jiangsu snacks

Zhenjiang meat

Zhenjiang cuisine meat, also known as crystal meat and crystal hoof, is a traditional dish in Zhenjiang.nLegend has it that the second child of the Zhenjiang Jiuhai Street Hotel in ancient times mistakenly salted the pig's trotters with salt. After cooking, the meat was red and white, smooth and crystal clear, and the crystals were as transparent as crystals. The flavor was rich and the taste was mellow. Later, people suspected that “near meat” was indecent and changed to “crystal meat”, which has been passed down to the present and became a local traditional product.

Dongtai fish noodle soup

Dongtai fish noodle soup is very famous, the surface is very chewy, plus a little seafood, the fish soup is thick and fresh. The fish noodle soup in Dongtai has been nearly 200 years old and is said to have been produced by a royal chef who was driven out of the palace. The soup is milky white, refreshing and not greasy. The noodles are fine and smooth, especially delicious. Folks also often say "eat a bowl of fish noodle soup, match the old birthday star".

Cuihe Garden Huai Dumpling

Huai Dumpling, named after the Emperor Qianlong, is also known as the “Steamed Rice Bran”. Because of its unique style, it is specially called “Huai Dumpling” in order to distinguish it from Wonton, Hand, and Babo. There are three ways to eat "dump dumplings", "dumpling dumplings" and "fire dumplings". The Huai Dumplings are as thin as paper, ignited and burned, placed on the book, and the writing can be distinguished. The stuffing heart is to pour the fine pork into the mud with the back of the knife, add the onion, garlic, ginger and bamboo shoots and various kinds of ingredients, so that the "fragrant and tender" has enough feet, and the food is smooth and refreshing.

Changzhou hemp cake

Hemp cake is the most common snack in Changzhou and has a history of more than 100 years. "Ma cake" is a unique name in Changzhou. The northerners call it "smoked cake" and the Shanghainese call it "big cake." It is salty and sweet, suitable for different people's tastes. Changzhou hemp cake is an oval-shaped big-baked cake with unique taste and flavor. After being mixed, stirred, simmered and simmered, it is finally stuffed, sprinkled with sesame seeds and baked. The sesame cake is baked, the smell is tangy, and the golden color. It is salty and sweet, crispy and delicious. Many locals love to bring a marijuana cake early in the morning.

Xuzhou sa soup

Is the soup a soup? Because of the characteristics of dialect pronunciation, this soup can be read by sá soup, shēn soup and sǎn soup. There are many versions of soup, and this time it is Xuzhou soup.

Horse Street SHA Soup

Soup, also known as "dragon soup", "饣 it soup", is a unique soup snack in Xuzhou area. When Emperor Qianlong went down to Jiangnan, he tasted it. He asked the chef what the name of the soup was. The chef without culture painted a word and its words, and said casually: "The soup." Soon after, Qianlong Chuan said: Fengzhou The soup is the "first in the world."

Nan Zhi Yuan Soup Buns

The production of crab yam soup in the South edge insists on the "old law that has been passed down for a hundred years". The white flour must be smashed and pinched. The skin of each skin is even and thin, wet and soft, just right, and the net weight is four and a half. When wrapping, the technique is evenly applied. Each wrinkle has the same size. The total number cannot be less than 25, but it cannot exceed 32. Soup juice is another feature of the Nanzhiyuan soup bag. Tao Jinliang's unique soup method is to degrease the oil, which is to make the soup in the soup bag “defatted”, remove the greasy but retain the mellow taste of the soup, and taste better. .

Wuxi Xiaolong Baozi

Wuxi Xiaolongbao, the locals are also known as Xiaolongtoutou. It is famous for its traditional name and has a history of more than a hundred years. It is made from fine flour, finely selected, steamed in small cages, and tasted in the south. It has the characteristics of not picking up the skin, turning it over without leaking the bottom, filling the mouth with a mouthful of mouth, and the taste is not greasy. The steamed bread is thin, the stuffing is more salty, and the taste is tender. In autumn and winter, the cooked crab butter is added to the heart. It is the famous “crab powder small cage”, which is delicious and delicious.

Wang Xingji Wuxi small cage buns

Wuxi Xiaolongbao was founded in the second year of Qing Tongzhi (AD 1863). It has a thin white color, beautiful appearance, sweet and salty taste, and a fresh and delicious taste. It is a famous name in the country. Wuxi Xiaolongbao is especially famous for its centuries-old shop and Xiaohua, the old Chinese brand Wuxi “Wang Xing Ji”. Wang Xingji's Xiaolong noodle is tough and chewy, and it is not too sweet to be filled with freshly cooked ingredients. Compared with the general fresh meat small cage, the same flour, Wang Xingji Xiaocang's dough is relatively low-fermented or not fermented, so the skin is thin, the amount of stuffing is large, and the feeling of thin and thick stuffing is particularly strong. One bite down, the soup simmered out, satisfying the blast.

Yangzhou Fried Rice

Yangzhou fried rice is also called Yangzhou egg fried rice, with many varieties and different flavors. "Shrimp Egg Fried Rice", "Assorted Egg Fried Rice", "Three Fresh Egg Fried Rice", "Ham Egg Fried Rice", "Pineapple Chicken Egg Fried Rice", etc., almost all the ingredients you can think of can be made into egg fried rice. People who like to eat salty and spicy can also add a little bean paste, or a little old godmother. Remember, taste Yangzhou fried rice without a bowl, and find a beautiful plate.

Huangqiao Biscuits

Huangqiao Biscuits have a history of more than 150 years, because of the famous "Huangqiao Campaign" in October 1940, it is famous throughout the country. The local people in Huangqiao Town braved the enemy's artillery fire to send the biscuits to the front line, and wrote a magnificent song of the army, the people and the people. The current Huangqiao sesame cake is made with meat, pine, prawn, scallion, chicken, sausage, etc. plus lard, scallions and noodles. Roast in the oven, the cake is soft and yellow, not oily, not greasy, bite, and the aroma is overflowing.

Crab-roe tang bao

Crab soup is one of the six famous Chinese names, and it has been nearly 200 years old. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the production process and formula, the crab yellow soup bag is favored by the foodies of the north and south of the country because of its delicious taste and fitness and beauty.

Dried tofu threads in consommé

Taizhou people have the custom of eating morning tea, and the point is “hot silk”.nTaizhou dried silk is delicious, thanks to the quality of Taizhou white bean curd and the processing technology. In Taizhou City, hundreds of morning tea shops, regardless of the size of the store, will have this early. Only the main city of Taizhou can eat two tons of dry silk per day.

Yangzhou Sandingbao

Yangzhou Sanding Bag is the representative of Weiyang Dim Sum. "Three Ding", which is made of chicken, diced meat and bamboo shoots. Sanding is also known as Sanxian, and Sanxian is of course delicious. In Yangzhou's large and small tea shop, almost every family has three packets, and the price is not expensive.

Yechun steamed dumplings

Founded in the Qing Dynasty, Yechun Steamed Dumpling is the most famous dim sum in Yechun Garden. It is the only traditional name named after Yechun. The steamed dumpling skin in the shape of a crescent moon is very thin, and the filling heart is made from raw materials such as black pork pigs and meats that are unique to Yangzhou. The meat is fresh and tender, and the juice is rich and shaped like a new moon.

Duck blood and vermicelli soup

Duck Blood Fan Soup is one of the most famous snacks in Nanjing. In Nanjing, every street can see shops selling duck blood soup, and the store is booming. In the country, duck blood fan soup is also a super "star", its figure is spread all over the country, and is highly praised by all kinds of diners.

Suzhou Huangtianyuan Cake

Since the ancient times, the cake food has been a custom of Suzhou people's seasonal diet. The Huangtianyuan cake group is a veritable “big cake king”. The cakes sold are famous for their sweetness, sweetness, fineness and greasyness. Among them, the most famous sweet-scented osmanthus cake, five-color small round rice, lard rice cake and eight-treasure rice are known as “four famous names”.

Kunshan Aozao Noodles

The Ou Noodle is the traditional cuisine of Kunshan. In the morning, a bowl of hot Oo Noodle is the standard of Kunshan Ning.nThe tender and tender large row of noodles, the oily but not greasy meat noodles, the refreshing molars of the fried fish noodles, the fresh and nourishing braised duck noodles... In exchange for the pattern to eat, how to eat is not tired. Guest officer, which is the favorite of your heart?

Qi Fang Ge Lotus seed and red bean Yuanxiao (Glutinous Rice Balls for Lantern Festival)

Red Bean Lantern Festival is a favorite of many Nanjing people. It is like a symbol of old Nanjing. Qifang Pavilion is a long-established brand. Come to Qifangge to taste a bowl of lotus seeds, red bean 宵, as if passing through Qinhuai a hundred years ago, feel the garden, painting, city street... lotus seed red bean 宵 宵 is quite thick, red bean taste soft, sweet

Xu Cheng Ao Zao Noodles

In the city of Suzhou, the highest point of the rivers and lakes is the Austrian stove surface made by the Yucheng Building. It is said that every time Ge You came to Suzhou to come to this bowl of noodles, he opened for more than 20 years and gathered a large number of dead loyalty powder. The smooth surface and the topping are separated. The surface can be selected from two sides of the small bowl or two sides of the large bowl. The bottom of the soup is cooked with old duck, tender chicken, fresh meat hoof and a variety of bones. The soup is fresh and sweet. There are five types of toppings: shrimp, oysters, clams, smoked fish, braised duck toppings, shrimps, clams, clams, smoked fish and braised ducks.

Feast spring crystal dish (yáo) hoof

Crystal hoof is actually the meat of Zhenjiang and crystal meat that we are familiar with. The pig's trotters are selected as raw materials, and after being marinated with nitrate and salt, they are served with various kinds of seasonings such as onion, ginger and rice wine, which are cooked in a wide soup and simmered until they are smashed, and then frozen and condensed.

Black rice cake

Black rice cake, also known as black rice, is a famous traditional snack in Zhejiang Province and belongs to Lixia Festival food. Use glutinous rice with hawthorn powder, brown sugar, and white sugar to roll into rice pieces and fry them. The cake is black and shiny, and is adorned with red silk and melon seeds. It has red, white and black colors. The taste is sweet and soft. It can be cold food, mostly summer snacks, but it can be eaten after being cooked.

Yancheng Lotus root starch ball

The powder is round and transparent, elastic, soft and tender, and is brown. The stuffing heart is made from glutinous rice flour and five kernels (peach, apricot, jujube, melon seeds, etc.) containing sweet and sour flesh, which is sweet and refreshing, and it is awkward. Chew the fish and scent, avoid the fat and greasy. It is rich in nutrients and has the function of strengthening bones and benefiting blood. Jianhu and other places to host dinner banquets, often do not lack this point. Guests who pass through Jianhu will always look forward to having a taste of their meal when they go to the banquet. When the famous writer Ba Jin led a delegation to visit Jianhu City, he tasted its taste and praised it. In 1958, the famous vegetable name of Jiangsu Province was well-known throughout the province. After the economist Fei Xiaotong tasted it, he wrote an article in the press and praised it as “treasures”.

Huai'an Tea deep-fried dough twist

Huai'an samovar is one of the special products of Huai'an in Jiangsu. It is made of white fine surface, and pulls out the fine wire like the twine into a four-inch long, one-inch wide collar, which is connected by a ring and is comb-like and chrysanthemum. The shape of the mesh is soaked in a sesame oil pot, the texture is crisp and the taste is delicious. According to legend, Huai'an tea was produced in the late Qing Dynasty and has a history of more than 100 years. In the five years of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty (1885), Yue Wenguang, a famous tea master next to the Zhenhuai Building, improved the tea-making system and produced the Gulou Tea Ceremony, also known as Yuejia Tea.