Top restaurant in guizhou

Wu Gong Bao Qian old restaurant

Third to generation Wu Gong Paul, Guizhou Gongbaojiding, high quality chicken, boned, cut into four small, then code salt, egg white, pink wine stand under water, hot cake made of high quality, red garlic, ginger, light blue and Wu Gong secret sauce, Mizar vegetable oil, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, cooked. Oil but not greasy, spicy but not explosive, small lychee.

Carey disk Guzhai

Carey plate ancient village located Miao and Dong style garden center arena A1 A2 Building, housing a total area of ​​1,800 square meters, the use of classical Chinese decor and Miao and Dong ethnic elements combined with strong comfort, dining tables and chairs complete with high-grade pear wood, set there is a hall, with an area of ​​240 square meters, 23 rooms, maximum 500 people tourists. In Southeast Qian. One, two, three sour soup Food Festival cooking contest have won the first prize, won a gold medal, while access to the city, the state and the honorary title of the top ten famous restaurant in Guizhou Province.

Chengdu Rongji

Chengdu Rongji Catering Management Co., Ltd., established in March 2007 (formerly known as Sichuan Rongji Catering Management Co., Ltd.), is a Management Co., Ltd. which deals in Spicy Seafood, river fresh hot pot, spicy dry pot, home cooked dishes and other local characteristics catering, as well as business investment and project investment. Rongji always adheres to the concept of "creating special delicious food, concentrating on Ecological catering, and protecting health". With rich industry experience, Rongji understands the needs of customers, creates integrated services, and does a good job of checking from ingredients to taste. After more than ten years of market inspection, Rongji has always provided customers with high-quality, healthy and delicious food.

Boss Yang Ye Lang Spicy Chicken

To the Xifeng Yang Lang did not eat spicy chicken, then you are white book coming, leaves the boss Yang Long Spicy Chicken Spicy Chicken hug wine, both in the selection, or the production is very particular, are optional 4 or so pounds of high-quality chicken, then 11 "Ye boss" (spicy chicken Grandmaster) of the production inheritors cooked using its unique process flow eye heart Sutra Yang Long spicy chicken founder, spicy chicken Ruannuo, let after you have eaten fragrant lips and teeth, I want to eat eat Oh!

King of Mom stewed pig

Mom stewed pig is the king of the TOWNS around cuisines, it stores small but taste great, authentic taste and very cheap. They considered old home, the business is very good, peak time may take place, the boss is very enthusiastic. In addition to stewed pig signs, also recommended rice bean and rice pudding cake, worth trying.

Lee Kee Flower Town Hall vinegar

The authentic Huajiang dog meat is really delicious. It's a big piece of dog meat with sparkling oil. It's served with ten coriander. It's hot and dipped in spicy sauce. It's delicious. Those who claim not to eat dog meat also eat oil.

Generous Red House Hotel

Gelding chicken tofu original point in the hotel generous Red House, its production method is to use the local quality soybean, soybean milk to be ground into a sour soup castrated local pork or chicken Roumo points from the system, in order to accompany the production process lobster generous made of pepper, color flavor the United States, high nutritional value, is appreciated by guests, the local reception for friends and family to share. Generous "geld chicken Point tofu" chicken tofu mixed into one, tofu white and delicate, fragrant and delicious chicken, broth sweet and refreshing, there really is a delicacy.

Wu Jiang Jianglong Hotel

If you go to the Wujiang River, we always recommend you to taste the old town of Wujiang Bridge's first fish tofu - [Martial Law] Hotel, Wujiang River "Jianglong Hotel" has been in business 23 years of history in 1989, the main Wujiang River fish, tofu quality selection of the Wujiang river fish native of Wujiang River and well-cooked tofu, local diners for a taste of its authentic Wujiang River fish tofu can be described as a long journey to the trouble.

SEVEN Guiyang food taste

Guiyang Guiyang food taste qi is well-known brands, as from the media and the popularity of short video screen, qi Guiyang food taste is also the major bloggers, net red recommendation has now been well-known people around the country. SEVEN Guiyang food taste the original name of "7th food", later renamed the store and upgrade dishes, food qi pursuit of "healthy, cheap, fresh ingredients" to create a downright Guiyang gourmet shops, restaurants and even decoration is unique as one, everywhere highlights the Guiyang old history and culture, great flavor.

Night sweats chicken

Southwest Guizhou Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou sweats Chicken Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. planning office address known as the "Southwest barrier" and "Yunnan-Guizhou lock and key," said the Guizhou Province, southwest Guizhou Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Xingyi City, Guizhou Province Jinshui Road 31, 1998 January 20, incorporated in Southwest Guizhou Province Industry and Commerce administration. Zhang Zhiyong, Chinese cooking senior technician, senior nutritionist, national judges, master of Chinese cooking, Chinese food culture in Guizhou messenger ... night sweats Chicken Restaurant Management Co., Ltd., night sweats chicken fourth generation of successors, "night sweats chicken" registered trademark holders someone.

Springs will be on food

Poly spa hidden in a residential area of ​​the spring will be on food, by chef Song Xinde single-handedly built the first card Guiyang cuisine. Environmental elegant delicate dishes, Chinese and Western flavors can be tasted. Xinjiang famous lamb chops, depending on the tastes of a concentrated into a light two kinds of minced meat rice green beans using only the newly emerged yet fully mature through high-quality varieties, fry out fragrance taste sweet yet crisp. This exquisite dishes, excellent food, dishes requires considerable thought. Suitable for food high quality requirements of the small circle of party.

Carey Liang Huan Village Suantang

Guizhou Liang Huan Village Dining Entertainment Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 (formerly the tavern restaurant), is a collection of Southeast Guizhou Kaili Miao and Dong ethnic cultural heritage, ethnic cuisine business, folk dance performances, shopping, folk show and experience and ecological farming as one of the national culture catering business. Liang Huan Walled company has always been adhering to the "heritage of Miao and Dong ethnic food culture, promote green healthy eating" concept, committed to the national food culture research and development of national brands, the Millennium heritage of Miao and Dong ethnic specialties onto the banquet. Liang Huan Village will traditional craft and modern technology, research and development, "Liang Huan Village" red, white sour soup products, and its formula unique, and delicious, nutrient-rich, favored by consumers.