir well, soak for 10 hours, remove and rinse again 2 times, in the bamboo raft, drain Dry, wrapped in bamboo leaves into triangles or long strips of tweezers, bundled, put in the pot and cook for three or four hours. After the cold, the bamboo leaves are peeled off, and the cool and cool is bright and golden, and the aroma is rich. Cut the fragrant scallions into small pieces, put them into a bowl, sprinkle with honey, sweet and delicious, sweet and not greasy, with soft, slippery, tough, cool and so on.

Yizhou Triangle  Zongzi (Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Bamboo Leaves)

Yizhou people do not call scorpions and scream, the production process is called "Baoyu." Yizhou people like to eat hot dumplings, especially in the pot, in addition to love to eat without filling, triangle wrapped in rice milk, put the "frying simmer" of the oil pan, the skin is crisp, although no filling tasty. It is soft, smooth, sweet and fragrant, and it is not suitable for all ages.