henan snacks

Huangjia Guan Soup Baozi

Kaifeng Xiaocang soup soup buns, beautiful appearance, thin skin stuffing, fresh and not greasy, delicious and delicious, famous for the ancient city of Shenzhou, well-known overseas, its history has a long history. Historical records: During the Northern Song Dynasty, there was a famous plum blossom buns in the Yulou Mountain Cave, which was the first of its kind. It was known as the “tasteful product” and was deeply loved by people. The vicissitudes of the millennium, this traditional skill, was fortunately preserved. Huangjia Xiaolong Baozi, has won the honorary title of the Ministry of Commerce's quality products [Golden Ding Award], the first Chinese famous snacks and [Chinese name]. The party and state leaders Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, and Jia Qinglin all tasted Xiaolong buns and gave high marks.

Sheep double intestine

Yangshenchang is a traditional snack of Kaifeng, which began in the middle and late Qing Dynasty. "Sheep double intestine soup" is also called "sheep double intestine", which is made from the large intestine and small intestine of sheep. According to "Old Kaifeng", most of the sheep that sold in the past have no fixed stalls, but they are carrying The children hawked along the street, and there was a small stove burning with chopping wood in front of the burden. The small deep-shoulder pot with soup was placed on the top of the stove. The old soup, intestines and tableware were placed in the back of the load.

Cai Ji steamed dumplings

Cai Ji steamed dumplings is a traditional specialty snack in Henan Province and belongs to Henan cuisine. The founder of Cai Ji steamed dumplings is Mr. Cai Shijun from Changchun County, Henan Province. Mr. Cai Lao helped the kitchen in the Beijing Imperial Palace in his early years. After the Revolution of 1911, Cai Shijun took his family to Zhengzhou. The steamed dumplings are also very elaborate. Each finished steamed dumpling is full of transparency and bright color, which makes the product beautiful and delicious.

Red-Cooked Chicken, Daokou Style

Daokou Roast Chicken is one of the famous traditional dishes. It is a special product of China. It was founded in the Shunzhi Year of the "Yixing Zhang" roast chicken family. It has a history of more than 300 years and has a reputation as a chicken in the world. Daokou Roast Chicken is the same as Fuji Jiji Chicken, Beijing Roast Duck and Jinhua Ham. With a variety of expensive Chinese medicine, supplemented by old-age soup, the finished chicken is bright in color, shaped like ingot, and the mouth is Ruiqi. Very therapeutic and health care features.

Henan Kaifeng Bucket Chicken

Kaifeng Ma Yuxing barrel chicken was founded in Qing Xianfeng three years (AD 1853). Because of its special processing technology, it has its own unique characteristics, and it is unique in its kind. When the Ma Yuxing barrel chicken is marinated, it is fragrant and irritating. After the pot is baked, the color is apricot yellow, the shape is round and beautiful, and the hollow is like a barrel. It is fat and not greasy, and the more chewy, the more fragrant, the color, the fragrance and the taste are good. It is memorable.

Small cage Soup dumplings

The first floor of the small cage soup dumplings originated from the northern Song Dynasty capital city of Tokyo (now Kaifeng). According to "Tokyo Dreams Record", the buns were the famous products of one of the 72 main stores at that time [Wang Lou], and the time was called [Shandong Plum Blossom Buns], which is known as [the first in Beijing]. In the 1930s, the first floor chef changed the steamed steamed dumpling into a small steamed basket, and it was basketed on the table. It was called [small cage soup dumplings].

Xiao Ji San Xian Noodle

“Xiaoji Sanxian Noodle” is mainly based on three soups (chicken soup, bone soup, mutton soup). It has three characteristics (nourishing but nourishing, delicious but not too greasy).

Physalis noodles

As a local famous snack, Luoyang noodles originated from the Eastern Han Dynasty. At that time, Liu An made tofu water was acidified and fermented into pulp water. There are quite a lot of sayings. The syrup noodles are fragrant, sour and soft, and the aftertaste is endless. Every Luoyang person can't avoid the pulp noodles. It is difficult to give up. Its characteristics are soup color milky yellow, oily and sour; soft noodles, crisp and fragrant; leftovers are hot, more sour.

Zhengzhou Stewed Noodles

Zhengzhou noodles is one of the representative works of Henan noodles. It usually adds lamb and parsley, and it tastes strong. Henan noodles have a long history, and noodles are one of the representatives. In the Han and Wei Dynasties, it was also called soup cake. After the Tang Dynasty, the name changed gradually. In the Song Dynasty, the Jingjing restaurant had a supply of “meat noodles and big noodles”. Later, it was called mutton noodles, and its gluten was soft and smooth. . It is a special dish of Henan cuisine. It is a kind of traditional snacks with glutinous rice, vegetarian food, soup, vegetables and rice. The soup is gluten, high in nutrition, delicious in taste and economical. It is well-known in the Central Plains and spreads all over the country. It is famous for its noodles in Beijing, the noodles in Shanxi, the hot noodles in Hubei, and the Dandan noodles in Sichuan.

Hu maeuntang

Hu spicy soup, also known as paste spicy soup, well-known snacks in the Central Plains, originated in Henan Province, especially in Huxiao Town, Xiaoyao Town, Xihua County, Zhoukou City. It is a traditional soup famous in the northern China breakfast. The main ingredients of Hu spicy soup are non-bream soup, pepper, pepper, cooked lamb, sheep bone soup, gluten, flour, vermicelli and so on. The soup prepared by a variety of natural Chinese herbal medicines is made from pepper and pepper and bone soup is used as the base material. It is characterized by rich soup, bright soup, thick soup, spicy and delicious. It is very suitable for matching. Other meals early. At present, it has developed into one of the favorite and known snacks in the surrounding provinces of Henan and Henan.

Old Luoyang noodles

When it comes to Luoyang folks' most representative traditional cuisine, pulp noodles must be among them. The most famous in the local area is the noodle noodles of Laoyangyang noodle restaurant. It is made by fermenting green soy milk, which is made by special techniques. Loved by the people.

Bei Wu Du ShanJias spicy soup

The northern dance of the Shijiao stewed meat paste spicy soup meat rotten soup fresh, spicy mouth, endless aftertaste, is more than 30 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine plus stew, pepper, pepper, pepper, star anise and so on. From the soup color, the northern dance of the Hu spicy soup is dignified, in terms of taste, due to the use of more pepper, spicy. Another spicy name is Bazhen Tang, which is called Bazhen Natural Exaggeration, but it also shows that there is a lot of “content” in the spicy soup.

Dong Jia’s Donkey meat in soup

It’s not a big deal to go to Henan Jiaozuo to eat meat, and the Huaiqing House has become a must-have item in people’s Jiaozuo play. In the meat of the meat, the soup is a must-try. The so-called noisy soup, you must use the glutinous soup made of big bones to add prion protein, salt and pepper, spices and a little starch, and then continue to stir in one direction, and finally make a white and fragrant soup. When eating, take the blocky and marinated meat and simmer it with the soup. The meat is delicious and the juice is rich, giving you a wonderful taste and enjoyment.

Xiaoyao Yangfenghua Hu spicy soup

Speaking of Hu spicy soup, you have to mention Xiaoyao Town, Xihua County, because the Hu spicy soup is the most authentic. Talking about the most authentic Xiaoyao Town Hu spicy soup, Yang Fenghua is a key figure. In the 1980s, there were five or six Huaxi soups sold in Xihua County, the most famous of which was Yang. At that time, Yang Fenghua was only 15 years old. She went to work while helping her father sell Hu spicy soup. Yang Fenghua said that the authenticity of Hu spicy soup is not authentic. The key is at the bottom of the soup. From her note, the mutton soup is cooked every day at home. On the good Yudong goat, soak it in the water for one night, first boil it on the fire in the early morning, remove the floating foam, and then cook it for 4 hours with a small fire to cook a pot of soup.

Xiangyang Zhuang cake

Xiangyang Zhuangqi is a famous Han nationality noodle snack in Fuyang, Henan. The finished product is strong and strong, the color is golden, the outer focus is tender, the food is fresh and not fragrant, and the fragrance is not greasy. The best thing to eat in Shuyang County is the mutton scallions, which are hot and not too big, but because they are dead noodles, they eat more. Folk song: "The round cake has a long diameter, and the roots are yellow and crispy. The outer soft cake is rolled up and sent to the anti-gold hero."

Egg filling cake

Egg filling cake is a snack made from eggs and flour. It is a traditional name from Henan Xinyang and is very popular among local residents. The egg liquid is poured into the semi-ripe cake, and then fried and baked, and the cake skin is crispy and delicious. Egg filling cake can also be regarded as a kind of breakfast. There are eggs and noodles. The vegetables are nutritious and convenient. They are popular among you. They are one of the flavor foods in Henan, Hebei, Shandong and Shanxi.

Mutton decoration burger

The mutton dress is the largest in Henan stuffing. The traditional decoration of Xiangyang is five kilograms each, two kilograms of skin, two pounds and a half stuffing, and a diameter of more than one foot. Don't say today, there are few in the past who can eat the next one. Therefore, most of the decoration is sold. The stuffing of the mutton is mostly mixed with minced meat, powdered skin and onion, and the noodles are served with a three-point hot noodles. After being wrapped, it is fried in a pan. The finished product is tender and tender, and it is delicious and delicious.

Gaolu burning cake

The blast furnace biscuit is also a kind of walnut cake. The so-called blast furnace is originally a hanging furnace, and there is also a chicken nest furnace. This cake is mostly made of fermented noodles, the enamel core is wrapped, the flowers are rounded, and then the sesame paste is baked on one side. After maturity, the outside is crisp and tender, the color is brown, and the aroma is overflowing.

Iron noodle

Luoyang Hot Noodle is a local traditional snack in Xin'an County, Luoyang City. The soft skin is tight, the crystal is dripping, and the shape is like a new moon. The color is like Qiongyu. The fragrance is not greasy, and the taste is delicious. When it is famous, it is famous for its three thousand miles in the sea and the first in the river. Select the fresh pork at the buttocks, fat and thin, add the meat to the end, add a variety of seasonings and the raw juice broth to make the stuffing; then use the fresh water to heat the surface, knead the skin, wrapped into a new moon Dumplings, steamed in a cage for 10 minutes.

Xinxiang Biscuits

Xinxiang Biscuits are crispy and fragrant, not greasy, no hard core, and can be stored for more than a month in winter. When making this kind of biscuit, it is different in terms of dough, ingredients, processing, and heat. The key to the operation is to fry the crisps. Use the large scented sesame oil and the flour in half, put them into the wok, heat them on a simmer, stir-fry until the spoon, and when it is a yellowish paste, it will become a crispy noodles. The filling is divided into two types: sweet and salty. Sweet has bean paste, jujube, rose, hawthorn; salty fluffy, ham, spiced.

Fried jelly

Fried jelly is a famous traditional snack in Kaifeng, the capital of the Song Dynasty. The history of Kaifeng eating jelly is very long. Meng Yuan used to write in the "Tokyo Dreams" that in the Northern Song Dynasty, there was already a fine jelly powder. ", the color is white, crystal clear, tender and refreshing. There are poems to praise: "Ice stripe fish wear, crystal clear teeth have a cold. The taste is thick and light with the gentleman, only cool to acid." There are many types of jelly, the common cold powder on the market is sweet potato jelly, mung bean jelly, pea jelly Etc., among them, sweet potato jelly powder and mung bean jelly powder taste strong, Kaifeng is rich in sweet potatoes, so the fried jelly is mostly used sweet potato jelly.