hubei specialty

Laifeng paint chopsticks

Laifeng paint chopsticks, the carrier of the Tujia culture. As an important cultural symbol of Chinese food customs, chopsticks are an indispensable means of eating on the table of Chinese people. Due to the unique structure of its composition and use, it is often endowed with a good meaning of pairing, sharing, and quick-growing. As a non-legacy project of Hubei Province, the craftsmanship of Laifeng lacquer chopsticks combines the craftsmanship and practicality of chopsticks with unique craftsmanship.

Hongshan vegetable

Hongshan vegetable, commonly known as red cabbage, also known as "芸菜薹", "紫嵩". The color is purple and the flower is golden. It is a special product in the Hongshan area of ​​Wuchang, Wuhan. The color is purple, crisp and fragrant, rich in nutrients, and often eaten. It is one of the home-cooked dishes of Wuhan people in winter and spring, and is also known as Wuchang fish.

Yangdian Peach

Yangdian Early Peach was listed as one of the four famous peaches in the country in 1992. It is a green and pollution-free health food. It has the advantages of early market, large fruit, juicy juice, thick meat, sweet and delicious, beautiful color, and good storage and transportation. It is well received by the majority of fruit traders and consumers; its products sell well in more than 20 provinces and over forty cities across the country.

Chibi Bamboo Shoots

Chibi bamboo shoots, produced in Xianning, Hubei Province, the hometown of Chinese bamboo, is a pure natural green food with local characteristics. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bamboo shoots have the power of “heating, eliminating phlegm and refreshing the stomach”. The dishes produced are unique in flavor, such as smoked bamboo shoots, smoked bamboo shoots, oiled bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots and hot pot dishes, which are favored and favored by many diners. High in cellulose content, it can reduce the body's absorption of fat in the intestine, increase intestinal peristalsis, promote digestion and absorption, reduce the incidence of diseases associated with hyperlipidemia; and contain a variety of polysaccharide substances that can prevent cancer, is an ideal Health and beauty food.

Dawu Peanut

Dawu Peanut, special product of Dawu County, Hubei Province, China National Geographical Indications. The shape of the peanut pods is normal or axe shape, the shell is thin, the net is clear, the grain is small, the seeds are full; the shape of the seed is oval, the seed coat is pink and uniform in size; the taste is fragrant, crisp, crisp and sweet. . Dawu peanut has a high protein content of 29.87%, which is 1.9%-5.9% higher than other producing areas; moderate fat content is 52.43%; and it is rich in 17 kinds of essential amino acids, total amino acid 27.02%. The fried Dawu Peanut has a special mellow aroma, and the taste has a unique flavor of sweet, oily but not greasy, fine and slag-free, crisp and refreshing.

Xiangyang kohlrabi

Puyang kohlrabi has a history of more than 2,000 years of planting. According to legend, during the Three Kingdoms period, it was discovered by Zhuge Liang and introduced into the army for extensive consumption. It is also known as Kongming cuisine and Zhugecai.

Yunyang black chicken

Fuyang Baiyu Wuji, also known as Xiangyang Wuji, is produced in Jixian County, Hubei Province, and is an excellent local variety in Hubei Province. Fuyang Baiyu black-bone single crown, green ear, white hair, piece feather, light owl, cockroach, four-toe, black skin, black meat, black bone, have strong vitality, lay eggs, eggs, and weak nest. It has many amino acid contents, high medicinal value, rich nutrition and unique flavor.

Longfeng tea

The quality of Zhuxi Longfeng Tea is excellent, the appearance is tight and fine, the color is green and smooth, the whole is broken and even, the aroma is fresh and long-lasting, and the taste is fresh and sweet.

Huoshaoping Cabbage

Huopingping Baocai, specialties of Huohingping Township, Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, Yichang City, Hubei Province. The fire-boiled peas have a flat, firm, slightly sweet taste and a crisp taste.

Bamboo Mountain Turquoise

Turquoise is one of China's "four famous jade". Since the Neolithic Age, there have been many turquoise products in the relics of the past. Among the four famous jade in China, turquoise has the least reserves. In China, only about 3,000 square kilometers in the vicinity of Zhushan County, it is a world famous turquoise producing area. Turquoise City has become a business card for Zhushan's characteristic economy to the world.

Yunmeng Fish Noodles

Yunmeng Fish Noodle, special product of Yunmeng County, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province. Yunmeng fish noodles are made from flour and black carp, carp (or grass carp) and fish. It is rich in nutrients, easy to digest and absorb, and has the effect of warming and replenishing qi. It is known as longevity noodles. "Yunmeng Fish Noodle" has a long history and was born in the Qing Dynasty.

Padang radix angelicae tuhuo

Padang is a local medicinal material with antibacterial, calming, analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects. Patong alone is one of the most rare natural and precious herbs.

Zhuxi Tribute Rice

Legend has it that since the Tang Dynasty, the Gongmi of Zhuxi County in Shiyan City began to pay tribute to the Emperor Zhuxi Zhumao Shuiqing. The soil is fertile and the granary is known because of its unique natural conditions.nIn order to breed the "Gongmi" court of the "Famous Grains"

Huangzhou Radish

Huangzhou radish is a farmer's variety with local characteristics in Huangzhou District, Huanggang City, Hubei Province, China. It grows thick and strong, and looks like winter melon. It is called “winter melon radish” and has a long history of planting. It is one of the “three imperials of Huangzhou”. Sweet and crisp.

Zhushan Yunba Yellow Cattle

Zhushan Luba Yellow Cattle has excellent characteristics such as tall, strong and strong, fast-moving, strong and durable, adaptable, and gentle. In order to protect the excellent gene pool of Zhushan Luba Yellow Cattle, Shiyan builds a standardized farm on the basis of the construction of the demonstration field of the Caoba Yellow Cattle Breeding Farm, and realizes the industry of “Company + Base + Professional Cooperative + Farmers” by vigorously increasing the added value of products. The model urges the yakba cattle industry to go out of Central China and go to the country.

Hanchuan Lotus

Hubei is known as the "Thousand Lakes Province", which is rich in lotus roots, and Hanchuan is the largest county in Liaoning Province. It is naturally known as the Lotus Town.

Zhushan yunyang Big Chicken

Formerly known as Zhushan Big Chicken, Xiangyang Big Chicken is a specialty of Zhushan County, Shiyan City, Hubei Province. It is an excellent variety in the south of the Qinling Mountains in China and in the Bashan area. It is a combination of egg and meat. Fuyang big chicken has a long history of formation, and it is a meat and egg type. The best quality of meat and eggs in Zhushan County and Shennongjia Forest Area is the central production area.

Bamboo mountain belly

Zhushan County is a famous “hometown of Chinese belly”, and the climate is very suitable for the growth of the tree. The belly is a treasure, and the tannic acid, gallic acid and benzoic acid products developed by the belly are widely used in medicine, chemical, electronics, food, printing and dyeing, biology, aerospace and other fields.

Yunxi mutton

Daixi Matou Goat, an excellent local variety in Luxi County, is famous throughout the country for its delicate meat, no astringency, high fertility and adaptability. Characteristics of the ingredients: the horse-headed goats have no horns, the head shape is like a horse, and the temperament is slow, commonly known as "lazy sheep."

Zhuxi Fermented Tofu

Bamboo Bean Curd is very special in color and taste. Smell the smell, look at the temptation, eat a refreshing appetizer. It has the effect of appetizing and appetizing, and it is endless after eating.

Yunxi Mountain Wine

The Xishan Mountain grape has a unique growth environment and a suitable climate. The northwestern part of the Qinling Mountains is bordered by the Qinling Mountains and the Han River in the south. The mild climate of the Yumai Mountain in the southern margin of the Qinba Mountain is endowed with the best growing conditions for the mountain grapes. The lush original ecological forests create the green growth environment of the mountain grapes and the specific climate environment formed by the karst landforms. And the soil conditions are very suitable for the growth of mountain grapes. Based on this innate advantage, coupled with exquisite processing technology, the wines of the West Coast are combined with fruit and wine. At present, the Xixishan wine series products are sold well in Wuhan, Beijing, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities.

Enshi Black Pork

The black pig in western Hubei is the general name of the black pig in the Enshi mountainous area. The main feeding method is grazing and feeding. Generally, the more economical feeding method is pasture feeding, and the locally produced corn, beans, potatoes, and red carp are used as supplement materials. Enshi black pork is bright red, delicate and juicy. It is rich in mineral elements and unsaturated fatty acids required by the human body such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc and selenium. It is a treasure in food.

Enshi Yellow Beef

Enshi Yellow Beef is also called Enshi Yellow Cattle Snowflake Beef. Beef fat is deposited between the muscle fibers to form a distinct red and white, marble-like beef. Enshi Yellow Cattle Snowflake Beef is delicate, tender and delicious.

Xianfeng Atractylodes

Xianfeng Atractylodes is large because of its large tail, and the upper neck is slender, resembling a chicken leg, commonly known as chicken legs. It has the advantages of high content of active ingredients, no pollution of green, good shape of processed pieces, uniform and firm texture, and has become a hot commodity in the market of Chinese herbal medicines. It has maintained a record of “zero inventory” for 17 consecutive years.

Caidian Lotus Root

Caidian has a long history. During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the cultivation of lotus roots was introduced in Caidian, and artificial cultivation began. The fertile soil of the species was complemented. The longer the better, the Song Dynasty began to be famous in Kyoto, the Caidian Lotus Lake Lotus, the Jinjing tribute, the summer and winter seasons, the land and water, and the time to enter Beijing. . The Ming and Qing dynasties have been a large area of ​​vegetable planting.

Yicheng Dried Salted Duck

Fuyang Yicheng plate duck, with its unique breeding method, with excellent fine production process, makes the duck meat full and delicate, the skin is thin and delicious, and the taste is waxy.

Bucheon Camellia Oil

Yangxin County is known as the “Hometown of Chinese Camellia”. Wild oil tea is widely distributed. Wild Camellia fruit has a long production cycle, from flowering to maturity, and it has been exposed to rain, autumn and winter, spring, summer and autumn. Therefore, there is a saying that "the bunny is pregnant" and "the fairy mountain Qiguo". Camellia is a treasured resource. Camellia oil is a pure natural organic product and green food. It has become a treasure in oil and is known as the “oil king”. Therefore, camellia oil has received increasing attention at home and abroad, and the International Grain and Oil Organization has listed camellia oil as a healthy edible oil that is promoted to all parts of the world. Its quality is comparable to the internationally renowned olive oil, so it enjoys the reputation of “Oriental Olive Oil”. Providing sufficient raw materials for Fuchuan Camellia Oil, unique natural conditions and environment, away from the city, no “three wastes” pollution, no chemical fertilizers and pesticide residues.

Wuxue sugar

Wuxue Crisp, formerly known as Guihua Dongtang. Because people do not understand the meaning of the word "Dong sugar", they changed their name to sweet-scented osmanthus sugar. Wuxue Crisp is well-known in China and abroad, and has won the Gold Medal of China International Food Expo for many times in recent years.

Fasi Rice

The French rice has a long history and began before Tang Kaiyuan. According to legend, in the middle of the Tang Dynasty, Guizishan had a crown prince and Jinshui River was a moat. The rice is irrigated with the water of Jinshui River, and the rice produced is sticky, rich and aromatic, delicious and delicious, comfortable and fresh, and the appetite is greatly increased. Long-term consumption can become a "sin", the locals gave it an nickname - "Shui Guixian" is the Crown Prince special. For a long time, the French rice was historically dedicated to the court.

Luotian sweet Persimmon

Luotian sweet persimmon is a natural green fruit of water-soluble dietary fiber. It is also the only natural persimmon variety in the world. After ripening in autumn, it can be eaten directly without processing. The sweet persimmon produced in the village of Sanlitun Town, Luotian County has a large color and a round body. The skin is thin and fleshy, sweet and crisp.

Jingzhou Fish Cake

Jingzhou fish cake is a special product of Jingzhou City, Hubei Province. The cake body is blocky or flaky. The structure is tight, the cut surface has no pores, the texture is fine, and it has certain toughness and elasticity. The fish has a mixture of aroma and delicious taste. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the King of Chuzhuang traveled outside the town of Ji Nan and loved it. He was cited as the first dish of the Chu Palace. Until the end of the Qing Dynasty, the fish cake still appeared in the court banquet. It was reported that when Qianlong passed to Jingzhou, he tasted the fish cake. After blurring, he said: "There is no fish in the fish, but a lily cake."

Xiangyang Eucommia

Eucommia ulmoides is a unique nourishing and precious medicinal material in China. It has the reputation of “Chinese god tree”. It has been planted in Xiangyang for thousands of years, mainly in mountainous areas such as Nanbao Valley. It is all treasures, and leaves, flowers, fruits and skins are all Chinese herbal medicines.

Chibi Kiwi

Chibi kiwifruit, a specialty of Chibi City, Hubei Province. Chibi City has abundant rainfall, abundant sunshine, fertile land, high yield, good quality, brown or dark brown fruit, green and green flesh, moderate sweet and sour, juicy juice and fragrant. It is the city's leading agricultural product.

Yunyang papaya

郧[yún]yang papaya is a kind of local light papaya produced in Yuyang District. It is commonly known as oyster. The fruit is oval, dark yellow and woody. It has a fragrant taste and short stem. The peel is smooth and not shrinking after drying. Therefore, it is also called light papaya. Puyang papaya contains 17 kinds of amino acids and various trace elements, which is higher than papaya produced in other parts of the country. The content of total saponins, oleanolic acid and total flavonoids in P. chinensis was higher than that of wrinkled papaya, and the medicinal value was extremely high.

Guancheng tea Oil

Macheng tea oil is mainly produced in Futianhe Town, Macheng City, in the hinterland of Dabie Mountain. The climate here is pleasant. Camellia oleifera is cultivated throughout the year, and its nutrients come from natural, non-polluting air and fertile soil. It has dual value of food and medicine. Therefore, Macheng also has the reputation of “the hometown of Chinese camellia”.

Qi Chinese mugwort

蕲艾 is a kind of wormwood, named after it was produced in Cangzhou (the old name of Hunchun County), one of the “Wuchun Four Treasures” (蕲竹, 蕲艾, 蕲, 蕲 turtle) in Hunchun County, Hubei Province. It is a well-known specialty Chinese herbal medicine.

Xuan En Ham

Xuanen ham is made with traditional Chinese ham and refined with Tujia Miaozhai salting technology. The materials are exquisite, unique in craftsmanship, high quality and long history. Xuanen ham is shaped like a scorpion or bamboo leaf. The claws are small and thin, the meat is tender and tender, the skin color is yellow, the flesh is red like rose, the fat is white and shiny, the smell is fresh and pleasant, and the taste is rich. It is famous for its unique sensory quality characteristics. The world. In terms of product characteristics, Xuanen ham has the characteristics of fresh, tender and fragrant. It is also known as "China's Four Famous Legs" with Zhejiang Jinhua Ham, Jiangsu Rugao Ham, and Yunnan Xuanwei Ham.

Fangxian Yellow Rice Wine

Fangxian Yellow Wine (Fangling Yellow Wine), special product of Fangxian County, Hubei Province. Fangxian County is located in the northwestern part of Hubei Province. It is called Fangling in the ancient times. It is named after the “longitudinal and long-distance Qianli, the mountain forest, the four forests, its solid Gaoling, and the houses”. It is the famous “hometown of yellow wine” in the country. "Fangling Yellow Wine" has a long history. It was called "Fengjiang Royal Wine" and "Emperor Royal Wine".

Xiulin jade liquid

"Xianlin Yuye" adopts the ancient "steaming secondary clearing" brewing process. Under the local warm and temperate conditions, the brewing microbial population is selected for fermentation, and the unique trace elements in the soil are used to form a unique winemaking condition. The aging, the production of the "Embroidery Linyu" liquor has a long-lasting aroma, sweet and mellow, clean throat, and easy to drink.

Sanhu Yellow Peach

The shape of the three lake yellow peaches is round and round, the flesh is yellow and full and thick, and the soft and medium is hard. Its flesh, suture top, no red at the near nucleus or a very small amount of red. Sanhu Yellow Peach has a fragrant aroma, moderate moisture, moderate hardness, and has five characteristics of "sweet, large, round, yellow, and fragrant". Sanhu Huangtao has less sweet and sour taste and unique taste. The two eclipses reduce lipids and reduce blood sugar, anti-free radicals, remove dark spots, delay aging, improve immunity, and promote appetite. It is called health fruit and health peach.