hainan food

Wenchang Chicken

Wenchang Chicken - known as "the first of the four famous dishes in Hainan." Named after Wenchang, it is fed with peanut cake, copra, sweet potato, hot rice and other fertilizers. Shiwenchang chicken is mainly white, with yellow and crisp skin, tender and beautiful meat, crisp and fresh bones. It is a famous dish in China and abroad. According to legend, Wenchang Chicken was originally from Tianci Village, Tanniu Town, the city. There is also an allusion about the origin of Wenchang Chicken. According to legend, in the Ming Dynasty, there was a Wenchang person who was an official in the DPRK. When he returned to Beijing, he brought a few Wenchang chickens to the emperor to taste. After the tasting, the emperor praised: "Chicken is the hometown of culture, the people are outstanding, the culture is prosperous, the chicken is sweet, and the chicken is also Wenchang chicken!" Wenchang chicken is named after it, and it is famous all over the world. Because the chicken of the village is given the name of the emperor, the village is glory, and the village is named Tianci Village. The earliest chicken raiser in Tianci Village is named Cai, so Wenchang Chicken is also known as Cai's Chicken.

Spa goose

Fairness is a way of eating by Qionghai people, and it is also a unique and beautiful human landscape in Qionghai's eating culture. The Qionghai Hot Spring Goose Food Method is mainly white cut, but also has roast goose. It is rich in nutrients, fat but not greasy, light and original, mellow and delicious. The hot spring goose in Qionghai is very fine. There is no rough feeling of goose meat. There is no “wooden” feeling of the entrance of the goose and duck that is eaten in the city. The meat is very fragrant and fresh, with the secret seasoning.

Coconut mushroom

Hainan Coconut Milk is a traditional Hainanese snack that belongs to Cantonese cuisine. The main ingredients include rock sugar and white fungus. This dish is made from coconut raw meat and has a rich coconut milk flavor. The soup is delicious, nutritious and contains more energy.

Roast suckling pig

Hainan roast pig is a famous Chinese and foreign specialties. Lin Gao roast suckling pig, Oriental four roast suckling pig, Cheng Mai Fushan roast suckling pig have won the favor of the world's diners, and Lin Gao roast suckling pig is a highly praised dish. .

Braised yellow cattle mixed soup

Some local people in Hainan refer to "small yellow cattle" as "venison", "qiongzhong small yellow cattle", "wuzhishan small yellow cattle", etc., but all the shops selling small yellow beef are called "wild yellow cattle". As for the method of eating wild oxen, stir-fry, fry, cognac, and barbecue have their own characteristics and tastes good. Such as cognac, because the meat is good, do not need too much seasoning and processing, add the grapefruit oil of Hainan when fried, sprinkle with sesame and parsley, the meat tastes natural and beautiful. Among them, the beef tendon, the tendon is light yellow, after being cut, it has a cylindrical shape, and the tendon has toughness and is very resistant to biting. If you enjoy the bison hot pot, the taste is more delicious. The tradition of the Li people is grilled on charcoal, which is unique in taste.

Steamed Hele crab

Hele Crab is one of Hainan's most prestigious traditional four famous dishes. Hele Crab is produced in Hele Town, Wanning County, Hainan Province. It is known for its hard shell and rich meat and fat. Hele Crab has a variety of cooking methods, such as steaming, boiling, frying, and roasting. It is especially good for “steaming, which not only maintains its original flavor, but also the beauty of its original color.

Braised east goat

The Eastern Goat has enjoyed a good reputation since the Song Dynasty and is a "tribute", one of the four famous dishes in Hainan. The East Goat is produced in Dongshanling, Wanning City. It is black and black, and the meat and fat soup is thick and greasy. The Eastern Goat is a local fine meat variety formed under the special natural geography and socio-economic conditions of Hainan. Its appearance is characterized in that its rams have horns with beards, the neck is relatively slender, and the body is relatively strong. The coat color is short and shiny.

Jiaji duck

Jiaji Duck is abundant in Jiaji Town, Qionghai City, Hainan Province. It is one of the four famous dishes in Hainan. According to legend, Jiaji Duck is a good-breed duck imported from Malaysia by overseas Chinese more than 300 years ago. It has a flat shape, red crown and yellow pheasant, and black and white feathers. It is large, thin, soft, tender, and low in fat. It is fat and not greasy, and has high nutritional value. Therefore, the ducks raised by Jiaji are called Jiaji ducks.

Hainan family portrait

The family portrait is a favorite dish for Hainanese weddings, especially when the Hainan Wenchang people banquets, the first dish is “family portrait”. This dish is rich in ingredients, with a combination of vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. It tastes light and mellow, delicious and healthy.nnThe dish has an excellent meaning, symbolizing the family life of family happiness and unity. This is a healthy food prepared by Hainanese on the table.nnWhen the banquet was held, the first dish that came up, the family portrait, meant that the banquet officially began. This dish has more than ten kinds of ingredients, and the whole family portrait dish is full of mouthfuls.

Dry five-legged pig

The Hainan five-legged pig, the original raw pig breed in Hainan, also known as the Xiang pig, is the wild boar habit and characteristics of the original Hainan local small sow during its estrus period. The piglet, the five-legged pig is like a wild boar, the legs and legs are short, the mouth is long, and you like to eat in the wild, like to eat young grass, leaves, wild fruits, wild plantains, yam, insects, etc., walk the way to the mouth Sticking to the ground, the belly is mopped, and it looks like five feet from the back, so the locals call it a "five-legged pig"; it is known as one of the eight best-preserved pig breeds in China. The meat is tender and fragrant, and it is innocent and flawless.