jiangxi snacks

Nanchang white sugar cake

White sugar cake is an ancient traditional pastry snack in Jiangxi. It has been in Jiangxi for a hundred years. Glutinous rice flour, water, oil and cotton candy. After the white sugar cake is rolled up, put it in a large net spoon and put it down in a pan. After it is fried, it will be picked up and then wrapped in white sugar. It is like a white jade bracelet. The sweet and sour is soft, and it bites down. It makes people feel happy. It won't work. The white sugar cake originated in Nanchang in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Soon, this white sugar cake is the Zuocha food that is kept by the major tea shops in the streets of Nanchang. It is known as “the five traditional names of Jiangxi”.

Nanchang Oily Cake

Oily, is a fried noodles, but the most special center is the inner filling of the package. Bite down, the sweet syrup mixed with the scent of sesame has occupied your taste buds, soft and delicious.

Salad rice noodles

Nanchang Mixing Powder is a kind of snack in Jiangxi Province, which is the daily breakfast of Nanchang people. Just like the "hot dry noodle complex" of Wuhan people, the Nanchang people's love for powder mixing has been integrated into the years. The practice of mixing powder is also very simple. Put the rice flour into boiling water and heat it, then put it into the dish and add it into the mixture of pepper, peanut, radish, edible oil, soy sauce and chopped green onion.

Ou Tang Bian Pushing Migu

Pingxiang pushes the rice, the real Pingxiang specialty snacks. Traditionally, the rice syrup was ground with a stone mill in the new early rice of the year and then steamed. When eaten, it is stained with soy flour and fried soy flour. It is cool and sweet, and the bean flavor is tempting. It is delicious from mouth to heart. Pingxiang people also have the early rice harvest, Xingu debut, take the new rice to make this snack, the custom of each other.

Nanchang fried Rice noodles

Nanchang fried rice is a famous Han snack in Jiangxi. The long-awaited Nanchang rice noodles are characterized by whiteness, tenderness, long-lasting rot, and long-lasting frying. Nanchang rice noodles have a long history, and the main raw materials are high quality late rice. It is necessary to go through multiple processes such as immersing rice, refining, filtering, and pulping. Golden butter light Nanchang fried powder, add green vegetables, add eggs, add a variety of meat, tender meat, tough, fresh, and the appetite of one day must be hooked up.

Warm soup, selenium-seluted salted egg

The soup is rich in selenium salt. It is made from natural stocking duck eggs. The production process uses lead-free technology and does not contain harmful substances. It is a healthy green food. It has a special healthy green food with the flavor of “preserved egg”, “delicious salted egg” and “scent of marinated egg”. Everyone loves to eat.

Yiyang Dahe rice cake

The production of Fuyang rice cake began in the Tang Dynasty and has a history of more than 1,200 years. According to the existing ten-year version of the Tongzhi County of Shuyang County, "Yangyang County" records: "Dahe is white and grows up to make and process Dahe. Rice, cereal, rice, rice, hard to make a multi-group, need three steamed two hundred baht, 弋 city rice for more water, soft and palatable, 弋阳 rice 粿 white as frost transparent as jade, shiny light, good toughness.

Nanchang pot soup

The earthenware soup, that is, the soup, "the earthen jar is boiled, the square is elegant; a can of soup, the world is very fresh." Today's earthenware soup is famous throughout the country in the Nanchang area of ​​Jiangxi. As a representative of amaranth, it has been more than a thousand years old. Crock soup is the best tasting method for nutritious soups. It is the best dietary choice for supplementing nutrition, strengthening body tonic, refreshing and refreshing.

Nanchang fried rice noodles

The long-awaited Nanchang rice noodles are characterized by whiteness, tenderness, long-lasting scent, and long-lasting frying. Putting ginger foam, garlic foam, sesame oil, soy sauce, lard, chopped green onion, and pickles, the most important thing is that Nanchang people like it. Pepper and pepper, tender meat, tough and fresh.

Xinfeng radish dumplings

Xinfeng radish dumplings, formerly known as radish dumplings, were originally Hakka folk snacks. Due to their delicious taste, they have evolved into one of the Hakka staple foods for guests. Xinfeng radish dumplings are famous old brands. They are delicious and have good reputation. The white radish and potato flour used to make Xinfeng radish dumplings can only be sourced from Xinfeng, in order to have their unique flavor.

Mugwort rice cake

Amy, a snack from Jiangxi Minnan. The practice is different, the materials are all the leaves. In the Ching Ming period, the wormwood is flourishing and it is also the peak season for eating Amy. Every year in the spring of March, the Hakkas are doing Ai Mi Miguo to thank the Goddess of Mercy and entertain guests.nThe skin of this product is smooth, the color is green, the fragrance is fragrant, the bitterness is sweet, the texture is soft and tough, and the food is not greasy. Not only the flavor is unique, but also warming the lungs and warming the spleen, dispelling cold and dehumidifying, and has the effect of preventing disease and health care.

Yanshan light rice cake

The lamp enamel is the iconic food of Lead Mountain: the rice ball made of rice is pinched into the shape of a lamp urn, and a layer of oil is applied in the middle, and the ingredients such as fried radish, bean sprouts, and pepper are placed in a steamer and steamed. Yao Zenghua tells us that in the past, the fillings of the lamp scorpion were seasonal vegetables, and what to put in the season. Nowadays, there are more vegetables in the off-season, and the fillings are more free to do. The radish filling on the breakfast stall is the most common. You can also add a winter version of winter bamboo shoots, cuttlefish, mushrooms, pork, bean sprouts and peas. Among the various combinations, the ingredients that must be added are bean sprouts, which symbolize the "wick".

Yanshan hot rice noodles

The day of the lead mountain starts from the hot powder. The hot powder is similar to the rice noodles in Hunan and Guizhou. It is also made of rice. When it is done, it is necessary to put the rice flour into the bamboo pole and cook it in hot water. Plus soup and side dishes. Jiangxi Shangrao lead mountain hot powder is most famous.

Yanshan biscuit

The lead mountain (yán shān) biscuit is made from pork stuffing, and the oil seeps out from the inside. The sesame seeds scattered on the surface also look oily and wet. It’s hot, bite down, and the outside is crispy, and the stuffing inside is soft and fragrant.

Xingguo fish silk

Xingguo fish silk is made from the tender meat and fresh potato powder of fresh grass carp. It is made by combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. It has unique flavor, beautiful color and fragrance, smooth and not greasy, flexible and palatable, and rich in human body. It has a variety of amino acids and is characterized by high protein, low fat and low cholesterol. It is an irreplaceable high-grade nutritious food for other meat products. It is a pure natural green food and is a famous local specialty in Jiangxi.

Lichuan core sugar

The core sugar is a classic snack in Lichuan County, Jiangxi Province. It is a local special food. As the name implies, the stuffing core (such as fried sesame or fried soybeans ground into powder or fried flour) is poured into the glutinous rice sugar (that is, maltose) fermented by malt, and manually stretched to make a long-term contract. The 1.5-inch small round tubular white candy is called "filled sugar", commonly known as "filling 'cooked' sugar." The core sugar is “thin as thin as paper, white as snow, crispy, sweet and not greasy, and the mouth is melted”.