Top restaurant in jiangxi


Huogongdian is set Changsha Han Chinese folk culture, fire temple culture, food culture in one of the public places representative, especially Huogongdian snack renowned Sunshine. As the famous attractions of Changsha City, Hunan Province, located in Tianxin slope sub Street, Changsha City, is also a well-known "old" business, where you can eat a variety of snacks Changsha, Hunan, Changsha, such as tofu, authentic Mao Pork, sugar, oil Baba and so on. Huogongdian as Food City now have at Changsha 5, including a headquarters, four branches.

Old Ping Lane lotus duck blood

Jiangxi where the most authentic full-lotus duck blood it? If you ask a local to Pingxiang, the answer must be - old Ping Lane lotus duck blood! As a non-material cultural heritage in Jiangxi, heritage 800 years of lotus duck blood, the old Ping Lane a year can sell 56,000 copies. Pingxiang old Ping Lane from local brands, in Pingxiang has three outlets, not only high popularity, reputation is also very good. Lotus is committed to the promotion of duck blood to the province, and even the country.

Red theme dinner banquet hotel

Red theme banquet feast Hotel is located in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province Ziyang Avenue COFCO Plaza, surrounding and convenient transportation, convenient parking, a beautiful environment. A set banquet, wedding is one of the major professional theme parties, the hotel building area of ​​nearly 10,000 square meters, with 12 different styles of the banquet hall, which can accommodate more than 2,500 people at dinner. Is the choice of wedding banquets, housewarming, birthday party, baby dinner, business meetings and so on.

Longtan Lake Hotel

Shangrao Longtan Lake Hotel is in the northeastern Jiangxi region's first design built according to ecological garden hotel standard set of public service, business, leisure and tourism resort hotel.

Small Oriental Restaurant

Late 90s is a very small hotel fire. Ruannuo rice flour taste, a little sweet, slightly salty flavor, meat and rice cakes into one food for thought. Unique beer duck Nanchang authentic flavor - every detail, fragrant lips and teeth, especially rich sauce with rice.

Dong House Restaurant

Dong House restaurant was originally a bank, which is a courtyard-style layout of the building, is a more representative of the old building, rebuilt into a restaurant. The whole restaurant quaint, quiet, the main variety of Gannan specialties, authentic taste, it is worth a try.

Wei Fu Ji

Although the decoration of weifuji is a bit messy in appearance, it does not affect the sense. The outside is a flashing neon light, which is an old signboard, full of sense of the times. The interior decoration is retro sentiment. The plaque hanging on the roof is the inheritance of the tradition and affirmation of weifuji. It is also like a spirit. The dining area is antique, with big wooden tables and benches, and brick walls With wooden windows, embroidered screens, oil paper lanterns, handwritten couplets, and irregular seating arrangement, the old Nanchang is like this. The yellowish light creates the taste of the old and the environment brings into the situation. Eating here seems to be a kind of enjoyment.

Shengjinta duck soup head office

Shengjinta duck soup head office is well-known in Nanchang. It is an old soup shop that has been open for more than 20 years. It has been on CCTV and keeps improving day by day. It is open in the morning every day. It is often full of people at two o"clock. There are soup, flour, barbecue, and small dishes. Duck soup is the specialty of his family. The soup is delicious, the meat is soft and tender, and the mushroom is delicious.

Yao Li Holiday Hotel

Holiday Hotel in Jingdezhen Yao Yao is located in the town and tourist reception center, an area of ​​9,000 square meters, surrounded by mountains, accompanied by Yao River, connected with ancient houses. Restaurant, private rooms can accommodate 200 people dining, scenic area is currently the most complete, most comprehensive reception facilities quasi-four-star hotel.

九江市浔阳区滨江东路228号石化总厂连接路城东购物中心旁(大塘村馨园小区大门正对面大塘村馨园小区) 电话 : 0792-8593232

Ji'an county Fairmont restaurants

Fairmont restaurant is located in Ji'an County Yonghe town, close to the national cultural heritage, the State AA class tourist attractions - Jizhou kiln, the national AAA level scenic spots - Wen Tianxiang Memorial Hall. Convenient transportation and beautiful environment, pleasant scenery. Farm now has two rooms, can accommodate 100 people at a time, rural tourism, recreational fishing, farming experience ideal place, was named China's rural tourism gold medal farmhouse.

Xianglaoxinfeng radish dumplings

Located in the center of Xinfeng County, the flagship store of laoxinfeng radish dumpling is located in the center of Xinfeng County. It is a special restaurant integrating catering and local culture. It is mainly featured by Xinfeng"s characteristic snack "Xinfeng radish dumpling". The shop is equipped with pictures of old Xinfeng, decoration style and style of returning to the ancient times, so that people can understand the history and culture of Xinfeng and recall the former appearance of Xinfeng, so as to deepen it Xinfeng understands. The hotel adopts high-quality local food materials, inherits the traditional production method of Xinfeng radish dumplings, and combines with local dishes to make customers feel at ease.

Lotus root pond

After the disappearance reorganization storm, it still stands by the lotus pond lake

Swiss International Hotel Nanchang

Nanchang five star Ruiyi hotel is located in Yanjiang North Road, Donghu District, next to Tengwang Pavilion and Ganjiang River. Standing in the hotel, you can see the scenery on the other side of the Ganjiang River. From the second to the fifth floor of the hotel, you can find the new nanxuan restaurant. You can find the traditional Jiangxi cuisine and the characteristic Cantonese food. There are 55 boxes in the restaurant, the minimum standard can accommodate 6 people, the maximum standard can accommodate 30 people, and the parking space is relatively sufficient, which is very suitable for banquets and parties. The riverside cafeteria changes and improves its products according to the needs of customers, so that the diners have a different freshness every time they go. The geographical location is excellent. Facing the window is Tengwang Pavilion and Ganjiang River. It is really a kind of enjoyment to enjoy the scenery of Nanchang while eating delicious food.

Yugan Hotel

Yugan hotel was built in 1959, formerly known as Yugan county guest house, it is important to be Yugan window. This hotel is located in the town center, overlooking the lute Silk, after ranking Dongshan onions Lin, Cheng Hu Ju dragon potential, the ancient with Lu Yu "fairy tea kitchen," Xi "Dongshan College", "ink tank" and boasted, is hailed in " small northeastern Jiangxi Lushan. " Reception today to the central, provincial and municipal leaders and famous, it can be said to have weather, geography, and as a whole, set meetings, leisure, vacation into a modern hotel. The end of 2005, the hotel has been assessed Provincial Tourism Administration for the state "three-star" tourist hotel.

Meet Jiangnan New Style Restaurant

Yujiangnan restaurant focuses on the current trend of the times, catering to the consumers who like sentiment, pursue fashion and advocate individual lifestyle. The space is mainly in the form of four person Cafe type card seat and eight person round seat table, which not only saves space, but also is consistent with the restaurant positioning, in line with the dining rhythm of young people"s fast consumption.

Kyrgyzstan hydrological Hill Hotel

Hills Hotel Jishui County, Jinggangshan revolutionary cradle of the world-famous location - Ji'an, Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province Jishui Wenfeng Road 188. Kyrgyzstan hydrological Grand Hotel is ideally located in the center of Jishui County, convenient transportation, local government host hotel.

Lake Hotel

Poyang Lake National Hotel is a three-star hotel located in the heart of the old Fukuyama garden in the southwest of Nanchang center, from the train station, bus station a few hundred meters from the airport only 30 minutes away. The hotel covers an area of ​​8570 square meters, construction area of ​​22,800 square meters, with a total investment of 40 million yuan, in May 1990 to become fully open. The hotel has luxury suites, standard rooms and other kinds of chamber 220; large, medium and small conference rooms 15; catering is set Jiangxi, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hunan, as one of the vegetarian food court, a one-time meal for 1,200 people;

Delicious food, full of guests

Knowledge of Hakka Cuisine: most of the materials used in Hakka cuisine are poultry and game. They pursue the original flavor, that is, "rice has rice flavor, meat has meat flavor". There is a saying that "no chicken is not clear, no meat is not fresh, no duck is not fragrant, no goose is not thick". He is good at steaming, baking, cooking and brewing, especially for casseroles. Hakka cuisine stresses the four seasons, and has the saying of "winter sheep, summer dog, spring chicken, autumn duck".

Xinri de Jingdian Hotel

Xinri de Jingdian hotel is a hotel designed and decorated according to the four-star standard in Qianshan County, Jiangxi Province. It is located in Hekou town of Qianshan County, one of the "four famous towns" in Jiangxi Province. It is only half an hour to Wuyishan airport and only 500 meters away from Qianshan bus station.