guangxi specialty

Wuzhou Guiling Jelly

Cangzhou Turtle Cream is a refreshing black paste containing eight kinds of herbs, such as turtles, toads, and honeysuckle, which are homologous to medicines and foods. When it is cold, it will condense into a jelly. When it tastes, it tastes bitter. Afterwards, there will be a return to the taste. In the mouth, I feel very comfortable. Cangzhou turtle paste is a ready-to-eat turtle paste.

Tiandeng Chilli

Tiantian refers to Tianjiaoguoxiaotiantian, thick meat, bright red color, full of spicy leaves, rich and mellow, unique quality. According to the test, the content of capsaicin is 155 times that of common pepper, and the heat content is 15 for general pepper. Double, so enjoy the "first hot in the world" and famous at home and abroad.

Guangxi cinnamon

Guangxi Cinnamon is a specialty of the southern subtropical region of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in China. The region's unique natural environmental conditions, long history of cultivation, traditional production of agronomy and processing techniques have formed Guangxi cinnamon skin thick, lustrous color, high oil content, spicy and spicy, medicinal and spices. Features. Cinamomum Cassia Presl, a genus of the genus Eucalyptus, is a unique economic tree species in the subtropical zone. It has the characteristics of rapid growth, fast yield and high economic value. It can be peeled off from cinnamon and leaf-leaf after 5-6 years of afforestation. Cinnamon and cassia oil are traditional Chinese exports.

Yongfu Momordica grosvenori

Yongfu County is the origin of Luo Han Guo. In history, it has the reputation of the hometown of Luo Han Guo. Yongfu Luo Han Guo has a yellow hull shape, good gloss, less meat and more seeds, fine flesh fiber and pure sweetness. Clearing the lungs and relieving cough, clearing away heat and detoxifying, nourishing thirst, nourishing blood and benefiting the liver. The fruit contains a sweetener 300 times sweeter than sucrose, and it does not produce calories. It is an ideal substitute for people who are not suitable for sugar, such as diabetes and obesity.

Hepu Nanzhu

China Seawater Pearl, also known as Nanzhu, is a geographical indication product of Guangxi. It is a pearl produced by Marsh's mother-of-pearl. The South Pearl is large, round and glamorous. It is known as the treasure of the country and is well-known in the world. It is known as "West Pearl is not as good as East Pearl, and East Pearl is not as good as South Pearl". Hepu Nanzhu is both a luxurious accessory and a precious medicinal material.

Lingyun White Tea

Lingyun white tea, named after its leaf back is full of white. There is a good cloud of alpine clouds, and Lingyun white tea is grown in the misty Wang Laoshan and Qinglongshan mountains, and it is the best in tea with its unique taste and shape and high medicinal value. The unique natural environment makes Lingyun White Tea become a rookie in China's famous tea with five characteristics: color, green, mellow taste, strong flavor and resistance to foam.

Lipu Taro

Zhapuyu is an excellent variety formed by long-term natural selection and artificial breeding of wild carp. It has been cultivated in Zhangpu County for 400 years and has the title of “Royal tribute”. The preferred tribute at the end of the year was the tribute to the Royal Grand Ceremony, which reached its peak during the Qing Dynasty.

Yulin Pesto

Yulin Pesto is an annual herb of the genus Allium and indica. Because the pseudo stem of the garlic is hard, it is also called Yulin bone garlic. The base of the green garlic stem is significantly enlarged, the leaves are green or dark green, fresh and clean. The garlic is thick and firm, with distinctive flavor, strong flavor, crispy meat, juicy, high quality, and extremely resistant to storage. After a period of cool storage at room temperature, the spicy taste is particularly rich and the taste is better. .

Xincheng Honeysuckle

Yucheng Honeysuckle is produced in Rucheng County, which is located in Dashi Mountain, and is a famous “hometown of honeysuckle” in Guangxi. The medicinal ingredients and nectar content of the honeysuckle produced in the county are high, the growth environment has no pollution source, and the chlorogenic acid content is 4.2%, far exceeding the Pharmacopoeia regulations. After the 21st century, the county changed its past to use sulfur to dry for modern dehydration treatment. Make the product a safe green drink, which is a high-quality raw material for pharmaceuticals and flower tea. It can be used as a tea to drink and taste sweet.

Hengxian Jasmine

"If he cultivated the history of flowers in his years, he would be listed as the first incense in the world." Song Kui, a poet of the Song Dynasty, wrote a famous sentence of jasmine. Jasmine is a flower variety with important ornamental and economic value. Jasmine in Hengxian County is a double-jawed jasmine. Compared with single-lobed and multi-lobed jasmine, the yield is higher, the aroma is stronger, the disease resistance is stronger, and the flowering period is early, the flowering period is long, the flower bud is large, full and white, and the aroma is rich. Known for its traits.

Daxin Kuding Tea

Daxin Kudingcha, also known as “Wancheng Kuding Tea”, is one of the traditional teas in Guangxi. It is produced in Kuding Township, Wancheng County, and Wancheng County is included in Kuding Village, Longmen Township, Daxin County. According to legend, the Ming Dynasty was a tribute to the court. Daxin County has excellent natural conditions and has formed the unique flavor and quality of Kudingcha, which has a long period of high yield, good quality and stability, and delicious color and bitterness. Kudingcha also has a small medicinal effect, so it is highly influenced by consumers.

Yangshuo kumquat

Yangshuo kumquat, and Shatian pomelo, summer orange, ponkan, persimmon, chestnut and called Yangshuo six famous fruits. It is famous for its straight and beautiful tree shape, evergreen seasons, golden and bright fruit, radiant and attractive, fine and crisp, sweet and sour. Yangshuo kumquat is a citrus kumquat of the genus Rutaceae. Each 100 grams of pulp contains vitamin C 40-50 mg and vitamin A, P and aromatic oils, and carotenoids. It treats eye diseases, cough, asthma, and high. Blood pressure, prevention of arteriosclerosis and other special effects. In addition to fresh food, kumquat can also be processed into juice, candied fruit, canned food, preserved fruit, jam, fruit wine, etc. The use of the fruit is the king of the fruit.

Yulin Dried Beef

Yulin Niuba is translucent in color, color like coffee, bright in oil, rich in flavor, salty and sweet, tasty and refreshing, tough and not strong. It has the characteristics of “sweet and sweet” and is the most famous traditional snack in Yulin. Hundreds of years old

Bobai water spinach

Bobai Water Spinach (Bobai Amaranth) has a long history and excellent varieties, especially the most famous Nanmentang in the suburb of Bobai County. In ancient times, Yulin of Guangxi had such a saying: "Luchuan pig, Beiliu fish, Bobai leeks." It can be seen that Bobai Water Spinach (Bobai Amaranth) has already been well-known in China and is famous overseas.

Xishan tea

The Xishan tea sticks are tightly packed, the Miaofeng is exposed, the color is green and shiny, and the soup liquid is clear and translucent. Its tea taste is unique, spring tea fragrance, summer tea pear fragrance, autumn tea mellow, winter tea lotus fragrance, drink teeth must be fragrant. It is especially refreshing and refreshing with Xishan Ruquan Water. It is rich in vitamins, amino acids, tea polyphenols, saponins and other ingredients, and is a leader in green tea.

Ba Du Bamboo Shoots

Badu bamboo shoots, one of the special products of Tianlin County in Baise, Guangxi, was listed as a tribute in the Qing Dynasty. Badu bamboo shoots are favored by people with crisp, slag-free, delicious and nutritious. It is rich in sugar, protein, vitamins, trace elements, etc. It has the effects of losing weight, reducing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and increasing appetite. It is a feast. On the delicacies. Fresh bamboo shoots are available at the beginning of July each year, and August is the peak season for bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots can be freshly eaten, and can be processed into dried bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, sour bamboo shoots, fermented bamboo shoots, and clear water bamboo shoots. They are sold well in the domestic market and in Japan and Southeast Asia.

Xiayan Chicken

Xiayan chicken is a chicken-shaped pheasant, which is a variety of "three yellow chickens". It has the characteristics of yellow feet, yellow mouth and yellow hair. Each chicken has a meat hoof at its soles, a short body and a full stomach. The chest width, chest depth and pelvic width are similar in length, feathers, ankles and ankles are yellow, single crowns are upright, and the color is bright red.

Bobai longan meat

Bobai longan meat is famous for its bright yellow color, thick flesh and rich sugar. The flesh of the boiled cabbage is plum-shaped, the soup is yellowish and transparent, and the smell is aromatic, sweet and delicious. The finest longan is amber, translucent and shiny, soft and slightly elastic, containing glucose and multivitamins, rich in nutrients.

Orthopaedic water

60,000, the green of the Darong Mountain, the ingenuity of the Nanliu River and the Guijiang River, the spirit of the Lingnan Land moisturizes everything. In such a unique growth environment, many unique and excellent medicinal herbs have been produced. The unique medicinal material of “the aura of heaven and earth, the essence of the sun and the moon” has created a legendary and famous medicine – the excellent inner quality of the bone water. The scent of the bone is fragrant, the liquid is pure, and the drug is strong. It is a good medicine for treating bruises.

Xiangshan Liquor

The predecessor of Quanzhou Xiangshan Wine is the “Mei Li Rui Lu” in ancient times. It is the essence of the Chinese rice wine created by the state-owned Xiangshan Winery inherited and carried forward the essence of national culture. It adopts unique traditional production technology and pure root Rhizopus and the state-owned Xiangshan wine produced by local high-quality rice. It is colorless, clear and transparent, pure and pure, elegant, sweet, refreshing and smooth.

Guilin Yuba

The history of Guilin yuba has been around for a long time. It was popular in the Tang Dynasty. At that time, Guilin North reached the Central Plains, which was the important town of Lingnan in the south. Buddhism was rumored here, temples were everywhere, and fasting was prevalent. Yuba is also emerging as a vegetarian diet. For more than 1,000 years, people have been passed down from generation to generation, and yuba has become a traditional food in Guilin. Guilin yuba has a complete strip shape, light yellow color, bright oil surface, hollow and crisp, and rich in nutrients.

Nanshan White Hair Tea

Nanshan Baimao Tea is produced in Heng County, Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The color of the tea is green and green, and the ropes are tightly curved; the fragrance is pure and long-lasting, with lotus and egg-milk; the tea soup is bright and green, with a strong taste, back to the throat, and the leaves are green.

Rongshui glutinous Rice Pomelo

Rongshui glutinous rice pomelo is a specialty of Rongshui Miao Autonomous County in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Thanks to the unique natural environment and climatic conditions of Rongshui Miaoshan Mountain, the new varieties that have been carefully cultivated, the water-melting glutinous rice pomelo fruit shape is correct, the skin is thin and tender, the juice is sweet and sweet, the flesh is yellow and crystal clear, and the fragrant is like risotto. With local characteristics, it is very popular among consumers.

Wuzhou Sausage

Quzhou sausage is a meat product made from meat as raw material, cut, twisted into diced, supplemented with auxiliary materials, and poured into animal casings by fermentation and ripening. On behalf of the product "Dragon Boat" sausage, including Longzhou brand baze, meat products series products. Cangzhou sausage is derived from the Luzhou Lue Kee in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. It has accumulated nearly 100 years of experience in the processing of meat products. It uses high-quality raw materials and is uniquely formulated. It combines traditional techniques with modern technology. Monitored and refined.

Bama Hemp

Bama Hemp is a precious "longevity hemp", which is not only rich in plant protein, lecithin and a large number of essential trace elements such as vitamin E, selenium, zinc, manganese and strontium which delay aging, but also contains high reputation. Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is a "plant brain gold", inhibits allergies and anti-inflammatory.

Gongcheng Moon Persimmon

In Gongcheng, people peeled fresh persimmon fruit into dried persimmon cake, which was soft and transparent. The epidermis had a layer of icing caused by the evaporation of sugar. It was shaped like a bright moon, and it was produced in Gongcheng, hence the name Gongchengyue. persimmon.

Rongshui Fragrant Duck

Meltwater duck farming has a long history and has been researched for at least 200 years. In the mountains of Rongshui, where the traffic is very closed, the long-term natural rivers, ravine streams and ducks in the field are fully adapted to the local natural climate and geographical environment, plus the blood of the exotic species, the long-term lockout of the ducks. Closed and self-supporting, the ducks formed poultry with the same source of origin, stable genetics, continuous distribution, obvious germplasm characteristics, and no hybridization with other duck species, with obvious and special sensory characteristics and physical and chemical indicators. However, if the introduction leaves the melting area for breeding, without the natural climate, geographical environment, human factors and other conditions of melting water, the adult commercial ducks that are grown will no longer have the quality characteristics of the melted ducks, and are cultivated in the Rongshui area. Compared with adult commercial ducks, the meat has a large difference in taste, taste, astringency and flavor.

Longzhou Oolong Tea

As a special product of Longzhou County, Longzhou Oolong Tea has a history of more than 130 years. According to the "Longzhou County Records", "Longzhou County has a long history of tea industry. In the late Qing Dynasty, it was in the middle of the mountain in the Daqingshan area. There is Longzhou Oolong tea tree, the tree trunk is thick and strong, the tea leaves are lush and green, and the tea tastes bitter after the tea. After the sweet, the aftertaste is fast, the Longzhou folk has a special liking for Longzhou Oolong tea." Longzhou Oolong Tea is planted in high-altitude, cloud-filled, abundant rainfall and mild climate. It has the characteristics of rich and long-lasting aroma, refreshing and sweet, and the local people are inseparable from Longzhou Oolong Tea all year round. During the Longzhou Uprising, the great man Deng Xiaoping of the first generation also drank Longzhou Oolong Tea. Vietnamese leaders such as Ho Chi Minh and Huang Wenshu, who have been engaged in revolution for 18 years in Longzhou County, like to drink Longzhou Oolong Tea.

Sanjiang Tea Oil

Sanjiang County is the main producing area of ​​Guangxi tea oil. The tea oil produced is famous for its “clear fragrance, no smell, and storage resistance”. Sanjiang tea oil is produced in the mountains of the Lancang River, Rongjiang River, Mengjiang River and Rongjiang River in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County of Guangxi. The local sunshine is abundant, the rainfall is abundant, the red soil is deep, the climate is four seasons, and the temperature difference between summer and autumn is large. In a good ecological environment. In August 2001, Sanjiang County was awarded the title of “Hometown of Chinese Camellia” by the State Forestry Administration.

Chetian Tomatoes

The resources of tomatoes are mainly produced in Chetian Miaozu Township. The average elevation of Chetian Township is 705 meters. It belongs to Gaoshan District and has large temperature difference between day and night. It is especially suitable for the cultivation of high-quality pollution-free vegetables and southern anti-season vegetables. The tomatoes produced are not only beautiful. The color is bright, the gloss is good, and the hardness is good, the storage and transportation are good, the meat is thick, and the sweetness is suitable. The production period is from July to November.

Gula spicy Rice

Ancient spicy fragrant rice can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. At that time, the ancient spicy fragrant rice has been well-known, in addition to local consumption, it is also exported to the area of ​​Guizhong South, becoming the best raw material for winemaking. Because the rice cooked by the ancient spicy rice is soft and fragrant, the fragrance is overflowing. Over time, more and more people are planted and the scope is wider and wider. Because the rice source is produced from ancient times, people gradually call it “ Ancient spicy fragrant rice."

Rongxian Shatian Pomelo

Rongxian Shatian Pomelo is the best in the pomelo category and has the reputation of “king of the pomelo”. Its fruit is pear-shaped, its color is orange-yellow, its outer skin is thin, its flesh is crisp and tender, its taste is sweet and sweet, and it tastes delicious after eating.

Bama pig

Bama Xiang pig is world-famous, with thin skin and thin meat, more lean body, bright red muscles, delicate muscle fibers, white fat and delicious taste.

Gazebo chicken

The pavilion chicken neck feathers are golden yellow, the ankles and ankles are yellow, the feathers are compact, the hair pieces are thinner, thinner, medium-sized, and the body is firm.

Liubao Tea

Liubao Tea is a famous tea in Guangxi, belonging to black tea. It is produced in the mountainous areas on the banks of the Minjiang River, Hejiang River, Guijiang River, Yujiang River, Liujiang River and Hongshui River. It is most famous for its production in Liubao Township, Cangwu County, Zhangzhou. Liubao tea has a tight shape, dark brown color, luster, red and bright soup color, pure aroma, sweet and fragrant taste, betel nut scent, red brown or dark brown at the bottom, in short, red , rich, alcohol, Chen and so on.

Rongan Kumquat

The fruit of Rongan Kumquat is golden yellow or orange-red, the fruit surface is lustrous, the fragrance is sweet and crisp, the oil bubbles are fine, rich in aromatic oil, vitamin A, C, phosphorus, pectin and crude fiber, etc., the flavor is rich, the inlet slag Sweet and delicious, with excellent taste. Sexual warm taste, sweet, sour, into the liver, lung, spleen, stomach, there are phlegm and cough, qi and digestion, Shugan Jieyu effect.

Sanjiang Tea

Sanjiang tea is dominated by green tea and black tea. The green tea has thick and thick, green and lustrous; the leaves are soft, the dry tea is gray and white, and the aroma is high and long-lasting; the tea soup has a bright green color, a fragrant orchid, a long-lasting aroma, a strong taste, a sweet taste and a sweetness; Green, tidy and bright. The shape of the black tea is tight and tight, and the color is golden and multi-peak. The color is black and oily, the aroma is fresh and sweet, the taste is mellow and sweet, the soup color is red and bright, and the leaves are fat and tender. It has health care functions such as detoxification and anti-radiation, and is very popular among consumers.

Shanglin Rice

Rice is made from rice shelling and is one of the staple foods of the Chinese people. It can be eaten by the general population. The rice is divided into three types: glutinous rice, glutinous rice and glutinous rice. The upper forest rice is a kind of glutinous rice. Its rice is slender or long oval, the particles are plump and even, the color is white and bright, and it is translucent and tastes fragrant. Among the various quality indicators, Shanglin rice has a protein content of more than 7%, an amylose content of about 18%, and a gel consistency of 85 mm or more. Therefore, the cooked rice is sweet and delicious, soft and sticky.

Xilin sheldrake

Xilin Ma duck is small and exquisite, belonging to the typical mountain water town, with a strong feeding ability and good grouping. It is suitable for grazing in the water surface and paddy fields. It mainly feeds on insects, fish, shrimp, crab, snail, water grass, rice, corn, etc. Nature has created its distinctive qualities. Duck meat has no smell, thin bones and sweet meat.

Hengxian Jasmine Tea

The jasmine flower of Hengxian is world-famous. The jasmine tea blends the taste of tea and the fragrance of flowers. Drinking jasmine tea is like a piece of tea.nHengxian is China's largest jasmine production base and was named "China's Jasmine Hometown" by the State Forestry Administration and the China Flower Association.

Zhaoping Tea

Zhaoping Tea, named after it was produced in Zhaoping County, is one of the "three treasures of Zhaoping". The green buds are selected from the tender bud leaves of the picking tea trees originating in Zhaoping County. The green teas are made into fine lines, straight lines, and silver-green hidden greens through techniques such as killing, smashing, shaping and drying. The soup is yellow-green and bright; the taste is fresh and sweet, the chestnut is long-lasting; the leaves are even and fresh; the black tea is in the process of withering, simmering, fermenting and baking, and the shape is tight and tight, and the gold is revealed. Straight; the taste is mellow and sweet, the soup is red and bright, the leaves are fat and tender, and the red is even and bright.

Yachang Dendrobium

Yachang Dendrobium is a special product of Baise. In the Tang Dynasty medical classic "Tao Zang", Dendrobium Dendrobium was listed as "the first of the nine Chinese fairy grasses". Since the Tang and Song Dynasties, it has been listed as a royal tribute. Dendrobium candidum is born on a semi-shade rock in the mountains at an altitude of 1,600 meters. It is warm and humid, and has a semi-yin and a half-yang environment. It is not cold-tolerant.

Gu Liao Tea

Gu Liao Tea is a famous tea product in Chongzuo Fusui County, Guangxi. It has a long history and profound culture. It used to be a royal product of the Qing Dynasty. It is a natural health care product for home tourism. It is used in the mountains of more than 600 meters. The wild ancient tree arbor in red soil, also known as "Zhuangxianghong".

Luzhai honey Orange

Luzhai honey orange, known as "Shanglong Orange", "Luzhai County Place Name" records: Shanglong Orange has a long history, according to the Manchu era, once served as a fine tribute to the emperor. It is named after the history of the main focus on the cultivation of the dragon carp in the antique village of Guijiang Township. Up to now, there are still dozens of ancient dragon orange trees planted nearly a hundred years ago. Due to careful care, these centuries-old fruit trees are lush and green, and the harvest season is still fruitful. After the establishment of Luzhai County, it was also called Luzhai Shanglong Orange.

Shanglin star anise

The octagonal tree is an important spice tree species in southern China. Its fruit shape is star-shaped, usually composed of eight bones and fruit, and it is named as an octagonal. Shanglin octagonal color is brownish red or brownish red, the smell is rich and aromatic, the fruit-shaped horn is thick and short, the fruit is thick and thick, no blackening, no mildew, and dry. The octagonal peel is thick, the front of the single-petal fruit is blunt or blunt, and the dried fruit is light brown or reddish brown. The aroma is rich, spicy and sweet. Star anise is the finest seasoning spice. It has the functions of strengthening stomach, relieving cough, relieving pain, regulating qi, phlegm and dampness. It has high medicinal value and can also be used as an additive for livestock feed. The fennel oil processed with star anise is advanced. A flavoring agent that is indispensable for perfumes, soaps, beverages, foods, toothpastes and cosmetics.

Dongjin fine Rice

Dongjin fine rice is a local specialty in Gangnan District, Guigang City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Because of its sharp ends, it is clear and has no impurities. The rice is crystal-clear, soft and smooth, delicious and silky. Therefore, there is “Dongjin Fine Rice”. Beautiful name. The rice noodles made with Dongjin “fine rice” are smooth and smooth, and the intestine powder made from the rice syrup made from it is more tender and tender. Before the liberation, "Dongjin Fine Rice" was exported to Southeast Asia, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. After the liberation, the town inherited this tradition, planting a large number of “Dongjin fine rice”, which is deeply loved by customers and is well-known in Guangdong and Guangxi.

Xilin Jiangjing

Xilin Jiangjing is a solid beverage made from Xilin Huojiao as the main raw material, extracted with raw juice, concentrated after double effect, and refined with honey, white sugar and red sugar. Xilin has been planting Xilin Fire Ginger for thousands of years. Xilin people are very familiar with the medicinal diet, medicinal value and use of Xilin Huojiang. In the early years of the suppression of the anti-Qing uprising in Yunnan and Guizhou, the Governor of Yungui, Xilin, took Xilin Fire from his hometown to treat the soil and water, the cold and the cold and vomiting. Because ginger is not easy to store and inconvenient to transport, they sliced ​​the Xilin fire ginger slices and then shredded them into powder into a bag for easy carrying and use. This is the original prototype of Xilin Jiangjing.

Litang Lotus

The long history of cultivation, rich cultural heritage and humanistic atmosphere are important factors for Litang Lotus to gain a good reputation. In addition, the following factors have further enhanced its popularity: First, Litang Lotus is moderately fit. The meat is thick and fat, the raw food is crisp and slightly sweet, the soup is fragrant, the unique quality is widely recognized in the market; the second is the long-term exploration, practice and summary, and the original “rice-planting” technology is highly praised by Yuan Longping, the “father of Chinese hybrid rice”. It is called "miracle" and has inscriptions successively: "The rice seedlings are very good, the money and grain are better!" and "the hometown of rice bran interplanting - Guangxi Binyang"; the third is the CCTV seven "focus on the three farmers" column On April 9, 2013, the group made a special trip to Litang to shoot lotus root planting techniques. As a result, the influence and unique charm of Litang Lotus is evident.

Cenxi Classical Chicken

The classic chicken of Tunxi is tender, delicious and mellow, with thin skin and thin bones, moderate subcutaneous fat and rich chicken flavor. Its delicious characteristics have won the recognition of the majority of diners. It has been rated as “Guangxi Quality Agricultural Products” and “Golden Famous Chicken” ", "Chinese famous chicken."

Debao navel Orange

Debao Navel Orange has a beautiful shape, sweet flesh, delicious taste and high quality. It is a mouth-watering Debao navel orange, thanks to its rich fertile land, abundant water source and unique climate. The spring water that flows down from the deep mountains, together with Jianhe, becomes the natural “milk” of Debao Navel Orange. It feeds Debao Navel Orange with a thin skin, beautiful appearance, no nuclear and juicy, tender and tender meat, sweet and delicious. It is delicious and nutritious.

Yingjia kohlrabi

Yingjiatoutou is a local famous specialty in Zhongshan County, Hezhou City, Guangxi. The unique geographical environment is very suitable for the growth of kohlrabi. The British kohlrabi is made by traditional techniques. It has a crisp taste, rich sauce, low salt content and does not contain any preservatives. Its color is bright and pure. It is famous for its fragrant and crisp mouth and is very popular among consumers.

Liujiang Lotus

Liujiang Lotus is famous for its characteristics of “white, crisp, sweet and fragrant”. Its quality features are smooth, white, large carcass, fleshy and resistant to storage and transportation, as well as sweet, juicy and crisp. Scented, no slag and other mouthfeel features.

Xilin Fire Ginger

Xilin Huo Jiangren called Jiang "high-quality students." Because of its high content of gingerol, the taste of food is hot, so it is called "fire ginger."

Baise Mango

Baise has a history of mango planting for hundreds of years. The mangoes produced are beautiful in appearance, rich in aroma, high in sugar content, good in taste, resistant to storage and transportation, and of good quality. They are well received by consumers and fruit sellers. It has high nutritional value and contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. Baise mango has the characteristics of no pollution, good quality and fresh color.

Debao Hawthorn

Debao Hawthorn fruit is thick and fleshy, with fine meat quality, strong storage resistance and high nutritional value. It has the functions of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, preventing aging and strengthening body immunity. Regular consumption of Debao Hawthorn products can strengthen stomach and digestion, prevent atherosclerosis, prolong life, and is regarded as the "fruit of longevity", which is favored by consumers.

Chetian Chili

Chili is a traditional local specialty of Guilin, a long-established local specialty of Chetian in the resource county. It is especially famous for its authentic and famous peppers in Huanglong Village. Chetian pepper has a large head, thick meat and juicy juice, spicy and long-lasting scent. Soaked peppers, sour peppers and scallions are the most popular ways to eat locally.

Shitang Ginger

Shitang ginger, with Jeonju red pepper, garlic, and called "Gangzhou three spicy", is well known. Shitang ginger is palm-shaped, also called "five fingers ginger", the block is big and fat. Ginger is spicy and fragrant, and the ginger is slightly spicy and crispy. It has the functions of strengthening the stomach and dispelling cold, sweating and exorcism, warming the stomach and warming the heart. Ginger is generally used as a seasoning. Dried or dried ginger, it becomes dried ginger. Dried ginger is hot and is a commonly used drug in the clinic. Dried ginger has a diuretic effect on swelling, and can be used to treat colds and colds, headaches and coughs. Experienced seniors know that a bowl of ginger brown sugar water can stop bleeding and treat the postpartum disease, the effect is very significant.