guizhou food

Guizhou Spicy Chicken

Guiyang Spicy Chicken is a dish with Guizhou specialties. Friends who love to eat chili will definitely fall in love with Guiyang spicy chicken. It is characterized by a bunch of red-hot peppers mixed with crispy and spicy chicken, and the crispy chicken is a good appetizer.

Huajiang dog meat

Huajiang dog meat is a kind of dish originating from Huajiang Town, Guanling County, Guizhou Province. It has high requirements for making cooking techniques. The main raw materials are fat and tender dog, pepper, Amomum, dog meat, etc. The taste is delicious and spicy. Dog meat is one of Guizhou's specialties for the country.

Kung Pao Chicken

The recipes in Guizhou usually record the Kung Pao Chicken: "Guizhou famous dishes, the color of the dishes is golden, the chicken is tender, the peanuts are crispy, and the salty and spicy are slightly sweet and sour." Kung Pao Chicken is made with scallions, which are slightly sweet and sour.

Miaojia sour soup fish

Sour soup fish, the unique food of the Miao nationality, the mouth is sour and delicious, it is full of spicy food, which makes people appetite. The sour soup is made from boiled rice bran water. The good sour soup should be white. One type that Guizhou people often eat is clear sour soup, and the other is red sour soup.nThe sour soup is sour and fragrant, but the mellow taste is slightly worse. And with the red sour soup made from tomatoes, the taste is more perfect. When you eat sour soup, add some bean sprouts, small bamboo shoots and wild onions as accessories, and the flavor is more unique.

Chicken with bean curd

The pheasant, the pheasant is the cock that is smashed. The chicken-tofu is mainly made up of pheasant and tofu as the main raw materials. The entrance of the tofu is instant, the taste is fresh and tender, and the taste is very beautiful. The chicken tofu is rare in the north and is worth tasting.

Spicy sliced ​​meat

The full name is called fried pepper fried pork, also known as "rice sweeping light", is a home cooking that will be done all over Guizhou. The fried peppers can not only be used for cooking, but also for bibimbap and noodles. The taste is sour and refreshing, super appetizing.

Night sweat chicken

The night sweat chicken is a chicken steamed out in a night sweat pot. The night sweats pot was originally from Guizhou Fengfeng County, which is also called Qifeng Steam Pot. It is made of earthenware and consists of four parts: base, steamed pot, top pot and top cover. The night sweats that are steamed out of this steamer are fresh and tender, and the meat and bones can be separated by a chopstick, which makes the index finger move.

Vegetarian bean

It seems that there is no table on the table, but no one in Guizhou knows it. In the summer, every household often makes it. It's especially simple to say, the fresh sticks of beans are folded into 3-4 cm long, and the fresh little melons are boiled into small pieces and boiled together. Serve with the spicy noodles. can.

Qingyan Champion pig's feet

In the ancient town of Qingyan, there are as many shops selling pork-roasted feet as there are chicken hot-spots. As a specialty snack of Qingyan, the history of the pork feet is much earlier than that of the chicken. It is said that in the late Qing Dynasty, Qingyan people Zhao Yizhen went to Beijing to take the test. When he started, his mother had eaten a pot of pigs on his way. As a result, Zhao took the title of the gold medal and the high school champion. Therefore, Qingyan people also call the halogen pig's foot as the "like hoof."

Wujiang tofu fish

Wujiang tofu fish is a local delicacies with a wide range of flavors and flavors. This dish is fragrant and hot, with good color and taste. Its fish is delicious and fragrant, the tofu is white and smooth, and it is not cooked for a long time. The special flavor of "Wujiang Tofu Fish" is well known both inside and outside the province, and has become a unique food culture brand in Wujiang tourism.