hainan snacks

Hainan Ching Bo Leung

Hainan Qingliang is a Hainanese dish. As a characteristic icy dessert in the popular tropical Hainan Island, the traditional Hainan Qingbuliang is mainly made of red beans (mung beans), glutinous rice, peanuts, hollow powder, etc., placed cool or added to the ice and become a bowl of authentic Hainanqing. Make up cool. Nowadays, because of the diversity of ingredients, most regions (have different tastes in Hainan) have begun to add ingredients such as copra, red dates, watermelon, pineapple, quail eggs, jelly, and winter melon. In order to take care of the tastes of many people, it has increased the choice of coconut milk, sugar water and water.

Wanning Pig Intestines rice cake

Pig intestines are also called long scorpion, coconut shreds, as the name suggests, this "pig intestine" does not have to say more, and "粑" can easily reminiscent of similar dessert 粑粑, just this "pig intestine" with " The combination of "粑粑" really makes people feel a bit awkward. In fact, this so-called "pig intestines" is made from glutinous rice and other raw materials through multiple processes, which is called "pig intestines" because it is shaped like a "pig intestine".

Ding'an black pork  Zongzi (Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Bamboo Leaves)

Ding'an scorpion was formed in the Ming Dynasty, also known as Ding'an, which is one of the three famous names in Hainan. Ding'an scorpion uses black pork locally produced as meat. Ding'an black pork differs from ordinary pork in that it is thick and sweet, very tender and has no astringency. The egg yolk also uses the purest local salted duck egg yolk. The rice is pure and local selenium-enriched glutinous rice. The taste of the scorpion is soft, fragrant, tasteful, stuffing, and not too greasy.

Hele crab porridge

Hele Crab is one of the four famous dishes in Hainan. Hele Crab porridge blends the sweetness of crab meat and the smoothness of crab yellow into a pot of porridge, which is extremely rich in flavor. Hele crab paste is more meaty and has a high nutritional value. Put the cut crab into the pot and stir it into the porridge. Then the crab porridge is just out of the pot. The color, fragrance, taste and freshness are all tempting. Blowing in the face.

Xintailai Ding'an

The leaves, pork, salted duck eggs, and glutinous rice are all carefully selected from the preparation and production. The complex and exquisite craftsmanship has made Ding'an, which is famous for its rice, stuffing, fat and not greasy. The raw materials of Ding'an Scorpion are the selenium-enriched rice and selenium-enriched black pork, the soft palate and the fat and thin pork, plus the salty egg yolk of the oily oil. The flavor is rich and the taste is excellent.

Sanya brown sugar rice cake

The brown sugar rice cake is called sweet glutinous rice in Hainan. Because it is steamed with a basket, it is also called the 粑 basket. It is a traditional Han Chinese snack in Hainan. In Hainan, from the New Year's Day to the 15th of the first month, relatives and friends who have visited the New Year will send a sweet brown sugar rice cake as a New Year's greeting.

Wanning Houan  rice noodles

Houan powder is one of Hainan's famous snacks. The main raw materials are pork bone, powder sausage, large intestine and pig internal organs. After the name of the powder, it is produced in the post-Wan of Wanning, named after the place name of Hou'an Town. Hou'an Town is a small town with few people, but the whole town is almost full of Hou'an powder shop, and the fragrance of this post-Ami powder is everywhere.

WenChang rice cake

薏粿, also known as Yan 粿, a traditional Han Chinese snack popular in the Wenchang area, usually coconut stuffing, also known as coconut glutinous rice. When Liu Shaoqi and Zhou En came to Wenchang for an examination, they had tasted Wenchang, and both of them were full of praise. The practice of triangulation is similar to that of cockroaches, and the taste is similar, but the shape becomes a triangle.薏粿 According to different production materials, it can be divided into ordinary glutinous rice bran, pumpkin glutinous rice, sweet potato glutinous rice, sorghum, chicken vine vine, motherwort vinegar and so on.

Qionghai Pingan Zongzi (Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Bamboo Leaves)

He is a kind of food for the relatives and friends of Wenchang folk, which represents good luck. You may have heard of Taiwanese rice balls, Japanese rice balls, and you are the Hainan rice ball. Use the washed coconut leaves or cilantro leaves to weave the clam shell, then fill the clam shell with the sautéed coconut, shrimp, turmeric, garlic, oil and spices, then put the clams in the pot with water. Cooked, rectangular shaped like a small pillow.

Hot spring goose

Fairness is a way of eating by Qionghai people, and it is also a unique and beautiful human landscape in Qionghai's eating culture. The Qionghai Hot Spring Goose Food Method is mainly white cut, and also has roast goose. It is rich in nutrients, fat but not greasy, light and original, mellow and delicious. The hot spring goose in Qionghai is very fine. There is no rough feeling of goose. There is no “wooden” feeling of the entrance of the goose and duck that is eaten in the city. The meat is very fragrant and fresh, with the secret seasoning.

Hainan fresh coconut silk motherwort rice cake

Coconut silk motherwort, motherwort and glutinous rice mixed with pulp, pressed into a bag, dried into a round billet, steamed on the basket, wrapped in sugar shredded coconut, soft-smelling, sweet and soft coconut, soft glutinous rice and very The coconut shreds of the chews are almost perfect.

Hainan Chinese fevervine rice cake soup

Chicken vine is actually a kind of vine. Because the leaves are smashed by hand and smelled like chicken, it has such an indecent name, but in fact, there will be a scent of fragrance. . “Chicken vines and vines” is a good tonic. The freshly picked chicken vine leaves and the soaked rice are placed in a stone mortar or rice mill and ground (milled) into powder, and then mixed with water and simmered into a small worm-like pupa. After the water in the pot is boiled, the clams, ginger, and shredded coconuts are added, and the amount of brown sugar is added. The delicious "chicken vines and vines" are ready.

Qionghai Mango Intestine Powder

Qionghai's mango sausage powder is the new favorite of Hainanese. Mango is the protagonist of summer, natural and delicious, coupled with rich vitamins and various nutrients, is the heart of the majority of diners.

Qionghai coconut milk Ching bo leung

Qingbuliang is a super classic snack in Hainan, and Hainanese people are all from snacks to big ones. Qingbuliang has syrup and refreshing, coconut milk and cold and fried ice and cold, coconut milk fried ice and cool is especially popular, Hainanese favorite is on a hot summer day, by the lake, coconut trees Next, the evening breeze, while eating a sweet and icy refreshing cold side chat, the days are very comfortable. Traditional Qingbu Liangli not only has red beans, mung beans, glutinous rice, peanuts, hollow powder, but also must have coconut, watermelon, pineapple, quail eggs, jelly, melon and other ingredients, then add coconut milk ice cream The ball is cool and clear.

Haikou Jiazi rice noodles

Jiazi Powder is a unique snack in Jiazi Town, Qiongshan District, Haikou. After years of development, it has become a unique powder snack in Haikou. Jiazi powder has a history of more than 200 years. Haikou people like to have a bowl of powder soup for breakfast, a bowl of powder soup at night, and two bowls of powder soup a day, which is the most common habit of Haikou people. Pure hand-made nail powder is very time-consuming and laborious. Even the soup with powder is delicious. The taste is smooth, the taste is refreshing and sweet, and the fresh ingredients and special seasonings make the people who eat the mouth scented and have a good aftertaste.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

The main ingredients of Hainanese Chicken Rice are chicken and rice. The main cooking process is hot cooking. It is mainly made up of local white-cut chicken from Wenchang, Hainan. It is also served with chicken oil and rice cooked with chicken water. It is named Hainan Chicken Rice.

Lingshui acid rice noodles

Lingshui acid powder is a kind of hot mix powder. It is boiled with local homemade slender fans (Hainan powder), and special marinade and vinegar juice are added, together with sandworm, beef jerky, fish cake, squid, peanut, It is prepared by mixing herbs such as leeks and parsley. When you eat, you can join the unique yellow lantern pepper in Hainan, which tastes sour and sweet.

Qionghai Chinese fevervine rice cake

Chicken vine vine is a popular snack in Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan and other places. It is a good tonic, with the functions of heat, detoxification, dehumidification and blood. . In Qionghai, the chicken vine is the protagonist of the nightingale. In the summer, a bowl of iced coconut milk chicken 屎 粑 粑 seeds, ice is pleasant and sweet and soft; in winter, a bowl of hot chicken 屎 耙 ,, accompanied by the scent of brown sugar ginger, can dispel the tiredness of the day.

Danzhou rice noodles

Rice rotten is the name of the rice noodle in the Yinzhou area of ​​Hainan Province. It is actually a rice cable. The rice rotten is misunderstood and miswritten. Rice Rotten is a traditional Han Chinese snack in Ganzhou, Hainan. The method is to first immerse the rice and then grind it into rice syrup, and use a funnel to leak into the boiling boiling water. When it is simmered, it becomes a soft, white silk, then it is taken up in cold water, then fished up, layer by layer. It is placed in bamboo blue, and it is served with beef silk, dried shrimp, pork, fried peanuts, fried garlic oil and so on. It tastes especially delicious.

Wenchang Bao Luo rice noodles

Baoluo powder was named after Baoluo Town in Wenchang City. According to legend, since the Ming Dynasty, Luo Luo powder has become the famous cuisine of Baolu Town. Since Hainan Island is located at the southernmost tip of China and the grain is mainly rice, so rice noodles are more common in Hainan, and Baoluo is one of them. Bao Luo powder is a soup powder, which is expensive in soup, soup is quiet, delicious, sweet and spicy. The soup with Luo powder is sweeter, but it is a unique sweet, sweet but not greasy, and the sweetness is sour, the acid is spicy, and its taste is wonderful. The true color of the Luo Luo powder is translucent, soft and tough, with an entrance, but a chewy feeling. Unlike the coarse powder, the coarse powder is more brittle and not as soft as the Luo powder.

Wenchang Jinshan Beef Jerky

Jinshan beef jerky is a famous snack inside and outside the island. It is reddish in color, black in flesh, firm in taste and sweet and palatable. It is loved by consumers. Kamsan beef jerky is said to have been in existence for hundreds of years. Because there are many overseas Chinese in the Jinshan area, it used to go far away, and the characteristics of beef jerky are light and durable, making it the first choice for overseas Chinese travel. Jinshan beef jerky was originally created to meet this need.