hainan specialty

Ding'an Rice

The southern part of Ding'an is an ideal place for selenium-enriched rice. Because the local rice is planted in selenium-enriched soil, extracting the essence of the earth, selenium is involved in the whole process of rice starch and protein synthesis and operation. Compared with the selenium content of the external selenium fertilizer, the Dingan rice has natural selenium. The traits are much more efficient and safe to be absorbed by the body. Long-term use of selenium-enriched rice can resist oxidation, anti-aging, protect and repair nutrient cells, improve oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, protect cell membrane integrity, detoxification, detoxification, anti-pollution, prevent cancer, and improve human immune function.

Danzhou Zongzi

Quzhou Zizi is a traditional name of the Han nationality in Hainan, with a long history and unique flavor. There are many kinds of scorpions in Zhangzhou, and they are very large in shape. From leaves to stuffing, they are very famous. Especially Fubo shrimp red fish, fragrant meat, squid, scallops and so on are most famous. Quzhou scorpion has a full range of flavors and fragrances, and all ingredients are absolutely guaranteed by the original ecology. Without any artificial addition, it has become one of the best-selling local specialties in Hainan.

Baisha green tea

Baisha Green Tea is a special green tea produced on the crater of Baisha County, Hainan Island, which is about 700,000 years old. The tea that grows on the magical crater has a unique quality and is a gift of nature. The shape of white sand green tea is tight, uniform, green and lustrous, and the aroma is high and long-lasting. The color of the soup is bright yellow and green, and the taste is rich and sweet. After drinking, it is returned to Ganliufang. When it is brewed continuously, it has a "open taste and a second spread." , three open four open taste strong, five open six open taste gradually reduced" resistance to brewing.

Fushan Coffee

Fushan coffee is produced in Fushan, Hainan. Fushan is a small town in the western part of Hainan. It is also one of the first places in Hainan to grow coffee and drink coffee. Fushan Coffee has a long history and is a famous specialty in Hainan Province. With its excellent quality and unique flavor, it has a good reputation in Hainan and is well-known at home and abroad. It is known as “Tianya Treasure” and “Qiongzhou”, and has a long-standing reputation in Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia. , enjoy a good reputation, but due to the lack of understanding in the past and the low level of consumer acceptance, etc., Fushan coffee has become a household name in a limited area and population for nearly a hundred years, but in general it is still "not known in the deep."

Tunchang black pig

Suichang Black Pig is produced in Suichang County, Hainan Province. The female parent of Suichang Black Pig is the Suichang pig which is listed as the three major pig breeds in Hainan with Linao suckling pig and Wenchang pig. Suichang black pig has the advantages of strong fertility, strong adaptability, strong disease resistance, early maturity, rough feeding resistance and good meat quality. It has a high recognition in Hainan market and is sold well in Haikou, Sanya and Qionghai. Qiongzhong, Baisha and other cities and counties.

Lingshui Holy Fruit

Lingshui Shengguo fruit contains special substances such as glutathione and lycopene. It can promote the growth and development of the human body, especially to promote the growth and development of children, increase the body's resistance, and delay the aging of people. In addition, lycopene protects the body from carcinogenic toxins in cigarettes and car exhaust, and enhances the body's sun protection. For anti-cancer, anti-cancer, especially prostate cancer, can be effective treatment and prevention. The content of vitamin PP in cherry tomatoes is the first in fruits and vegetables. It protects the skin, maintains the normal secretion of gastric juice, promotes the production of red blood cells, and also has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on liver diseases. It can also be used for beauty and sun protection.

Hele crab

Wanning City is located in the southeast of Hainan Island, with blue sky and blue sky and white sand beach. It is the first choice for tourism and holiday, and it is a seafood gourmet paradise. The most famous one is the music crab. Its shell is hard, the meat is full of fat, and its grease is golden and bright, and its fragrance is tangy. Those who have tasted the crabs are hard to forget the happiness and happiness brought by the impeccable freshness.

Xinglong coffee

Xinglong coffee is roasting coffee. The reason why it is famous in China and foreign countries is that it is because the roasting technology of Xinglong coffee is based on the traditional roasting process in Southeast Asia. After two generations of coffee people have been tempered for decades. Improvement has formed a set of roasting techniques that are both original and full of mystery, which makes Xinglong Coffee's beverages have a unique style in color, aroma and taste. The same roasting process technology, leaving the Xinglong medium-sized coffee beans, the roasted coffee powder tastes very different.

Chengmai Kudingcha

Chengmai Kudingcha is produced in Chengmai County, Hainan Province. Kudingcha is a valuable health care product used in ancient Chinese medicine and drinking. It has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, reducing inflammation, reducing weight and fighting cancer, clearing liver and clearing effect, and has obvious curative effect on diseases such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and pharyngitis. Chengmai Kudingcha is produced in Chengmai County, Hainan Province. Chengmai Kudingcha has a large tree shape with a maximum breast diameter of 2.5 meters, up to 50 to 60 meters, and the age of the tree can reach 1,000 years. Its branches are leafy, the canopy is covered, and the leaf wax tastes bitter and back to sweet. A variety of Kuding tea with a very high value of medicine.