neimenggu food

Fortune sheep

The sheep's pheasant is the meat attached to the lamb ribs, which is the milk thistle. The burdock and the mutton basically correspond to the position of the pig's pork belly. It has less fat and cholesterol than pork and beef. Eat in winter, you can receive the double effect of tonic and cold.

Grilled mutton chop salami

Roasted lamb ridges are eaten twice. The raw materials are selected from the four sons of Wangqi Lamb and baked with the exclusive "secret recipe". Its color is translucent, the meat is dry and fragrant, and the taste is mellow. It is really "color, fragrance, taste". Fresh onions and a variety of accessories make it a mouth-watering one. Coupled with its diverse methods of eating and the health benefits of onions, it is definitely a must-have on the table.

Jinsui Yangbao

Sheep kidney is also called sheep treasure, and Tong Yangbao is also the kidney of the lamb. Because the male lambs of the grasslands are to be disposed of in five or six months, in order to prevent inbreeding and consumption of forage, they can only be processed by mutton sheep, thus producing many children and sheep treasures. The sheep kidney is also called the sheep's kidney, which is the kidney organ of the sheep's internal organs. Tong Yangbao has the role of anti-aging and longevity. There are many famous wines, famous dishes and famous meals prepared from sheep kidney. Tong Yangbao is rich in protein, vitamin A, iron, phosphorus, selenium and other nutrients, and has the effect of producing lean blood and aphrodisiac.

Golden soup nourishing oxtail

The golden oxtail is a dish, and the raw materials are mainly oxtail, celery and carrot. The oxtail looks inconspicuous and the cooking is absolutely first class. It has a high nutritional value and is rich in gum. It is suitable for long-term stewing and can release all its deliciousness. The oxtail is rich in protein fat vitamins, which have the effects of qi, nourishing, strong bones and nourishing beauty. In the early winter, when the temperature rises, it is easy to catch a cold. Stew a pot of oxtail soup to drink and nourish the body.

Air dried sheep back

Sheep back, Mongolian called [Ucha] or [Xusi], is a traditional dish of Mongolian herdsmen in Erdos, Inner Mongolia, when they entertain friends and relatives.nSheep back is not only a food, but also a very traditional etiquette. At the grand Ordos wedding, the feast is even more inseparable from the sheep's back. It also sings "The Whole Sheep": "Premier guests are on, please allow me to be fat and tender." The whole sheep is offered, its broad back, like the vast universe, its stout limbs are like the four major continents..." Originally, when cooking, the whole sheep was dissected into seven pieces: four legs, With the tail back (the sheep back is named). The white water is cooked, placed in a fixed position, then disassembled into pieces, and the world is shared, then everyone shares the delicious sheep's back.

Inner Mongolia Roasted Whole Sheep

Grilled whole lamb is a local speciality. It is a traditional flavored meat product of ethnic minority diets in Xinjiang or Inner Mongolia. Color, fragrance, taste, shape, and flavor. Roasted whole lamb is the healthiest, greenest and most green food in the meat diet. The whole lamb is golden and bright, the outer meat is yellow and crisp, the inner meat is soft and tender, and the mutton flavor is fragrant and fragrant. It is quite palatable and unique.

Dahan Oxtail

Inner Mongolia traditional flavored dishes. This Tang Lai was created by the late special chef Wu Ming in the provincial government of Suiyuan Province before the liberation. It is made from fresh oxtail in Inner Mongolia grassland and is made with chicken legs, fish belly, sea cucumber and mushroom. These dishes are usually lighter in calories and can be eaten by removing only the fat and oil during weight loss. Cooking the oxtail is time consuming, if you use a pressure cooker for an hour or so.