guizhou snacks

Wuchuan Gelao oil tea

The Wuchuan Yi nationality oil tea is a kind of tea soup with regional characteristics. The main raw material tea is collected from local tea trees, and the Wuchuan local big tree tea is preferred. Ordinary tea ceremony is not "bubble" or "boiled", but the Wuchuan Yi nationality oil tea is about "熬". Put the selected rice, soybeans, peanuts, etc. into a golden yellow with a simmer, put them in a bowl and other utensils, put the cooking oil in the pot, wait for it to start smoking, put the "tea rice" and tea leaves Stir in the pot for a while, then put the right amount of water, and then use the wooden scoop to repeat the "熬" in the pot. When the tea leaves are smashed, they are added to the lard and the salt is mixed with water to cook (it is also necessary to put bacon bones in the oil tea). After the boiling, use the simmer for about a quarter of an hour, and wait until the aroma is getting thicker and drink. Drinking oil tea in the county is mainly "taste of food", and it is often used to help dry and crisp foods such as poached eggs, peanuts, and baguettes. The oil tea also contains crispy whistle made of fried rice and pork.

Qingyan rice cake porridge

A bowl of authentic glutinous rice porridge, mainly carefully selected in Guizhou, good sticky rice, roses, peanuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds as raw materials, especially rose sauce cooking is more sophisticated. Burning a pot of boiling water on the fire, the spout is taking hot air, a delicate wooden coffin is placed at the mouth of the kettle, and there is an egg-sized round hole inside the raft, which will be a small round like a rice cake. The stuff is filled into the raft and steamed through the hot air in the kettle. Then start using a spoonful of spoonful of white flour-like things in a bowl, mix with brown sugar water, then pour in with boiling water, stir into a thick paste, sesame, walnut, peanut seeds, sunflower seeds, Rose raisin sauce, stir well, then a bowl of similar eight-treasure porridge, looking at it is more pleasing than the eight-treasure porridge, sweet and tempting snack cake porridge, it is done.

Zhao Laowu yellow rice cake

Huang Wei, also known as Huang cake, is a very famous snack in Guizhou. Main ingredients: high quality glutinous rice, large yellow beans, pure rock sugar, wrapped with corn leaves, hazelnut leaves (excluding any pigments, preservatives). Its color is crystal yellow, the taste is soft and soft, and it can be eaten. After cooking, frying, frying, microwave heating and softening, it is ready to eat. It is a nutritious main and non-staple food. Zhao Laowu brand features Astragalus and Bamboo Leafhopper. The main raw material is the pollution-free base from Luxi County, Guizhou Province. Due to its unique taste, it has no additives and preservatives.

Guiyang Intestines noodles

Guiyang Intestines is made up of five parts: noodles, fat intestines, bloody, crispy whistle, fresh soup. Add noodles to the noodles, eat non-sticky teeth; fat intestines with pepper, octagonal stew together, tender and tender; blood is cooked by boiling water, smooth and delicate; crispy squid is fried, crispy and crisp; fresh soup It is made from pork bones and chicken bones and has a long aftertaste. Based on 5 large pieces, and with 8 kinds of seasonings, the intestines made through 12 procedures are spicy and not fierce, oily but not greasy, full of mouth fragrance. Since the advent of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty, people have eaten Changwang and have become a very famous place in the Guiyang area.

Huaxi Beef rice noodles

Huaxi beef powder originated in the Huaxi area of ​​Guiyang. It is a famous snack in Guizhou. The main raw materials are beef, sour lotus, white and so on. Made from a variety of precious Chinese herbal medicines, the beef powder is different. The soup is delicious and meaty. People who have eaten are full of praise. Huaxi beef powder is made from the finest beef, refined rice noodles, multi-lingual beef bones, simmered into fresh raw soup, plus smooth steamed rice noodles, with mellow beef, add appetizing sour pickles, embellished with fresh clams, if you can Eat spicy, plus Guizhou's unique fragrant fried chili noodles, a bowl of steaming, full-bodied beef powder is presented.

Zunyi Uncongealed tofu noodles

Zunyi Bean Noodle is a traditional snack that is full of flavors and flavors. Soft and smooth, spicy and rich in flavor and special flavor. Originally created by Buddhism, it was created in the early 20th century. Zunyi bean noodles Zunyi bean noodles are very characteristic Guizhou snacks. Zunyi bean noodles are mainly made of noodles. The cooking method is mainly based on cooking, and the taste is savory.

Zunyi Mutton rice noodles

Zunyi Mutton Powder is a delicious local snack. Use fresh mutton soup, pour rice noodles, put mutton slices, seasoning and eat. Has more than 300 years of production history. The mutton powder is produced all over Guizhou, and only Zunyi mutton powder is well-known. In the streets and lanes of Zunyi City, the mutton powder restaurant is more than a scaly, and there are many diners, second to none. He was awarded the title of the second "Chinese Famous Snack".

Shuicheng mutton rice noodles

Shuicheng mutton powder is a folk snack in Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province, and is the staple food of Liupanshui people's breakfast today. Hot mutton soup, hot oil chili peppers, delicate meat slices, and then with white jade-like rice noodles, a bowl of mutton powder, called the powdered person sweating, not enough.

Guiyang silk doll

Silk doll (alias spring rolls) is one of the most common local traditional snacks in Guiyang, as long as it can be seen in every street in Guiyang. The dish is crispy, sour and refreshing, appetizing and spleen. When the locals eat, of course, it is indispensable to inject sour and spicy juice. This drowning is the essence of silk dolls. In the Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, many silk doll snack stalls are placed along the street, with a special feature, there are 20 varieties. The chopped silk is very fine, and the colors such as red, white, yellow and black are very beautiful. The vegetarian dish is crispy, sour and refreshing, appetizing and spleen. Guiyang specialty is a famous snack popular in Guizhou.

Guiyang Leijia Tofu Ball

Leijia Tofu Yuanzi is a Han nationality snack in Guiyang. It was founded in the 13th year of Tongzhi (1874) and is a representative project of provincial intangible cultural heritage. "Win the aromatic square overflow, white jade into the oil is bright like gold. Cooked bean 萁 萁 millennium, every table to drink wine recalls the ancient and modern. Jindou people turn the crab yellow, the slope fairy knows the flow of long. Overlooking Wei Wei, said Lei home Yuanzixiang." This poem is full of praise for Guiyang Leijia Tofu Yuanzi.

Bijie Tangyuan (Glutinous Rice Balls)

Bijie Tangyuan has a long history, and the place is famous and famous. Practice: The dumpling can be divided into crystal, crispy, boiling water, etc., especially crystal. Compared with other dumplings, Bijie Tangyuan is different. Small, thin, and there are up to ten different fillings in a bowl of dumplings, each with a different taste. Eat Bijie Tangyuan must eat in the old street, which is represented by Hu family.

Guiyang rice tofu

Guizhou's rice tofu looks somewhat similar to Sichuan's jelly, but the practice is very different from the seasoning and taste. Rice tofu looks a lot like tofu, the production process is very similar to tofu, but the raw material is rice, so the name is naturally called rice tofu. Rice tofu is a traditional summer refreshing snack in Guiyang. It is made by immersing the new rice in water in the same year, grinding it into a slurry, heating it on a simmer and boiling it with brine. Cut into 2-3 inches long strips when eating, put chopped green onion, ginger, garlic water, soy beans, Yunnan black kohlrabi, soy sauce, vinegar, and finally topped with red oil and spicy, a bowl of food to cool off the heat to make you want to stop.

Duyun rushing cake

The steamed cake is named after the bottom of the round bamboo tube. It is a green and pure natural snack made by glutinous rice. It is made of glutinous rice and has a soft and sweet texture. The color is yellowish and reddish. It is thick and has a tough taste. It has been passed down for hundreds of years. Because of the "cake" and "high" sound, the rushing cake has the meaning of "step by step, high" and "high sesame blossoms." The people in Duyun told the children that they would grow taller when they ate the cake, so they were very popular among children.

Xingyi brush head

Xingyi brushed his head and started in the Qing Dynasty. He was named after the shape of the bamboo brush used by the folk. The steamed "brush head" is slightly larger than the thumb, light butter and bright, appetizing. With chicken soup, oil-soaked pepper noodles, soy sauce, chopped green onion, etc., it is very delicious. The artificially formed dough is as thin as a paper, and it is like a lotus leaf. When synthesizing, first put lean meat, then put bamboo shoots, simmer on the steamer, and steam for a few minutes. The water that matches the brush head is drenched into the stuffing, and the taste is delicious.

Guiyang Bowl Cake

The bowl ear cake, also known as "Waer cake", is shaped like a small tea bowl. It is made with "bowl of ear sugar" and the child is particularly fond of food, hence the name. Bowl ear cakes have a history of more than 100 years and are the famous traditional snacks in Guiyang.

Zunyi egg cake

A dim sum in Zunyi, Guizhou Province, the most authentic, has a history of 100 years, with fresh eggs, sugar, sesame oil, flour as the main raw material, refined and baked, golden oil bright, high quality and delicious, finger presses, fingering It is not too greasy, it is soft and delicious. According to the scientific research department, the cake contains 9.1% protein, 7.6% vegetable fat, 38% total sugar, and contains trace elements such as phosphorus and calcium. It is a special food suitable for old, middle and young children.

Zunyi yellow rice cake

Zunyi Huangqi is a traditional Han nationality famous snack in Nanbai Town, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province. The main raw materials are rice and soybeans. The finished products are browned and are in the form of blocks or cylinders. They can be eaten raw, fried, steamed, etc. The taste is delicate and soft, sweet and delicious, and is very popular in Guizhou. There are similar snacks in the area of ​​Qingzhen City in the middle of the city. The practice is basically the same, also known as Guizhou Huangqi.