hebei snacks

Zhangjiakou juice sauce oat noodles

Zhangjiakou juice noodles are made into noodles by local noodles, and then cooked with local sesame oil, accompanied by cucumber and parsley. The taste is smooth, hot and sour, and has strong local characteristics.

Shimen Yiwei Cylinder Burning Cake

Shimen Yiwei Crock-burning Biscuits is one of the most characteristic folk snacks in Shijiazhuang. Cylinder-burning cakes, as the name implies, are made of cylinders and baked on the cylinder wall. It utilizes the smoothness, fire resistance and thickness of the cylinder. The baked biscuits are not pasted, surfaced, and fragrant, crisp and crisp. The cylinder baking cake is placed in a cylinder, the inner wall is covered with cake, and the outer temperature is baked inside, which is a unique production method. Shimen Yiwei's biscuits are rounded after being baked, the surface is browned, the taste is delicious, the taste is salty and delicious, and there is no flavor.

Tangshan Phoenix Garden Shortbread

Tangshan is more "bacteria". The mushroom has the best nutrition, and the tissue is tight, the flavor is rich, the taste is smooth and tender, and it is carefully prepared by the teacher to make the mushroom pie. The Phoenix Garden shortbread is round and delicious, and the outer skin is crispy and fragrant. It is very popular among diners.

Changli Zhaojiaguan Dumplings

The long-renowned Zhaojiaguan dumplings are the traditional old-fashioned foods in Changli County. It is characterized by exquisite materials, thin stuffing, delicious taste, fragrant but not greasy, and watery and delicious. It is the best in dumplings.

Chess Burning Cake

Chess Pie is a special product of the Tangshan area. It is named after a small drum and a chess piece. Use large oil and sesame oil to mix crispy, meat, sugar, assorted, sausage, ham and other fillings. The color is golden, the inside is roasted and crispy, the meat is delicious, the crispy taste is not greasy, and it is easy to preserve.

Hongyan Restaurant Chess Pie

The chess piece is named after a small drum and a chess piece. Use large oil and sesame oil to mix crispy, meat, sugar, assorted, sausage, ham and other fillings. The color is golden, the inside is roasted and crispy, the meat is delicious, the crispy taste is not greasy, and it is easy to preserve.

Li Chunqiu’s Baked Wheat Cake

The simmering meat is a very popular Han snack in North China. The finely processed meat is freshly baked, crispy and soft, and served with the pickles and millet porridge of the ancient city Baoding, and it tastes endless. The cold meat sandwich cake is mixed with pepper as the auxiliary material, and then the scorpion is simmered, and the crispy fire is burned into the mouth, and the delicious scent of the meat is exuded. The tenderness of the meat, the crispness of the fire, and the deliciousness of the human world.

Shijiazhuang Red Star Buns

The red star buns are the old name of Shijiazhuang. They are famous for their small size, white color, thin skin filling, soft and mouthful, and no fragrance. Old Shijiazhuang people often say: "There is always not enough after a meal, just want a red star bag." In September 2000, the Red Star Buns were awarded the title of “Chinese Famous Snacks” by the China Cuisine Association.


Sticky bean bag alias bean paste bean bag, etc., is a kind of winter food that is popular among the masses in the northeastern region of North China and North China. It uses local high quality rhubarb rice and corn bran, which is completely in accordance with the ancient method and has more than ten processes. Made by hand. The bean paste is made from pure red beans and granulated sugar. The gluten-filled leather and the mellow filling are perfectly combined. The making process of the sticky bean bag is complicated. The proportion of the bean paste should be mastered. The proportion of the dough is fermented. In a fixed temperature, the rigorous ratio is strictly Quality makes control.

Fern Leaf cake

桲椤【pó luó】Fly cake is a kind of green food with the most characteristics of Qinhuangdao. "桲叶饼饼" is also called "Great Wall Pineapple Leaf Cake". The cooked glutinous cakes are exquisitely fragrant and delicious. They are delicious and delicious. They are a special food that Chinese and foreign tourists are eager to taste.

Sugar cake

Sugar cakes are mainly made from flour, brown sugar and flax oil. Flax oil is a specialty of Zhangjiakou and is a must for every household. Its taste is fragrant, nutritious, and it is very good for the body to eat.

One litter biscuit

Also known as gold cake, coiled cake, twisted silk cake, is one of the "Wai'an three treasures", originated from Makoukou Village, Dukoubao Township. The “One Wool” pancakes are made with fine workmanship and exquisite workmanship. They are very particular in terms of material selection, water temperature, dough, cut noodles, ramen noodles and time. The freshly baked pancake oil crystal, yellow orange and orange, the color, the fragrance and the taste are good. It tastes delicious and delicious. It is the best food for the family and the unit to welcome guests.

Sole biscuit

The soles of the cake are the traditional noodle snacks of Zaoqiang County in Hengshui City. The facilities for making the soles are not very complicated, but they have a unique set of recipes and techniques, and they are only baked by hand. The main raw materials it needs are fine powder, sesame sauce, sesame oil, cumin and boiled broth.

Handan Bean paste

Bean foam is known as the "living stone in snacks", bean foam is actually made with millet noodles, and Wu'an magnetic mountain is the birthplace of magnetic mountain culture, Xiaomi originated from that period. The bean foam originated from the magnetic county of Linyi and Linyi. It has a history of more than 3,000 years. From this point of view, the name "living fossil" can be described as a veritable name.

Smoked chicken

The material used for smoked chicken is whole chicken. The unique smoking method not only ensures that the original ecological smell of chicken is not exposed, but also preserves a complete chicken, which is very artistic. Chengde's old-fashioned Chenjia smoked chicken is well-known throughout the country for its fragrant, delicious and tender meat, and is even exported overseas.

Hebei Baozi

"The stuffy stuff of the hoe is the buns of the northerners." The buns are an ancient traditional pasta, but the people of Hebei have made it special. Qinhuangdao Shanhaiguan Shibaobao is famous for its popularity and is very popular among Chinese and foreign tourists. Baoding Baiyunzhang Baozi was once in the quality evaluation of the buns in large and medium-sized cities across the country, and won the title with Tianjin “Dog Bu Li” buns.

Donkey burger

The meat is burnt and the cooked meat is caught in the fire. The taste is crispy, the meat is fat and not greasy, and the aftertaste is mellow. The choice of clam meat used in clam meat is extremely strict. Among them, the meat on the face is the most delicate and delicate. The fire is best when it comes out. The outside is yellow and crisp, and the inside is soft.

Sheep soup

Chengde Pingquan Yangtang is a famous food in Hebei. It has long been famous for its fresh soup, delicious taste and sophisticated materials. Its cooking has been more than 200 years old. In 2017, Pingquan Yangtang was also selected as a provincial intangible cultural heritage list. The raw materials for the production of sheep soup mainly include mutton, chili oil, pepper noodles, salt, etc. The soup is white, and the glands are qi and warm, and the kidney is warmed.

Chengde Laosan Lamb Soup

Chengde's mutton soup is famous for its fresh soup, delicious taste and sophisticated materials. Its production process has a history of more than 200 years. The material used in the mutton soup is mainly lamb, rich in nutrients, easy to digest and absorb, and the taste is mellow and fragrant, and the aftertaste is endless. The sesame cake is large, the sesame is much, and the crispy crispy. According to legend, Emperor Kangxi hunted in the Weichanggou, and even tasted the miscellaneous soup, he made a poem: "Xifengkou is far away, the ancient road of Saibei is long. The wild deer enters Liulin, and the eight ditch and mutton soup." Since then, the reputation of the eight fur sheep soup Great vibration. The old Sanyang soup originates from this and has been used in ancient recipes.

Shijiazhuang Cylinder Burning Cake

Cylinder-burning cake, one of the special snacks in Shijiazhuang area, and the surface, the fire, the crafts are everywhere. Making food with a cylinder is a very unique method. It utilizes the smoothness, fire resistance and thickness of the "cylinder". The baked biscuits are not pasted, surfaced, and tasted crispy, crispy and crispy.

Shijiazhuang bacon

The most famous of Shijiazhuang bacon is Shimen. According to research, during the Kangxi years, the protagonist Li Shankui was named as a royal chef for making bacon. In the early years of the Republic of China, the descendants of Li Shankui went back to the folks to open a bacon workshop, and Li’s bacon was passed down to this day. Shimen Yiwei's bacon is made with more than 30 kinds of precious spices, which are refined through 18 steps of dressing, pickling, soup, cooking and smoked roasting. The traditional craftsmanship and quality are completely preserved.

Beef patties

The beef patties began in the Qing Dynasty. It is said that the Jiaqing Emperor’s southern patrol passed through Baoding. He smelled the fragrant and sighed. He asked: “What is this scent?” A: “Beef cover cake.” The prefect is about to offer beef patties, Jiaqing Very happy, praised after eating: "color, fragrance, taste" three must. The traditional beef patties are not ordered according to the order, but are ordered by separately weighing the weight of the beef and the cake. For example: 1 2 2 2, is a point of 1 two beef, 2 two cakes.

White beef patties

Baijia hood cake is made from Inner Mongolian beef. The rib is selected as the main ingredient. It is processed with centuries-old soup. The color of the dish is ruddy, the meat is tender and tender, the aroma is fragrant, and the more chewy, the more delicious. Many people from other places come here, and they are full of praise after eating.