qinghai food

Hundred Flowers Gourd Mutton

Hundred Flowers Gourd Mutton is one of the halal dishes. The main ingredient is fresh lamb. The ingredients are fresh chicken breast, egg white, mushrooms, etc. The seasoning is the amount of ginger, monosodium glutamate, starch (corn), etc.

Xicheng Steak

Cordyceps sinensis bone marrow

For weak body, lack of blood, dry skin wrinkles, dizziness, pale, pale waist, lumbar pain and other symptoms.

Qiankun Ox palm

Qiankun Niuzhang, used in the production of expensive ingredients, Matsutake mushroom and cow's paw, using the taste of Sichuan cuisine, it is very mouthful, and there is a strong fragrance of pine mushroom.

Qinghai Sanshao

Qinghai Sanchao is made from mutton balls, lamb ribs and braised pork with red and green peppers. It has a bright color, a good taste, and a salty and spicy taste. It is a recommended dish.

Qinghai Sour and spicy fillet

Hot and sour pork tenderloin is a special dish in Qinghai. It is made from tenderloin as the main raw material, together with chili, soy sauce, garlic and other seasoning products. This dish is not only delicious, but also good for the body. It can nourish the kidney and strengthen the spleen, improve the body's immunity and so on.

Apricot flower braised Sheep Intestine

Apricot flower intestine refers to the sheep enema. The finished pearl pill is white and tender, and the flowers of the apricot flower intestines are colorful, and the taste is smooth and tender.

Ruyi hair dish

The hairy food produced in the Qinghai Plateau is one of the mountain treasures. The mature hair dish is black as lacquer, as thin as a thread, soft as a silk, not rot, and can be preserved for a long time. It is also a good dish for diet therapy. It is effective and relieves for high blood pressure, women's disease, diarrhea, and snoring when eaten regularly. Qinghai people use the Lai Lai as the main ingredient to cook the steamed egg. Some people call it "gold and silver silk cake", which is the special Lai of Xining.