Top restaurant in hebei

Baoding Center

Baoding Center was founded in October 15, 1987, in the development of 31 years, the Baoding Center has been committed to building a culture of dining. Today has developed 14 high-end outlets throughout the provincial capital Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Dingzhou, Beijing and Toronto, Canada. Mitutoyo shop is Baoding Center started the store, Baoding old child knows that in order to eat the most authentic, most old life taste of the dish • Baoding Zhili official food, it is non-Baoding Center Mitutoyo shop must go. More than twenty years during Baoding Center Mitutoyo shop can be described as timeless, in terms of taste or quality of the dishes produced are highly distinctive-old. Baoding Center a few old dish - chicken in the spring, pot package of pork, fried balls south, there are still many gourmet diners named Baoding Mitutoyo go to the store to taste, in their words: eat to eat, old Baoding dish the taste is still the root of Baoding Center Mitutoyo shop. In addition, after more than two decades has been handed Baoding Center since the sets of soup has long brewed here, and thus spread to the store today Baoding Hall, 2009, Baoding Center formally established logistics and distribution center, set soup boil system was moved to the center of the kitchen.

Apricot Church

Apricot hall, full of Shanxi style of apricot as the name, Shanxi Heng Fa Chuen Tang Restaurant Management Co., a subsidiary of Shanxi food brands. Shanxi remembered as a hometown flavor, as many memory table from Shanxi, Shanxi Heng Fa Chuen Tang restaurant to taste authentic Shanxi, Shanxi dishes will be extended to the country, has set a successful brand classic dishes Shanxi, received wide acclaim consumers .

Heijia jiaozi Restaurant

In 2001, heijia jiaozi restaurant was rated as a famous Chinese restaurant by China Cuisine Association. In 2014, heijia jiaozi restaurant was rated as China"s top 10 halal cuisine by China Hotel Association. Once upon a time, Xingtai people entertained guests and friends from other places for dinner, and heijia dumplings were almost everyone"s first choice. Foreign guests and friends also said that dumplings are almost all over the country, but Xingtai heijia dumplings are different.

Far Pitt River fish vegetarian feast

"Far Bi Chai" water fish feast situated Li Zhuang Street 3 is the "champion Hotels" sister store, is pleased all the Group Chairman, Mr. Aijun, head of the championship hotel cordial to another new masterpiece, because of its unique geographical environment created by this unique courtyard temperament, a model of quiet, quite small in the wild feeling faint, faint large in the city. Are old friends gathering, meeting place of choice for friends and fans of the elegant people.

Restaurant is too

Is too restaurant fully tap the Shijiazhuang food culture, where not only brings together the traditional snacks Republic of China, is assembled won the "Hebei Province intangible cultural heritage" and "off the West Hele", "Chinese snack" and "Red Star buns "founded in the early Republic of China national gold medal dishes" golden lion fish "," Ku tofu "," Cao paste cakes "and other famous restaurant of traditional cuisine for centuries by CCTV and the Hebei TV station reported many times propaganda gourmet section. Here not only the scenery perfect presentation of the Republic of China, it is the local cuisine Shijiazhuang careful excavation and heritage, dainty bloom here!

Laoshengxiang steamed bun shop

Tianjin laoshengxiang steamed bun shop --- started in 1928, mainly engaged in Tianjin traditional old flavor water stuffing meat bun raw materials, using selected pig forearm special pure sesame small grinding sesame oil, taste juicy and delicious, making health and safety environment classical and elegant, loved by the majority of customers It"s delicious to cover up the long history of the earth. You can make friends everywhere. You"ll never forget your memories. "

Shimen blindly Restaurant

Shimen blindly restaurant, opened in November 2012, with operating characteristics of local specialties and bacon based, elegantly decorated and stylish combination of traditional folk, is the first choice for wedding receptions. The hotel main signature dishes with a unique historical heritage Lee bacon series. Meat open to Austrian bacon as raw material, more than thirty species of rare spices, refined trimmed, pickled, Li soup, cooked, smoked and the like eighteen step, without adding any colors, preservatives and fragrances, only to retain the traditional process and product quality, but also gives new meaning to the product, its taste, quality, nutrition, health, social reputation, an exercise in hotels, restaurants, banquet and gifts of choice for relatives and friends.

Hong feast restaurant

Hong feast restaurant is Tangshan prestigious one restaurant, founded in 1937, in 2006 was identified Ministry of Commerce of People's Republic of China as "old", is the only "old" food service enterprises in Hebei Province, in Hebei Province Industry and Commerce Bureau as "Hebei Province."

Zhili cover settle down cake

Zhili settle cover cake has been awarded the "Chinese snack," "Top Ten Chinese halal food flavor," "Chinese Muslim restaurant features shop" "Hebei tourism snack brand," and so on more than ten provincial and national awards. In addition dish is and how to get, "Hebei tourism dishes", much like the majority of diners favorite.

Chaoyanglou Restaurant

Chaoyanglou Restaurant in Xuanhua, Hebei Province was founded in the transition period of Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is a Muslim restaurant with a time-honored brand. According to the records, Dowager Empress Cixi stopped in Xuanhua prefecture on her way for escape to the west. At that time, Chaoyanglou Restaurant exclusively provided her with the imperial meals. Afterwards, the delicious food earned Cixi’s great praise that later became a well-known story on everyone’s lips.

And Xuan restaurant has 80 years of history. In 9 years (1920), full brothers from Baoding to Shijiazhuang, the Shun Lane (now China Alley) and built in Xuan restaurant. In 25 years (1936) is an early heyday, November 12, 1947 1 went to the other central leaders and dining Xuan, moved downtown in the mountain area before the 1965 National Day, September 28, 1996 and the Japan-China Xuan Xinhua Road restaurant moved to the east end. Now, the museum moved to nearby Zhongshan Road Province. Operation and Xuan steamed in a long history in Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan reputation.

Full feast donkey Caohe hotel

"Heavenly dragon meat, ground donkey" is the highest praise for the people of the donkey. Baoding in Hebei Province, there is a snack made with a donkey, described as famous, a household name, it is Donkey fire. In Baoding donkey fire, there Minyan said:. "Baoding Xu water from donkey, donkey Xu root in water Caohe, adhere to talk about Baoding donkey, donkey talk adhere Caohe" first "Xu water Caohe donkey-wide feast county hotel "is located in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao high-speed Xu water outlet, dining sets donkey and donkey cultural appreciation in one, it is a donkey Heritage Museum hotel.

White House cover cake

Baoding White House cover cake Food Co., Ltd."s "White House cover cake" store is located in the old commercial district of Baoding Nanhe slope. White House cover cake Baoding Cuisines, to the well-known formula, material stress, liquor color red, fat but not greasy, ages and other unique flavor and prestigious. There are many celebrities from all walks of life in the United States, Britain, South Korea and other countries, foreign friends and entertainment, sports, etc. come here, are full of praise after tasting.

Chengde Hall

Hebei Chengde Hall is a dish "royal cuisine beyond the Great Wall" features restaurants, belonging to Hebei Hung Kee Restaurant Management Co., organize a large number of historical documents, integrating a variety of cooking techniques, mining heritage delicious three hundred years of the Qing court and Chengde folk specialties, the perfect combination of modern food culture; the choice of materials stocked with wild animals and plants in Chengde original ecology of the main dam, innovation developed are hundreds of green natural, healthy nutrition, unique cuisine, mouth-watering. Enjoy palace feast, healthy food products and enjoy the scenery beyond the Great Wall, Palace Museum called food culture!

Bai Yun Zhang buns

Bai Yun Zhang Bao Zipu a reputation far and near the old Chinese, Bai Yun Zhang is a master in its own name opened a Baozi Pu. In 1958, in the cities of assessment of the quality buns, buns and Tianjin Zhang Bai Yun "dog and ignored" buns both won the first prize; in 1980 was named the flavor of food quality brand-name products in Hebei Province. Bai Yun Zhang buns material stress, beef and mutton must be fresh, a rarity back too fat, affordable flowers lamb meat. Seasoning with sesame oil fixed purchase old Baoding, taste more mellow than ordinary sesame oil; soy sauce with selected Huai Mao is old; the addition of a special pepper aniseed water when red meat as filling, fishy mention fresh. Legend has it that in the past to check the quality of the meat, after others go shop empty, white Yunzhang always check whether there is left on the table could not eat the meat residue.

Spring and autumn Donkey Meat fire head office

Li Chunqiu Donkey Meat fire is an ancestral hundred year old donkey meat shop. Hejian donkey meat has a long history. The earliest legend is that Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty, came to Hejian before he ascended the throne. A scholar "killed the donkey and cooked Shu" to treat Li Shimin. After eating, he even said: delicious. In ancient times, Hejian Prefecture was a place with abundant water and grass, and the donkey meat produced was particularly delicious. With the cooking skills of the shop owner"s ancestors, the donkey meat cooked was ruddy, tender and delicious.

Zhaojiaguan, Changli County

Zhaojiaguan jiaozi was founded in 1921, originated from Changli County, Qinhuangdao city. After nearly a hundred years of inheritance, it has formed four series of seafood, vegetable stuffing, meat stuffing and assorted dishes. Its selection of materials is exquisite, the skin is thin and the stuffing is loose. It tastes delicious, fragrant but not greasy. It has a long standing reputation as a provincial intangible cultural heritage of Hebei Province.

Champion Hotel

Champion hotel is the only one with sports culture characteristics in Baoding. Adhering to the concept of "health makes champion, eating well makes health", and strives to build Baoding sports culture spirit. Champion hotel will send you first-class food quality, first-class Baiyangdian fish flavor, first-class intimate service.

Zaoqiang Zhaojia Bacon

Since the Republic of China, Zhao"s bacon has been sold in the old cross street in Zaoqiang, which is recognized and loved by the people. Since the 1970s, Zhao Zengfu (nicknamed Zhao ershe), the second generation descendant of Zhaoji bacon, cooperated with Jiang cunbo (nicknamed sishezi), a descendant of Zhaoji bacon, who set up a stall in the cross street of Zaoqiang"s Old City District, and sold out every day. Zhao Mingdao, who has been handed down to the third generation, is still operating in laoshizi street.

Four buns

Four Baozi Pu 1958 opening of the old company, after restructuring to become four buns Catering Services Limited. Located in the street because of the ancient city of Shanhaiguan called "four" in the name. Because of its delicious, attracted a lot of customers, reputation is also growing. He has access to "Qinhuangdao famous restaurant" "Shanhaiguan local tourism Famous Restaurant" "well-known trademarks enterprises in Hebei Province," "cooking contest in Hebei Province", "Hebei Cuisines Gold Medal", "Hebei Province, Hebei dishes show Competition Gold Award", "Cuisines of Hebei Golden Tripod "Qinhuangdao first" Top ten cuisines ", Qinhuangdao first" tourism Cuisines "honor. Fame is not blowing, but do it. Ordinary flour, common fillings, both through a deft hand processed into a four buns unique style. Beautiful shape, unique taste, without alcohol Pa, fat and not greasy.

Jinyuan Mansion


Alcadia International Hotel

It is a five-star water hotel with unique characteristics in Bohai rim area.

Red Star buns dishes Museum

Red Star bun is definitely old Shijiazhuang buns, since 1969, has 40 years of history. 1969, formerly known as big Chun-fang, after 1969 called Red Star Restaurant, called Red Star hotel after 1980. September 2000 was awarded the "Chinese snack" by China Cuisine Association. One night in 2015 among the economic "Ten cuisines." Red Star home cooking, affordable capacity, especially that the smell of the mouth buns, still arouses appetizing. Like this one, the next pass might come to satisfy their craving.

Jinan Hotel

The bean foam in Southern Hebei is named for its production in Jinnan Hotel, and has been selected into the first "top ten special delicacies to be tasted" and "top ten famous snacks in China" in Hebei Province for the first time. Jinan hotel as a decades old shop, but also includes the local Handan flavor. At present, there are many cooking masters, service masters and senior nutritionists in Jinan Hotel, which integrates catering, accommodation and conference. There are a group of chefs born in the 50s and 60s who still stick to the front line. Among them, there are 3 "Ji brand craftsmen" and 3 "Ji brand famous craftsmen".

Impression of Jifa Restaurant

Jifa impression restaurant was built as Jifa green restaurant in May 2000. After transformation and upgrading, on May 1, 2018, Jifa impression restaurant officially welcomed guests with a brand-new look, and renamed Jifa impression restaurant. The restaurant is located in Beidaihe, the summer capital of China, next to the national 4A scenic spot Jifa Sightseeing Park.

Tangyin Hot Spring Holiday Hotel

Tangyin hot spring holiday hotel is a senior business conference resort hotel built by Hebei Fulong group. The hotel is located in Chongli, a tourist resort in the northwest of China's capital! The hotel is surrounded by green plants of mountains and mountains. The forest coverage rate is as high as 39.1%, and the content of negative oxygen ions is more than 10000 per cubic centimeter. It is 246km away from Beijing, which is more than two hours' drive by high speed.

Old married Donkey fire

Old married from 1999 to the present, more than two decades of sustained and stable operation, become, won several provinces and countries at all levels of recognition, by the government, the people recognized restaurant features shops, old married a unique way old married total manager good product off, personally farming, personally processing, credit management, and always adhere to the conscience to do catering, stick with the authentic taste good, do it for the people of the ancient city of Baoding assured both safe and delicious donkey fire.

Yuhua VIP Hotel

Yuhua VIP Building was founded in 2010. It is a national five Diamond Restaurant. It has four floors and can accommodate more than 1000 people! On the first floor of the hotel, the hotel adopts two forms of video recording and open kitchen to show the main links of video processing to consumers! Yuhua VIP Building won the only "famous kitchen" demonstration unit in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province!

Youngest mutton soup

Chengde youngest mutton soup opened in August 1997, he has been steadfast heritage of several generations of this mutton soup flavor, continuing downright hometown flavor. Operating varieties with Haggis soup, Yang Xiezai, supplemented by simple and convenient side dishes all the sheep sheep eye socket, Shredded belly, goat, sheep mouth bar, Shredded belly, sheep"s head meat for diners to choose from. The youngest mutton soup with its light, refreshing, delicious, nutritious, well-known for a drink, have a sense of soul-stirring; drink a bowl, make a sudden spirit of the times; drink two bowls, yin yang , Buqi blood, longevity. Every morning, both to a quick, cheap, and yet nutritious mutton soup as soon as is already the People in Chengde choice.

Phoenix Garden Food City roast duck restaurant

There are many "fungi" in Tangshan. Lentinus edodes have the best nutrition, tight organization, rich flavor, and smooth and tender taste. They are made into meat and mushroom pie by pastry maker. Fenghuang garden cake into a round drum shape, delicious, the skin crisp inside the fragrance, very popular with diners.

Congtai Hotel

Congtai hotel is located in Handan hub area, located at the intersection of Renmin Road and Zhonghua street, 300m Road South (Congtai building). The hotel covers an area of more than 17000 square meters. It is a theme cultural hotel integrating catering, accommodation, business, conference, recreation and leisure.