neimenggu specialty

Erti vermicelli

Russian noodles are potato starch products. According to the report, "Russian powder noodles" accompanied the development of the Ming and Qing dynasties and the changes of the Keyouqian Banner. As early as 1626, from the Horqin Mongolian tribal family married to Huang Taiji, the "Xiaozhuang Empress" who was once named "Zhuang Yu" had "Russian powder noodles" in the marriage.

Returning river Liquor

The “Guiliuhe” registered trademark is a well-known trademark in China. The “Guiliuhe” wine series products have been rated as “Inner Mongolia Famous Wine” and “Inner Mongolia Famous Brand” by the Inner Mongolia People’s Government for many years, and have become the strongest among the Inner Mongolia liquor brands. "Guiliuhe wine millennium ancient brewing technique" has been included in the list of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. For many years, "Guiliuhe" wine series products are "colorless, clear and transparent, all kinds of fragrances are harmonious, elegant and smooth, delicate and plump, The excellent characteristics of the aftertaste and the traditional style of the ancient millennium have won wide acclaim in Inner Mongolia and the northern market, and are well received by consumers.

Kailu red Chilli

Kailu Red Dried Pepper, special product of Kailu County, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China National Geographical Indication Products. Kailu County is China's largest county red pepper production base. Kailuhong red pepper skin is red fleshy, pure color, slender fruit and good quality. The products are sold to more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China, and exported to Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Russia and other countries.

Qingshui River Xiaoxiangmi

Qingshuihe Xiaoxiangmi is produced in Qingshuihe County, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia. It is processed from the millet of origin. The small fragrant rice is small, the color is yellowish or dark yellow, the rice is fine, the viscosity is high, and the finished product has sweet flavor. The entrance is fragrant and smooth, the beige is fresh, the quality is pure, and the nutrition is rich. Known as "the same garden rice, only my fragrance is different".

Sunite lamb

Sunit sheep is the main breed of Sunit Zuoqi and Sunite Right Banner in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is known as “Ginseng in Meat” and has “sweet and juicy, no astringency, thick and compact meat layer. Protein, low fat, high rate of lean meat, uniform distribution of fat between muscles, rich in various amino acids and fatty acids required by the human body, easy to digest" and many other advantages, suitable for making mutton mutton, once served in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. Beijing “Donglaishun” mutton mutton special lamb.

Ballin Stone

Bahrain stone is rich in variety, and Shoushan, Qingtian, Changhua and other stones have similarities in the Bahrain stone. Among them, Bahrain Fu Huangshi has the saying of "one inch Fuhuang three inch gold" in the stone world; the bloodstone in the stone of Bahrain has the reputation of "grass treasure", which is a wonderful stone in the stone, because the Bahrain stone looks good, the texture Excellent, soon became one of China's four major printing materials, and with the long history of Shoushan Stone, Qingtian Stone, Changhua Stone and known as China's four famous stones

Western flag lamb

Xinyouqi has a good ecological environment. It has the fifth largest freshwater lake in Hulun Lake and a unique natural pasture. It is known as the “Paradise Grassland”. “Xiqi Yang” is a local fine breed that has been cultivated for a long time in the natural environment of pure natural grassland in alpine region. It has low moisture content, high protein fat content, rich nutritional value, no pollution, no astringency, and tender meat. It has a rich aroma and a unique flavor.

Kerrqin fat Beef

The production process of "Korqin Fatty Beef" products is slaughtered in strict accordance with international sanitary standards. After slaughter, it is sterilized, physically tenderized and acid-treated for 7-9 days. The resulting meat is tender and juicy, with high protein content and fat. The content is moderate, and it is deposited in the muscles. The cut surface is marbled. There is a film on the surface of the meat. The meat is elastic and has a special aromatic smell. This mature meat is juicy, easy to cook and has short cooking time. It is especially suitable. Chinese and Western cuisine is the best raw material for making high-end dishes.

Wuzhumuqin mutton

Wuzhumu 沁 fat tail sheep multi-spine, multi-ribbon, this trait, give full play to the Wuzhumu 沁 sheep body long and large excellent characteristics, known as the "first sheep in the world". Pushing the "multi-spine, multi-ribbed" Ujumqin fat-tailed sheep to the world stage, let more people understand and taste the multi-spine lamb, experience the royal taste of the Yuan Dynasty, appreciate the Mongolian historical legend, and The Yuanshangdu site invites to echo the multi-vertical Ujumuba mutton industry into a comprehensive industrial chain integrating history, culture, tourism and food, and has become a shining star in the Xilin Gol grassland tourism route. Wuzhumu 沁 fat tail sheep "the royal royal, the only one in the world."

Inner Mongolia Cistanche

Cistanche deserticola is a valuable traditional Chinese medicine in the desert area. It has unique kidney, anti-aging, anti-age dementia, regulate immunity, anti-oxidation, enhance physical strength, anti-radiation, calm, promote wound healing, protect ischemic myocardium, improve digestive function, protect Nerve, liver protection, laxative, tumor-assisted treatment, improve memory and other 15-16 kinds of medicinal functions, known as "desert ginseng" and well-known at home and abroad.

Kezuohouqi Rice

As a well-known organic rice at home and abroad, Kezuohouqi Rice uses high-quality long-grain rice series, which is irrigated by the surface water of desert reservoirs. The planting inherits the traditional farming methods, completely applying farmyard manure and organic fertilizer, organic green and pollution-free. Its rice grain is as green as jade, crystal clear and heavy, like heavy sand. It has the unique taste of “warm, smooth and sweet, sweet and fragrant”. The taste of rice is delicious and the nutritional value is extremely rich.

Cullen buckwheat

Cullen buckwheat has a unique quality due to its special geographical environment and climate characteristics: it is rich in protein, fat and various mineral elements with health care functions and vitamin B1.B2. In recent years, buckwheat is a low-yielding crop, and it is no longer cultivated in many parts of China. However, the nutritional value of buckwheat is very high, especially for people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. The market is optimistic all the way.

Ao Han millet

Xiaohan's millet is rich in amino acids and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. It is rich in nutrients, pure in taste, soft and delicious. It is an ideal food for balanced diet and taste adjustment. It is also very suitable for pregnant women and Postpartum tonic. The climatic conditions of Shuhan determine the drought-resistant, lodging-resistant, adaptable and high-quality characteristics of millet and sorghum rooted in the dry slopes of the Han and Han dynasties, resulting in the processing of millet granules, grainy round and crystal clear after processing. Transparency, its quality is unmatched in other regions, so there is a saying that "there is a lot of food in the Han Dynasty." It is precisely because Xiao Han's millet has good palatability and nutrient-rich, and the golden sweet fragrant millet porridge has become the first choice for women to breastfeed, the elderly are sick, and the baby is weaned.