ningxia food

Stewed Haggis

It is a classic Ningxia snack. It is made from the viscera, head and hoof of the sheep. It is finely washed, fresh raw soup and seasoning. A bowl of scented, brightly colored lamb chopped with a layer of oil on it, red and green. The red is the chili oil, the green is the onion, the coriander, the oil color is milky white soup, drink a fresh soup and then eat a bite of lamb, not greasy, tastes rich and rich.

Garlic braised the Yellow River catfish

Garlic burning Yellow River squid is one of the top ten famous dishes in Ningxia. The meat is delicious, soft and palatable, and bright in color. The squid contains a lot of nutrients that have a brain-filling effect on the human brain.

White water chicken

Whitewater Chicken is one of the most famous halal snacks in Ningxia. It is produced all over the region. Wu Zhongbai Shuiji is especially well-known for his fine selection of Wuzhong. It looks bright yellow, smells fragrant, and tastes mellow, fresh and refreshing.

Yabao steamed whole sheep

Yabao Steamed Whole Sheep is also one of the top ten famous dishes in Ningxia. In the Northwest, this dish is considered to be dedicated to entertaining the most distinguished guests. Yabao steamed whole sheep can be eaten with garlic vinegar or onion and some dry rolls on the lettuce. The lamb itself is tender and light and has less oil. You can eat the most authentic lamb.

Bowl of steamed lamb meat

Bowl of steamed lamb meat is a special dish of Ningxia. It is popular in the area of ​​Concentricity and Haiyuan. It is famous for its delicious meat. It is a must-have for Ningxia people to entertain guests.

Stewed chicken

The stewed chicken is a home-cooked dish made from earthen chicken as the main ingredient, with oil, salt, green onion, garlic, dried chili, ginger, alfalfa, cooking wine, soy sauce and aniseed ingredients.

Hot cut beef

The eager beef is a delicious dish. Its taste is crispy and delicious. The appearance is grayish white, nutritious and contains certain protein and energy required by the human body. This is a dish that you need to keep fit.

Shahu big fish head

The sand fish head is delicate and tastes very delicious. The fish head soup is tender, fresh, fat, white and smooth, and has a long aftertaste. The fish head is rich in collagen, vitamins, etc., and is called the natural "brain gold."

Ningxia roasted whole sheep

Different from the roast sheep in Xinjiang, the roast sheep of Ningxia should be grilled with charcoal when eating, and the temperature of the lamb will not be cold when eaten and grilled. Ningxia Roasted Whole Sheep is famous both at home and abroad. In addition to the unique materials and unique techniques, Ningxia's unique tea art, song and dance also add a lot to the feast.

Hand Grab Mutton

Autumn is the golden opportunity to eat mutton, a bowl of hand-caught lamb, meat red and white, fat and not sturdy, attractive color, with a special spicy sauce carefully taste, you will find that cool but not greasy, meat cooked It is not hard, tender and soft. Hand-caught lamb can be described as exclusive to Ningxia. It not only fills the stomach of Ningxia people, but also represents their unrestrained, rough, devout, warm and hospitable nature. It makes the Ningxia kitchen have a soul.