Top restaurant in hainan

Riverside Hotel

"Haikou Longhua Riverside Hotel" was originally called "chicken restaurants along the river", the predecessor of the last century forties Wu Yukui founded the "Yu Kwai chicken restaurant," the older generation as early as the Qing Dynasty will be in Wenchang county business Wenchang, Hainan business called Wenchang Chicken rice's oldest hotel.

Qionghai Changlong Hotel

Qionghai Changlong Hotel was founded in 1996, is invested by Cosmos Catering Management Co., Hainan hotel built high-end restaurants. It is located in China's outstanding tourist city, spa town in China Jinhai Road Qionghai No. 109, strategic location, convenient transportation, and with a large parking lot. Cosmos Hotel mainly engaged in fresh seafood, fine Cantonese cuisine and local specialties parties. Qionghai Changlong Hotel's official website after years of operation, gradually formed its own style, to create its own characteristics of food culture. Cosmos Seafood, Cantonese tea Cosmos, Cosmos wedding, Changlong moon cake, dumplings Changlong wide acclaim. "Cosmos White Qiejia product duck", "Cosmos burn fresh oyster" was named "Chinese dishes"; "Yan Changlong cake" "vine cake Aberdeen Cosmos chicken soup" was named "Chinese snack."

Joan dishes people

Joan dish people Restaurant Management Co., Ltd., founded in 2000, is a Hainan-based food chain catering enterprises, mainly in family dinners, meals units gather, friends, team and business reception and so on. Qiong vegetable others Food Management Co., Ltd. has won the "national advanced individual industrial and commercial households," Hainan old catering business, "Hainan a restaurant designer boutiques," "Chinese characteristics food brand" honorary title.

Xinhai House and Le crab soup

Founded in 1998, Hainan three kitchen Xinhai House Restaurant Management Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful China free trade Island - King Shan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province Red City Lake Road No. 165. Hainan three kitchen Xinhai House Restaurant Management Co., Ltd., started with porridge, after 21 years of pioneering and innovation, is now developed into a catering business, ecological farming, food processing as one of the diversified food and beverage company. House owns three kitchen Xinhai Xinhai House and Le crab soup, happiness floor, pigeon meat dish, three of the four dining and kitchen food brand of agricultural products, 13 food and beverage outlets located in Haikou, Wenchang, Sanya, Wanning, Danzhou and other places, as Hainan catering old, well-known brand catering enterprises in Hainan Province, Hainan Province, poverty alleviation advanced unit, one of the Boao Forum for Asia annual Conference in cooperation.

Qionghai farm kitchen good taste

Agriculture McCormick kitchen located Jiaji town of Qionghai City, Hainan Province Hot Springs Village, located in the beautiful countryside farm house, next to the River, only 20 km from the Boao Forum for Asia, downtown Qionghai 4 km Eastern Highway 3 km transportation is very convenient. With a "rich, strong, happy, happy, beautiful, good" six big boxes and original ecological farm garden lounge more than thirty tables, we Cheng Yang traditional diet, show farm characteristics, the main spa goose, beans, herbs coconut stew, wild tofu vegetable farm close to a hundred authentic dishes, to fully tap the local produce and improve innovation, for the majority of admiring diners present a more authentic and healthier Joan dish food!

East goats Sea Point restaurant

To eat authentic all the sheep feast, Wang Hai restaurant on Dongshan Ridge is a good choice, where there is deep-fried lamb chops, lamb fried partridge tea, coconut milk goat East, East goats steaming pot, fried mutton, stewed leg of lamb, etc., can be described as full of tricks, enjoy put together will not feel too greasy, the meal matched with partridge Dongshan Ling-grown tea or lotus tea tasting that Barbara is a perfect match.

Xinhai city government and music crab soup

Xinhai House and Le crab soup shop is located in the city of Wanning Wanning City, Wanzhou Avenue 61, with a total business area of ​​about 600 square meters, Store Fixtures rich heritage of the Xinhai government and peaceful Chinese style, to celebrate - together, things to taste. Throughout the day outside their lunch, dinner, snack service, Main House Xinhai all kinds of pretty porridge, baked vegetables, meat and other special delicacies, including "Wanning and music crab soup," as its leading products, will Hainan one of four dishes and music crab Wanning new concept into a new cuisine, unique style of cuisine to bring a new experience for the million people in the city.

Wenquan Hai Star Restaurant

Wenquan Hai Star restaurant's first "spa starfish goose", and as a brand, trusted by consumers. And it was awarded in May 2006 was "The Second China Hainan Food Festival dishes gold medal, has been famous at home and abroad. Sales continue to rise, and led to the rapid development of local farming and income in 2007 was named "Hainan Province" and registered trademark. "Wenquan Hai Star" brand to better expand the market share and visibility, make more contributions to the community and businesses, the research and the introduction of new products, like the public, including "hot spring goose starfish" "delicious palm-sized" and "nutrition salad appetizer" for the farmers dishes taste good.

Wong Kee four more suckling pig shop

Four more suckling pig roasting technology reportedly more than 300 years of history, is four more village farmers handed down by ancestors, feed and breed suckling pig farming is very unique. Four more suckling pig is a color, flavor and taste of the Ming Yao, belongs to Shanghai cuisine, its crispy, tender, crisp bone after eating mouthful fragrance, oriental folk and festive activities organized to entertain guests indispensable characteristic dishes.

Large coconut Kodate

Hainan dishes to achieve the ultimate, is the island's first'm no salt in the soup in a restaurant. Kodate large coconut, Hainan folk flavor food, raw materials, the original law Focus Hainan cuisine restaurants twenty years, added new fashion elements Strike a balance between traditional and trendy, while maintaining a high standard of produced, but also for young people's taste preferences. Whether it is a homecoming overseas child, or a brief stop travelers, can be found in the large Jervis Hainan coconut Bistro. Here, Hainan intersection, where you can sample delicious Hainan drunk raw lettuce.

Sanya Yilong fishing village of Seaview

Sanya Yilong fishing village Seaview Sanya is the only restaurant in contact with the sea distance catering business. Founded in December 2008. Sanya City Cuisine Association members and Sanya top ten dishes recommended restaurant. Sanya is known as the first known seafood, enjoy a high reputation in the community.

An Xingshun given hotel

Hainan Ding"an Anding City Xingshun hotel was founded in 1998, it is located in the town Ding"an given the Dragon Road 582, across from Ding"an Department of Education. Hainan scheduled An Xingshun hotel is mainly engaged in Hainan, Guangdong Department of integration of local specialty restaurants, among which Hainan Ding"an local cuisine, new tastes, real materials, inexpensive, dishes and more, and the price tag, really real benefits!

Qiongzhong hotel

Qiongzhong hotel (Qiongzhong County Government Guest House), founded in 1997, located in a beautiful, spring of Hainan Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County.

Qixian Mount Narada Resort & Spa

Open vacation mode rainforest slow life, health theme hotel experience featured China - Qixian Mount Narada Resort & Spa. Hotel in the middle of the world"s rare tropical rainforest environment, and the establishment of health consultants, private butler, housekeeper cuisine, delivered a healthy, natural, simple, family service concept. Hotel products to yin and yang theory of Chinese medicine is based and guidance effectively shape such as tai chi, yoga, the five elements of health diet, the five elements of health rooms, five elements health SPA, meridian therapy, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, health providing smooth, quiet god health and sports health and other health plans and health services customized vacation packages. We want total relaxation and pleasant environment, to get people back to life and the mental state of innocence and simplicity, in accord with nature, rejuvenate, get vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and feel the heart during sleep and other seven perfect sense experience.