Top restaurant in hubei

Lakeside guest house

Wuhan East Lake has the waterscape and mountain scenery comparable to the West Lake. It is vast and gentle, and has the temperament of "hiding in the city". The lakeside guest house beside the East Lake is a restaurant full of feelings. Looking at the lake and living, East Lake beauty into food, food into the beautiful scenery.

Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant

Meishan, ancient Meizhou, located on the southwest edge of Sichuan Basin, has formed 1400 years of history. Meizhou property abundance, on behalf of the only people. Are classified as "Tang and Song" Su Xun, Su Shi, Su Che and his son three out of everyone Meizhou. Which is also a literary giant gourmet everyone, and because he pioneered the east slope of the food dishes and refined style, a precious legacy of Chinese food culture, as legendary as his literary talent. Meizhou Dongpo restaurant founder Mr. Wang Gang, 16-year-old to Beijing to learn cooking skills, Marshal Ye Jianying was home kitchen, known as the "President Chef" master of Gan Guoqing true mass. After years of painstaking study and hone, he learned excellent cooking skills, have done a lot in terms of finishing succession Dongpo food culture, research and innovation, formed a set Dongpo culture heritage of Meizhou Dongpo Sichuan .

Cui Liu village guest houses

Wuhan East Lake Training Center (Cuiliu village guest house) is located in East Lake national 5A scenic eco-tourism in the core area, west along the lake road, near the lake on three sides, the environment elegant, pleasant scenery, known as Tianranyangba said. Wu, Xu Teli, Juezai Xie, Lin Boqu, Wu Yuzhang, Hua, like Yao Bi Ye Arts and many other celebrities and entertainers have stayed here. "Blue water on three sides around Hong Lim, Cui Liu Kexin quiet village." It's like Yao praise Cuiliu one village in Hubei old folk literature verse.

Cai Linji

Cailinji was founded in 1928. After several generations of cailinji people"s pioneering efforts, cailinji has developed from a single noodle shop to a catering brand enterprise producing diversified characteristic snack products, and has become a well-known hundred year old snack brand in Wuhan and Jingchu. Cai Linji"s hot and dry noodles are smooth and smooth. They are oily in color, fragrant and delicious. They are full of nostalgia when they are not eaten. When they are eaten, they are fragrant and have endless aftertaste. Therefore, Cai Linji hot and dry noodles have been praised by the general public, enjoying the reputation of "Chinese famous snacks" and being rated as "China"s top ten noodles". In 2011, cailinji hot and dry noodles production technology was included in the "Hubei Province intangible cultural heritage list".

Qian Tangyuan

Qiantangyuan has a history of 100 years. It originated in Lichuan City, Hubei Province in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. It is one of the few selenium rich snacks in Southwest China. It can be divided into sweet and salty flavors. The filling of sweet Tangyuan is made by special walnut, peanut kernel and white granulated sugar. It is sweet and moist, soft and smooth. The filling of salty Tangyuan is made of white poplar dried bean curd and characteristic Tujia bacon cooked by ancient methods It is fragrant and has a long aftertaste. When eating Tangyuan, local residents have the habit of wrapping copper coins or coins into the dumplings as auspicious stuffing (meaning "gold and jade are full of wealth"), and the operator"s surname is Qian, which is affectionately called "Qian Tangyuan". Therefore, the brand name is given and widely spread.

Xiaolan Jing Hotel

Xiaolan is 1,500 yuan from seven and a half sets of workshop-type small restaurants started, after 24 years of trials and develop into a healthy Chinese restaurant featuring national restaurant chain, the company adhering to the "honesty, law-abiding" business philosophy, the country has developed 20 chain stores, chain stores all over Hubei Province and Henan, inner Mongolia, Hainan, more than 4,500 employees. Since 2008 the annual turnover of over 300 million yuan, and increased year by year trend, catering sales for six consecutive years reelected Hubei, accumulated tax of more than billion, is catering enterprises in Hubei Province A-level corporate tax. Has been awarded "China Top 100 Catering Enterprises", "National Youth Civilization", "National Top Ten Restaurant", "Chinese restaurant brand", "China Business Credit Enterprise", "National restaurant nutrition head home," and many other honors.

Qianjiang shrimp Wong
  • China's Time-Honored Brand

Qianjiang shrimp Imperial Industries Limited of brands - Imperial Shrimp located in a "Chinese crayfish" reputation of China Qianjiang, the brand began in 2009, "Qianjiang shrimp imperial Food City", with the unique recipes and cooking and processing technology into "Qianjiang Braised prawns" and famous Chu.

Sijimei Tangbao Restaurant

Sijimei Tangbao restaurant was founded in 1922, and its owner, Tian Yushan, was born in Hanyang. Tian Yushan is an observant businessman. He started his business as a snack. When he opened the door, he saw that there were many gold names and cloth shops in houhualou and Jiaotong road of Hankou, and the operators were mostly from Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Therefore, he opened a Xiajiang flavor snack shop named "sijimei Tangbao restaurant", and invited master Xu Daguan from Nanjing to make Xiaolong soup dumplings.

Huanggang Delphi restaurants

Hubei Huanggang Delphi Trading Company, founded in July 1993, is now developed into accommodation, catering, entertainment, fast food in one large comprehensive enterprise, has 30 multi-course point by the provincial gold medal, which Huangzhou radish simmer, organic male head, Huangzhou Dongpo burning plum, Dongpo pickles (cucumber, radish) were awarded the "Chinese dishes," "famous Chinese" and "Chinese snack" title.

faigo hot pot

faigo hot pot ensures the kitchen team adhere to its product philosophy such as offering only live and fresh seafood available in the market daily. in terms of beef and lamb, only the premium cuts are served and last but not least, ensuring all hot pot soup base are consistently derived according to its standard recipes daily. its menu also offer all it takes to make a sumptuous hot pot dining experience.

No.1 dining room

The restaurant is located in Hankou beach, formerly known as the Russian consulate. It has spacious private rooms. The service is considerate and gives the guests the feeling of home. Adhering to the traditional hand-made technology, the food materials are ecological and organic, and the plate is very ornamental. Simple food is not enough. Out of the restaurant, next to the former site of the U.S. consulate in Hankou, opposite is jiangtan Avenue. "Two rivers, four embankments and eight forest belts, the fire trees and silver flowers do not stay at night", Wuhan river beach has always been a beautiful scenery line. After enjoying the simple food and tea, he watched the river and the sky, listened to the surging water, and felt the changes and circulation of history.

Zuijiangyue Restaurant

At present, zuijianyue has opened two large restaurants with an area of 4000 square meters in Hongshan District of Wuhan City, and has opened Jiangxia zuijiangyue hotel with Jiangnan garden style in Jiangxia District.

Donghu Hotel

Donghu Hotel is located in the East Lake Scenic Area Convention Center (Kikunami No. 2), surrounding a beautiful environment, fresh air; combines modern and traditional cultural orientation relative to integrate cultural essence Chu, fully equipped. The hotel courtyard area of ​​0.83 square kilometers, adjacent to Eastern Hospital and East Lake Park, West Institute and Luojia Hill, Mill Hill across the sea, clouds hospital tall trees, flowers, herons fly Hok, beautiful natural environment, rich political and cultural resources, known as "Hubei State Guesthouse," said.

Shenggong Hotel

Shenggong Hotel, a famous Chinese restaurant, is a state-owned enterprise integrating catering, guest room and other multi-functional services. Its business area is 4600 square meters. The second floor hotel is equipped with high-grade elegant seats to undertake all kinds of banquets and banquets. It can accommodate 500 people at the same time. The first floor has beautiful environment, good quality and low price. It is a collection of local flavor snacks and special stir fry from all over the country.

Zhongxiang Mochou Lake International Hotel

"Mochou Lake International Hotel" is the Hubei Rudder Industrial Group Co., Ltd. invested in the construction of tourist resorts and leisure garden-style hotel located longevity Zhongxiang City, Hubei Province, located in the scenic Mo Lake.

Wang Chu hotel kitchen

Chu stoves Kingdom Hotel by the Food Culture Development Co., Ltd. Hubei Thinking of You spend tens of millions to build from the Hongshan District Hung Chu Road No. 183, the hotel was established in 2003 November 18, covers an area of ​​18.8 acres , building area of ​​12,000 square meters. Elegantly decorated, magnificent, first floor atrium paraben put up huge mural "the world main sources of income, human wealth of God" in disguise "Kitchen God", a rich cultural heritage shows that the king of Chu kitchen.

Hotel guest will feast

Wuhan will Bin feast Hotel Management Co., Ltd. advocate "of new technology for life" business philosophy of "Respect love, Dashan House" business philosophy, to a Science and Technology dining-driven, innovation breakthrough in the traditional dining format, build central China's first house Science and Technology 3D scene large hotel banquet theme, classic + classical, higher quality, trend updates and more customization of eco-style banquet one-stop service, so that will start Bin Mind! Let the Feast moved the world!

Tianyi Hotel

Xiantao Tianyi Hotel is silk Insurance Group has established a comprehensive four-star tourist hotel, located in the "Pearl of Jianghan" - Xiantao City core business circle, dominating 30 acres of land pregnant with beauty, beautiful prosperous Mianyang Avenue Woyu under it, Han-Yi highway overlooking the fundus, Block Yong open and full of dynamic city Square garden. Tianyi Hotel dishes made with local cuisine mainly Cantonese, Sichuan, supplemented by its Representative dishes include: Mianyang three steam, wild rice steamed snapper, red wine, foie gras, white fish secret sour soup, hot pot cultivation dragon and phoenix, Yue-day pot of fresh, glutinous rice Acacia beef, crispy small carp and so on.

Western style restaurant

On April 5, 2017, the "western style soup house" which is comparable to Hong Kong Liyuan restaurant landed in Wuhan Tiandi. The most beautiful old building in Wuhan Tiandi has now become a western style soup restaurant, a Cantonese style soup restaurant. For the people of Jiangcheng, it presents the original flavor of the ancient French style. It is a restaurant specializing in Hong Kong cuisine. Here you can enjoy authentic nourishing soup, Hong Kong style tea and exquisite dishes.

March 5 alcohol Hotel

March 5 alcohol Hubei Hotel Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, is one of the largest modern private dining establishments within Hubei Province and central China, occupies a pivotal position in the local restaurant industry development layout. Won the "China Top 100 Catering Enterprises", "Chinese restaurant brand", "China Hotel Association," "national green food enterprises", "Star Enterprise in Hubei Province", "Hubei new restaurants and famous brand", "Hubei five tax top ten "," Top ten Hubei Ecai Shoppes "," Wuhan City corporate integrity "honorary title.

Liangwu Huamei dumpling shop

A shop called Liangwu Huamei, which specializes in soup dumplings, enjoys a high reputation among Wuhan"s favorite soup dumplings. The reason is that Liangwu Huamei"s Tangbao products accurately grasp the filling flavor type of the soup dumplings loved by the people of Wuhan, that is, slightly salty taste, which reveals the freshness familiar to the people of Wuhan.

Sizzling 021 French Teppanyaki

The French grill 021 is hidden at No. 10-2, No. 83, Jiefang Park Road (beside Qianji, golden Washington). It is not a very eye-catching shop. It has been well-known for eight years since it opened in 2007. This is mainly due to the boss"s harshness in purchasing food materials. Boss Zhu is from Shanghai. Therefore, when naming, he combines the Shanghai area code 021 with the Zizi sound of iron plate cooking, which is the source of the name "Lingling 021"

Idle cloud and wild crane

"This is an exquisite Hubei health preserving restaurant with turtle and snake as its signboard, mainly playing game and organic vegetables. It advocates healthy diet and returns to health food materials. The decoration of the shop has an ancient style and rhyme. The environment and the name of the shop echo each other from afar, giving people the feeling of a paradise. The decoration is a large number of old doors, old wood and old carvings. Each bowl and dish is exquisite and good. Every brick and tile is worth savoring carefully!