Top restaurant in henan


Hall is a two-in Qing Dynasty, senior-level Chinese master chef Li Zhishun ancestors opened in Changyuan old restaurant. 2013, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, three-way literature hospital, surrounded by trees as cover among Mr. Li Zhishun again establish a two-in-shop signs, "Jie Lu in the human environment, traveling without noise." Main "classic Yucai" and "state banquet dishes," Inheritance grate grilled onion pepper soy, pan up, bad leavened, burn care and other traditional techniques Yucai, uphold the "kitchen industry as the cause, take food when ordered to do." the idea, against all chemical synthesis of raw materials and spices. Particularly in the Diaoyutai head soup "hot and sour mullet soup" and "state banquet pretenders" and famous.

Home solutions Henan dish

Home solutions Henan dish, established in 1996, more than 20 years, home solutions based in Zhengzhou, the "ingredients Henan, Henan food" for the development, 20 years insist on doing "good benefits" Henan food for the people. In order to make the most authentic dishes Henan, the solution often deep in the countryside between the home team around the Henan, looking for good food, explore the most authentic practice. "Pearl of the south of Henan" South Bay Lake, Nanyang, Xinyang, Luoyang and other places, have left home to understand "looking for good food, ruminate Henan food" footprint.

Xinxiang No. 5 canteen hotels

Xinxiang City, the fifth canteen, situated on Hongqi District Makino Road, Westlands Road intersection 50 meters south of Electronic Technology Park hospital. Xinxiang Yucai carry handle, first-class dining environment, good service, serving very fast, downstairs there is a large parking lot, nothing to worry about no place to park. 5, canteen belonging to Xinxiang Chaoge Court Hotel, Chaoge Court was founded in 1999, after years of market test, won the high visibility and reputation, has won the "Henan flavor brand", "Chinese restaurant brand," and so on honorary title, Xinxiang City, "vice president of the Food industry Association," and "Provincial Food industry Association executive director of the" units.

Kaifeng first floor

If you do not eat went to Beijing Quanjude roast duck, not been to Beijing; if not eaten to Tianjin ignore the dog buns, not been to Tianjin; go to Kaifeng not eaten steamed buns Kaifeng Guantang first floor, is not equal opened Kaifeng. Why Kaifeng steamed dumplings so attractive? Only you to Kaifeng try and taste, will know the taste of it. The first floor buns Hall "brought a ray of line, put down a futon, like a skin core chrysanthemum, rose petal-like filling." This is the people praise on the first floor of Kaifeng steamed dumplings, Chinese and foreign guests are often the first to be able to enjoy House of steamed dumplings for the pleasure.

Old Luo Yang

Henan old Luo Yang Food Services Limited is operating local traditional cuisines is renowned far and near the old enterprise, founded in October 1991, is now Henan Province, the first batch of "flavor Yucai brand shop", "Chinese restaurant brand." Currently has old Luo Yang Food Museum, the old Luo Yang happy group meals Branch, Luo Yang old central kitchen, old Luo Yang restaurants, old Luo Yang halal restaurants, old Luo Yang water I compound, old Luo Yang noodle and other high school low 48 stores, more than 2,000 employees, its size throughout the urban area of ​​Luoyang (county) and Zhengzhou, Sanmenxia, ​​Pingdingshan, Nanyang, Xuchang, Jiaozuo, Jiyuan and other places.

Luban Chang

Henan Lu Ban Chang Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, now has Luban Luban Guo Yan fishing shops, food stores still Yucai Luban, Luban Hai participation in museum affairs Fourth Street shop, Luban Hai participate Museum Qinling Road, Luban Hotel Qin waterways shop, Luban reference fishing green screen street shops, hotels, seven joy Luban hotel.

Another new hotel

Another new hotel is located in the downtown area Kaifeng Gulou Street, built in Guangxu 30 years (1908), dating back nearly a hundred years of history, it is a large hotel in the Song Dynasty culture. Another new restaurant has inherited the traditional style of the Song Dynasty royal cuisine to master hand and cultural, culinary skills, Yaozhuan unique flavor and other characteristics known as "authentic Yucai first." The past century, well known at home and another new, many celebrities who has visited, and the former Ministry of Internal Trade, Province Cuisine Association, the provincial Yucai Culture Research Association and other departments identified as "Chinese restaurant name", "Henan brand", "Yucai base."

Changyuan West Hotel

Changyuan kitchen since ancient times, yet the wind. "Changyuan chefs all over the world, famous Rideau knife spoon sound color, flavor and shape are into technology, won the praise of Chinese and foreign ancient and modern.", Is - a true portrayal of "hometown of Chinese chefs Changyuan," the. In 1990, Zhao created a safe stay Changyuan West hotel, he made blend of tradition and innovation fried eight, Shuangda bun, chocolate, taro cake, salad and squid pieces, not only in the local popularity, some have also been named as China dishes, selected Chinese name recipes.

North dance crossing the flash head office Hu soup home

North dance crossing Hu soup has been 200 years of history, because the entrance delicious, mellow aftertaste famous, and bone broth do at the end is different from other parts of the North ferry dance Hu soup fundamental difference, unlike other places Hu soup, crossing the North dance to Hu Hu soup does not taste spicy-based, which contains chunks of diced meat, meaty bite overflowing, full of meat. Flash is authentic dance crossing the North Hu soup flash home seventh generation of successors, Hu soup is also the ancestral art Luohe City Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Lao Dong home Huaiqing

Jiaozuo Huai - Lao Dong Bang town home is pregnant with the most food culture represented a specialty type. Hope Huaiqing broad area, the Lao Dong family heritage three hundred donkey practice. Dishes combined with modern cooking techniques, and has created the donkey dishes based four drugs, supplemented by local restaurants, original cuisine] [pregnant state. The first has opened its first hotel (Jiaozuo Huai - Lao Dong home) in Jiaozuo region. Hundreds of channels now available [home] Lao Dong with the flavor of dishes pregnant state. In particular, [such as] Lao Dong house ingot soup is a traditional remedy Dong stew made, Dong described as a must. It has been received high praise from many gourmets and state ministries and commissions, international friends, celebrities and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots in all walks of life. In recent years, causing a number of media attention, and has among the best in local flavor Cuisines competitions, highly praised by the majority of diners.

Really different

Really different hotel, founded in 1895, So far, 120 years of history, With operating mainly authentic Luoyang water seats, After continuous mining recovery, and gradually form a unique Style, praised the majority of consumers as "not into really different, Luoyang city not yet reached ", and the Longmen Grottoes, Luoyang Peony known as the "Luoyang Ruin."

There crossing Zhang chicken

In 1987, Zhang there to inherit ancestral behest of management "Zhang Yixing Crossing old chicken shop." After years of hard development, registered as "Huaxian Country Crossing chicken Zhang Yixing Limited." In 1999 the Ministry of Domestic Trade certified as "old."

Ma Yu Xing poultry shop

Ma Yu Xing poultry shop in the ancient city of Kaifeng is famous Muslim food store, founded in Tongzhi two years (1864), dating back over a hundred years of history, its traditional staple bucket of chicken, as early as the Qing Dynasty It has crown Plains.

Xiao Kee

From the streets of folk snacks, to humble the Central Plains cuisine, Xiao remember the seemingly ordinary bowl of noodle was injected into a more high-end fashion elements. From all over the lamb and braised to Shaw's first remember Sam Sun Noodle, - the content of the noodle bowl so that more people accepted it implies the transformation of attitude in the mind of Shaw. Improving practices, improve quality, are commonplace in the eyes of the crowd ignored the bland, Xiao Kee noodle bowl can also be a vast expansion of Gastronomy.

Yu Feng Bianjing duck

"Yu Feng" brand was established in 2007, founded by Chinese master chef Gordon jade loose. Yu Feng flagship of the "Bianjing Duck" product in 2010 was identified as "Chinese dishes" China Cuisine Association. He has received "China's top 500 food and beverage outlets," "Chinese restaurant brand", "China Hotel Golden Horse", "Henan Yucai gold enterprises," and many other honors.


Happy Town, Hu soup Yang Feng flower head office

Speaking of Hu soup, to the number of Happy Town Xihua best known. Happy Hu soup is "Chinese snack", "Cuisines of Henan Top Ten" provincial "intangible cultural heritage", the first national ecological origin protection products. Speaking of Hu soup do, we will think of a person - Yang Feng flowers, and followed her father from the age of 15 do Hu soup, it has been 46 years. She was provincial "intangible cultural heritage" Happy Town, Hu soup art heritage, old Yang Food Co., Ltd., famous in the industry, contributed to the promotion of Happy Hu soup brand, expand cultural industries Hu soup .

Ma uncle beef noodles

As early as 200 years ago, Ma sixty-seven have learned from Thanh Hoa town Huaiqing House Chen Wei Jing Su Zhaicun at a beef noodle soup, but he never expected that this bowl will take root in Lanzhou, Gansu, and eventually became first Chinese face. Which led to his did not expect that, as Ma founded by Lanzhou beef noodles Ma uncle of the cattle brand today, 200 years later, would so many years after the disappearance of Lanzhou beef noodles thousands of miles away in the birthplace of Jiaozuo Reappear.

Duck head office in Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou roast duck restaurant in the "GTA" shine, for the revitalization of Yucai career has made unremitting efforts to develop a "not a shop, tasted Henan" business strategy. It has introduced Hop Kee noodle, Sam Sun Iraqi government side, Tsai Kee steamed, braised Court in mind other famous snack cake. Roast Duck Restaurant also focus efforts on innovation, innovation has a daisy Benn, pine nuts burst lobster, Fengweizhu Sheng, flowers are blooming and other vegetables, in the previous national cooking contest in both Phi gold hanging silver, reputation and go slow, and become a pizza shop on behalf of dishes.

Xuan restaurant Zealand

"Where fresh lamb, Zhengzhou Zealand Xuan." Broccoli Inn Hotel at the end of 1947 was founded by Mr. Xu Liande near Zhengzhou, Changchun Bridge (now 27 Plaza West), and the old folks around the hotel and adjacent springs pool. At that time, capital of Henan province in Kaifeng, Zhengzhou and Kaifeng in the west of halal food business, it is called Xuan Zealand.

Yu Fengyuan nourishing noodle

Yufeng Yuan mainly engaged in Henan noodle nourishing characteristics, the characteristic flavor cold dishes and classic Yucai. Huimian in Zhengzhou, the streets dotted with shops next to the shop door, operated noodle varieties are stereotyped traditional lamb noodle. Yu Fengyuan persist in reform and innovation, go its own way, through market research, combined with diet change people"s ideas, research "Compendium of Materia Medica", the thirty kinds of fitness nutrition medicine combine spices, accompanied by plain fresh goat bone six months, after chef brewed, Tangnong delicious, high nutritional value, and finally create their own style and characteristics in the field of noodle and apply for registration with the SAIC in 1999, won the exclusive trademark Yufeng Yuan right.

Long Shong hotel

Zhengzhou is located in Zhengzhou City, Long Shong waterway in the middle, in the heart of the capital Administrative Region, adjacent to the periphery of provincial authorities, ministries, mass organizations and trade bodies entertainment center. Shong Hotel is a traditional culture and traditional cuisine featuring business hotel, adhere to the traditional Yucai, mining historical allusions dishes is their cultural heritage. Long Shong hotel has won the Department of Commerce and the Provincial Food Industry Association awarded the "Yucai brand Model Shop", a major hit Henan Yucai Hotel, the hotel has won the Provincial Tourism Bureau awarded the "Excellent Tourism star hotel" the title.

Duck into a master Bianjing

Bianjing duck to master the world"s original five kinds of potatoes: "The first blast furnace using the ancient tradition of pasta and crispy fried small clip duck onion Guatiao sweet sauce, crisp outside and tender; the second volume using duck onion pizza Guatiao sweet bean paste, waxy in crisp outside; third, duck skin dipped xylitol, entrance; fourth clip fresh vegetables Nepeta Henan unique, Nepeta warm, cold duck sex, nutrition, complementary; the first five kinds of duck frame with cumin, taste richer. "

Meixi Hotel

Nanyang Meixi Hotel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Meixi Hotel) is located at No. 109, Zhongzhou Middle Road, Nanyang city. It was founded in 1958. In 2006, it was transformed into Nanyang Meixi Hotel Co., Ltd. It is one of the designated reception units of Nanyang Municipal People"s government. In December 2016, it was awarded as the national four-star hotel. The hotel has been rated as the "top ten hotels in Henan Province" by the Provincial Consumer Association for many years. In 2000, it was awarded the title of "famous restaurant in Henan" and "famous restaurant in China";

Kaifeng Huang old

Huang old Henan Province business clyster steamed dumplings of old restaurant, the unique flavor Yu man the country, well-known overseas, its long history. Historical records: the Northern Song Dynasty have shared name "Kaifeng first Yuk cave plum buns" shape flavor, known as the "Lang tie Taeshina" too deep people addicted to love. Thousand years, this traditional art, fortunately won preserved.

A five Yellow River carp

A five Yellow River carp in 2004, founded by Mr. Fansheng Wu Chinese master chef in Zhengzhou. Enterprise has always been adhering to the "integrity and pragmatic, the pursuit of perfection, innovation, achievements of others' values, Henan Yellow River carp become committed to making a business card, so that more people eat Yellow River carp, Braised Yellow River carp has become the Henan people more likely to eat vegetables first card. Brand has won the "Chinese catering industry's top ten brands", "Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Gourmet (Paris) International Tournament Special Award" and many other honors, for many years selected public comment "will eat list" in 2017 on behalf of Henan into the United Nations.