Top restaurant in jiangsu

Yuet Lau

"Tak Yuet Lau" was founded in Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty, is located in Suzhou Bantang Wild Tiger Fang Hamaguchi, Sheng Ping state prefect of the building, dating back more than 400 years of history. "Tak Yuet Lau" recovery in April 25, 1982, the bustling center of Suzhou Relocation eunuch. On a floor, many famous, strong technical force, to help the Soviet Union heritage dishes, especially good at making handed down from the Ming Dynasty ship food boat point, Wu first feast. "Flavor of the world" in the crab, "China 2-- from heart tongue" in the dessert, "China 3 on the tip of the tongue," "food" in the Soviet Union to help dish first card squirrel mandarin fish are about amazing on floor.

Huaiyang Mansion

If you want to eat authentic Huaiyang food in Beijing, you must be Huaiyang house. Beijing huaiyangfu brand has been well received since it brought Huaiyang cuisine to Beijing in 2011. Many foreign dignitaries like to come to Beijing for dinner. The dishes are authentic in taste. The stewed lion"s head at the state banquet retains the original delicacy of the ingredients, and the crab meat grains are clearly visible. Steamed Taihu white fish in the ancient way is tender and delicious. It melts in the mouth. Even master Dong Keping praises it as another good place for Huaiyang cuisine in Beijing.

Two to the wind

1912 kitchen people in Xuzhou Zhang made eel soup renowned. The 1940s Shandong Liu Lane in the current literature and Huaihai Road Interchange to open a restaurant, the north and the east door. One day, a visitor into the store after tasting eel soup full of praise, inscribed "off from both sides, the wind leap to employers." Wherein the owner takes "two to wind" words to remember the name of this segment story. Xuzhou passionate people will tell you, to Xuzhou, you want to taste the delicious authentic soup, two preferred brand to the wind, it was Xuzhou Jin Yue food service company"s old Chinese enterprises, with 100 years of history.

Fuchun Teahouse

Since ancient times, Yangzhou is the entertainment tycoon gathered in the Holy Land, many children in Huaiyang restaurant, Fuchun Teahouse, can be said to Yangzhou pasta classic, authentic representative of Huaiyang. Fuchun Teahouse is a famous old shop. 1885 began to spend Fuchun Bureau, started the cafe, after a century, the formation of flowers, tea, dots, vegetables, combined, color, smell, taste, shape and taste, leisure, quiet, elegant, appropriate characteristics to win. Ba Jin, qing, Bing Xin, Lin Sanzhi, Wu Zuoren, Mei Lanfang, Zhao Dan and other literary masters and we have left calligraphy and Compliments.

Metallurgical Society spring tea

Metallurgical spring and social position outside the head office in Yangzhou City, North Street fengle under the rule of the spring garden. People have been legend: "Fuchun buns, the rule of Gansi spring, spring dumplings Republican side." In addition to "A Bite of China" appears Gansi great cook, steamed spring and society is the rule of unique skills, bamboo shoots steamed meat is not only bigger in size, and thin skin child, stuffing and more thick soup, eat mouthful are fragrant, In particular craving. Spring Garden was originally the rule of the Qing Dynasty poet Wang Yuyang"s private garden, where gardens and tea houses combined, in this garden, enjoy the scenery, tea, snacks, only a taste of the local folk customs of rural wind, but also enjoy the fun of natural simplicity style .

Austrian stove Museum

Austrian stove Museum is located in the city of Kunshan Mountain (Mountain King) Tinglin (No. Gu Ting Lin) Mid Qiaotu southern gate of the park, Kunshan is the oldest and prestigious traditional noodle shop. It was founded in the Qing Dynasty Xianfeng, along the Shanghai-Nanjing is famous century-old, although historical vicissitudes, frequent ups and downs, but because of the unique cooking techniques, pure and Sauvignon have been customers at his door, famous overseas. Main authentic traditional "red fried fish face", "white soup Luya face" and the Soviet Union to help dish, to attract customers, guests received an average of more than 2,000 people every day, indeed Kunshan eating fine leader.

Han revival

"Han revival" was founded in Tongzhi five years (1866), the late Qing Dynasty when the "tribute duck" reputation, with embroidery, Zhenjiang vinegar and said, "Jiangsu Sambo." In 1910 the Qing government held in our country's modern history's first international property will be tabled in Nanjing Bo - Southern Seas will be halal, "Han renaissance" duck won the first prize and the gold medal.

Sanfong bridge

Three Wuxi Chuang Feng Bridge meat, founded in 1927, expanded in 1989 and 2006 by the Ministry of Commerce awarded the "old Chinese enterprises," the honorary title, is an important part of listed companies Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient Corporation. Sanfong bridge from fresh cooked food, catering, packaging stereotypes composed of three sections. Sanfong Bridge ribs sauce cooking process has been listed as the first batch of intangible cultural heritage catalog Jiangsu Province, has become a gourmet between the representatives of the southern Wu. "A Bite of China" shot three Wuxi production process Feng Bridge ribs sauce in the sixth episode of the second season, to raise awareness of the ribs Wuxi, Wuxi local cuisine.

Taixing Renhe House

Renhe House was built in the late Qing dynasty, 110 years of history, there is a legend on the verge of extinction sesame seed production techniques - large furnace cake making skills. "Garden Fresh single" has long been documented, Taixing Renhe House mentoring phase grant has been spread so far. There crab soup is one of six famous Chinese point, famous at home and abroad.

Qi Fang Court

Qi Fang Court and Willow Cove, Ma Xiangxing, safe parks and said four Muslim Nanjing old, is currently the oldest Confucius Temple area, and is the only Muslim old. Worth it "food goods" to see that "Qinhuai Eight absolutely" among the odd duck aromatic Court virtue and crisp fried assorted vegetable bun, sesame oil and chicken prime Gansi surface water must win two of the seats. Zhang Daqian, Xu Beihong, Yu Yu-jen, Hu and other celebrities have this stone taste tea snacks.

Man House Hotel

Hereinafter House Hotel was built towards the dynasty eight years (1828), located on the east side of the canal town River, Man House soup is Huaiyang point in the boutique, it has been 180 years of history, as early as 1997 it was Chinese cooking Association identified as "Chinese snack", many foreign tourists will come to Huai"an screen name Man House Hotel special taste authentic soup Man House, Yangtze River Delta by experience "years aftertaste" brigade competitions in the selection of demonstration sites, Huai"an Van Lau Hotel as a representative of the "old house specialty restaurant" is successfully selected.

Wang Kee

Commercial Street is located in the mountain city of Wuxi city, Jiangsu Wang remember, is a century-old main Chinese fast food, was founded in 1913. In 2011, Wang was awarded the Ministry of Commerce in mind "old Chinese enterprises." Its main products Wuxi dumplings, wonton series after a hundred years pass, improvement, has formed a color, smell, taste, shape and taste, savory and sweet moderate, delicious and unique taste, has become China were truly a point.

Yangzhou banquet

Yangzhou banquet is a flagship brand of Huaiyang cuisine created by Jiangsu Yangcheng Yiwei Catering Management Co., Ltd. Yangcheng Yiwei combines traditional Huaiyang snacks with Yangzhou local culture, and is determined to build Yangzhou banquet into a local characteristic restaurant that can represent Huaiyang cuisine. Yangzhou culture is always integrated into the ancient Xieyang Road, accompanied by traditional Huaiyang food, supplemented by Guanyuan stage, pingze music, small wine, small dishes, Xiaoqu... In pursuit of the ancient Yangzhou in the book, this place has called Yangzhou banquet. Yangzhou banquet not only has traditional Huaiyang snacks, but also refined Huaiyang cuisine, fresh, neutral, fashionable and healthy

Interesting garden tea house

Interesting garden was originally the residence of salt merchants. When Emperor Qianlong left Yangzhou for six times, he stopped here four times and wrote "interesting garden" in his own handwriting. Only then did he have the allusion of "interesting garden" written by Emperor Qianlong. In the reign of Daoguang, salt law reform led to the failure of many salt merchants, and many gardens were transformed into tea houses. Now, they belong to the thin West Lake Tourism and holiday investment management group More and more people came to eat morning tea.

The hotel will Binlou

Jiangsu Taizhou will Binlou founded in 1999, since its opening, adhere to "be friends in the world" for business purposes, "the will to build Binlou province and the country"s most competitive food and beverage brand" to business goals, show cultural origin "bag of water" in Taizhou, extending across the entire city filled with affection, continuing Watertown "slow life" the ultimate charm. As a representative of Huaiyang, will Binlou in Taizhou component of the human heart is quite heavy, "a tea three side" eat not only the taste, in the long years, this has become the Taizhou understanding of life. Signature dishes include "hot flavors Gansi, soup noodles, shrimp dumplings, pork dumplings vegetables, add crab package."

Wanguochun Chinese Restaurant

The Chinese and western western style food collocation is rewritten by the National Palace Museum, the National Palace Museum, and the Chinese chef, the chef chef, was born in the chef"s family. He has been involved in the national banquet reception of many important national leaders. He has served with the chef of the century restaurant, the Michelin 3-star chef, Mauro. Mr. Colagreco went deep into the exchange of dishes. He took middle school as the body and Western learning as the application. He took the advantages of Chinese Huaiyang cuisine and Western French food to form today"s wanguochun Chinese restaurant.

Spring feast restaurant

Jiangsu Zhenjiang spring feast restaurant is historical and cultural cities - Zhenjiang, a well-known old catering business. It was founded in 1890. Start at the beginning of a selection of Mingru Wuji Heng head embedded with "Feast opened in a feast of a Plum Orchard Wing, Chun Yi River in the Golden Jiaoshan rain should clear" named head of the word "spring feast restaurant." So far, 120 years of history. Zhenjiang spring feast restaurant to supply local specialties, breakfast specialties, local specialty products Zhenjiang crystal hoof meat dish, crab soup and famous. Reputation in the overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots. Spring feast restaurant as well-known old and famous enterprises, are recorded in the Encyclopedia of China.

Xingfu Wang Yue old noodle shop floor

Kofukuji, many people may not be familiar with. Chang Jian Tang Dynasty poet wrote "title after breaking Temple Buddhist Temple" in the "winding Department, Buddhist temple flowers deep" one, is to describe the mood of a Tang, has been passed down ancient and modern, and is today a Tang Fook Hing Temple. It is said that after liberation Soong sisters Kofukuji Picnic play in the mountain side, the bowl mushroom oil won praised Soong sisters.


As another masterpiece of the little kitchen group, Longyin mountain house is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We insist on "not eating from time to time". We eat fresh river food in spring, drunk lobster in summer, flower carving drunk crab in autumn, and "local ginseng" in winter. We cater to the seasons, pay attention to special health preservation, and take Chinese Zen seasonal meals as the main theme to explain the harmonious relationship between human and nature.

TianMu Lake Hotel

Jiangsu Lake Hotel Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic national 5A-class tourist resort - Liyang, Jiangsu within the scenic area, it is a collection of hotel management, food chain, production and marketing of tourism products for the integrated enterprise. The company has Jiangsu Lake Hotel, Lake Hotel Shanghai Jiangnan Hotel, Bibo Park Hotel, Lake head Wang Restaurant Management Co., Lake comprehensive management and development companies and other enterprises across the country and more than a dozen "Lake" brand casserole chain stores.

Kong Qingpu puffer Hall

Kong Qingpu puffer Hall (Magnolia Hotel), located in Zhenjiang city, Jiangsu Island Road 81, located in bustling urban areas of Jiangsu Famous Restaurant, Yangzhong super fresh river boutiques. Center to operate as the representative of river puffer featuring fresh vegetables, rich and elegant decor, safe and convenient parking, can accommodate 350 people dining. In "fugu liver sauce", "crispy puffer child", "fugu liver rinse raw sheet" and the like are hundreds of dishes consisting puffer "Hung puffer feast", Department of intangible cultural heritage "fugu yangzhong culture" representative Mr. Kong Qingpu people, the mix of traditional and modern cooking techniques created together, which is characterized by: exquisite technique, highlighting the flavor. He has won the "Special Award" at the First Chinese feast on display; get "gold puffer fish feast" title at the inaugural China Yangtze · puffer Food Festival; dishes "Ming Palace puffer" get "special gold medal at the first national river of fresh cooking skills contest ", and it was named" top ten river fresh dishes ";" braised puffer "," powdered green tea sauce panchromatic puffer "is won China's first puffer fish cooking skills contest" special gold medal. "

24. New flavor of Shan Huaiyang

24. Shan Huaiyang Xinwei is a restaurant with full tone. Not only the dishes are full of creativity, but also the containers and plates are very exquisite. The menu will be constantly updated according to the season, and the best seasonal dishes will be presented to customers. The chef pursues the best enjoyment between the lips and teeth of diners. All dishes are moderately salty and unforgettable at the entrance. Anyone who has been here will never forget the charm of 24. Shan Huaiyang"s new flavor.

Jincheng impression hot pot restaurant

Jincheng impression rainbow store is located at the end of Caihong bridge, Doudu, Chengdu. It is close to Jinli. From 11 a.m. to 3 a.m., people in Chengdu call Jincheng impression hot pot the "business card of Chengdu hotpot", focusing on presenting authentic Chengdu old hot pot to diners.

Ma Street Cannibals it Soup Shop

Cannibals soup it was originally called "pheasant soup," is the history of a professional chef, "Peng" created, and so far 4000 years of history, was hailed as "the first piece of" the world. Ma Street is named after a horse trade. Situated on the outskirts of the original Ma Street Pengcheng South entrance. Qin and Han Dynasties, here is the Western Dawan (now in Yafei Er dry basin) and Mongolian Ferghana Maxima distribution center, as well as the development of competition between Chu and Han cavalry everywhere; Xiang Yu Ma Taiwan drama drama autumn horse, mountain horse stables become eternal story. Ma Street Cannibals It soup is a veritable city card, for thousands of years to affect the surrounding areas to form a soup Circle.

Shang Xiang Dumpling Fair Hall

Shang Xiang dumpling soup Fair Pavilion theme, we changed to China Museum solemn, serious impression, which consists of Chinese pastry known brands, "Shang Xiang" build, through sculpture, clay figurines, paintings, shadow carving, miniature scene, Museum of old objects, sound and light and other means to vividly show the history, culture, art and consumption methods of making soup. The restaurant in the museum, the museum"s restaurant. Restaurants and museums Jingjiang crab soup organic integration will give new vitality and meaning. Shangxiang Wen Museum launched the "early dinner" and "New Jingjiang food" will also lead the new direction Jingjiang dining.

Jin Haihua, Su show

The taste of Jiangnan is sometimes the taste of season. Jin Haihua and Su show, in the ballads handed down from generation to generation in the south of the Yangtze River, is looking for attractive delicacies. This is a high courtesy for taste buds, which does not waste the yearning and yearning of Jiangnan people year after year. According to the 24 solar terms, Su show makes exquisite Jiangnan image food. Taking solar terms as the food order, the four seasons Jiangnan cuisine is matched in the form of exquisite set meals. As a representative restaurant of the New Jiangnan doctrine of Suzhou jinhaihua group, sushow, on the premise of "following the ancient times" as the premise, has launched a set meal with the theme of "Shizhen food, freehand health preservation" to meet the modern diner"s traceability to the authentic Jiangnan flavor and create a new classical food fashion. It is the choice to experience the quality of refined Suzhou cuisine.