Top restaurant in heilongjiang


"Da Dong", with Beijing and Shanghai and Little Big Dong, Dong duck big brand stores in 13 Chinese well-known food brands. Main dish large Dong Zhongguo mood of foreign five-star five-diamond restaurant, known as the capital will go to a spot in the foreign guests in Beijing, it has become a national embassy reception to Huagui Bin designated restaurant. During the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee designated as "Olympic Games special reception restaurant", by the praise of the International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge, Samaranch as well as heads of state; during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC summit in 2014, Dong Zhongguo force affected the mood in the international dishes to attract, visit the Da Dong restaurant to taste each dish has a great mood Dong Zhongguo "New Chinese food" concept in China during the world leaders.

Lao Ren Yi

The 100 years of vicissitudes have witnessed the long-standing of "old benevolence and righteousness". Benevolence and righteousness is the foundation, casting the brilliant of Beef Dumpling. In the past 100 years, "old Ren Yi" has changed the story of old and new leaders. What does not change is the time and space of a hundred year old brand, which has a long history of aging.

Old chef's house

In 1907, Zheng Xingwen, the founder of the "old Chef", went to Harbin from Beijing to become the chief chef of the Yamen of Binjiang pass. He created the unique style of "blending north and south, combining Chinese and Western" in Harbin, known as "Binjiang cuisine ancestor". So far, it has been handed down to the fourth generation, and the "old kitchen" has also won the titles of Longjiang time-honored brand, Heilongjiang cuisine family, provincial intangible cultural heritage and Harbin Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative inheritor.

The youngest pig food

"The youngest pig food" Harbin full name, has its traceability and history, reached the rock head Wang Shi coincided with six generations, and Wang Shi Yan in their brothers and sisters out of ten ranked number six, "six generations" and ranked number six, is coincident with the Chinese tradition of "66" Dashun, youngest pig food is therefore came into being.

Three restaurants

In Harbin filed Yuansheng East, but when it comes to three restaurants that reputation, you have to if you want to set Eats six months in advance, as the former Harbin Space District (now road outside the area) the largest state-run hotel, three restaurants several occasions as excellent demonstration units describe their experiences in the city to promote the service system. Zhang's father, Zhang Yuan Mr. Poe here for many years as manager and featuring chef, has launched a number of dishes painstaking research and development, for the three restaurants growing reputation stand off contribution, especially in the three years of natural disasters, due to the R & D launched the "Vegetarian feast "and hit the provinces and catering industry.

Ma Diego Corbin Hall

Ma Diego Corbin Hall was created in 1906 by the Joseph opened a Russian Jew Split, was the largest and most luxurious hotel in the Far East, known as the East's "Versailles", named Ma Verdier (Modern), meaning " modern, modern. " Split open once said with emotion: "Ma Diel would Merry a hundred years!", The French Renaissance architecture. Located on the bustling Central Avenue, north of the Songhua River, east of Zhaolin Park. Ma Diego Corbin Hall to witness the change of the times, Soong Ching Ling, Mao Dun and Ding Ling, Tian Han, Xu, Guo, Li Chi-shen, Shen Jun Ru, Mei Lanfang, and many celebrities have stayed here.

Hongda old restaurant

Hongda old restaurant is a chain restaurant of famous brand in Harbin, which can undertake all kinds of banquets. There are four branches in Harbin, which are exquisite and elegant Chinese restaurant. At first, when you hear the word "old restaurant", many people will think it is a small restaurant with old tables and chairs. But when you enter the old restaurant, you will find what is elegant in the old restaurant. "Enjoy the most classic old dishes in a home like elegant place", which is the food concept advocated by Luan Ruibin, a Chinese culinary master and founder of Hongda old restaurant. He will be with the old restaurant, like a friend waiting, all love food people.

Harbin eighty-one hotel

Harbin is located in Nangang District eighty-one Temple Street, near Harbin Engineering University, and Heilongjiang National Museum across the road, with easy access to Harbin Amusement Park, good location and convenient travel guests. Harbin Military eighty-one hotel is part of Heilongjiang Province, it has five consecutive years by the provincial government meetings and business trips designated units. Hotel overall atmosphere is elegantly decorated with bright spacious lobby; the hotel restaurant attached to different styles of more than 20 colors, the main Longjiang collection of the local specialties, guests can taste delicacies of game feast Hinggan Mountains, Longjiang farm flavor feast, fish Sanjiang name feast, enjoy the delicious food of music;

Laoshuanglong Seafood Restaurant

If you don"t go to the seaside, eat all kinds of seafood. Old Shuanglong seafood will bring you seafood drunk in "show"! Fierce seafood, irresistible temptation! Dalian seafood direct to Mushi! Danjiang high quality, the people are trustworthy brand!

Amun dumpling nature theme restaurant

Great khinganling Amen Food Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. Relying on the unique natural environment and abundant wild vegetable resources, it mainly deals in nature themed restaurants, wild vegetables quick-frozen dumplings, wild vegetables steamed bun franchise chain, wild vegetable products, etc. The delicacy of the company is to build the strategic framework of "company cooperative farmer", aiming at creating an industrial chain with planting, processing and selling of wild herbs.