Top restaurant in qinghai

Ma cuisine

Qinghai Yu Tai Livestock Co., Ltd. actively extend the industrial chain, the establishment of yak meat brand, "Ma cuisine", the first to create a "National Cultural Industry Park", the construction of ecological food garden, and specifically to create two two-meter diameter cauldron for visitors and tourists promotion of tourist features and characteristics Tibetan yak meat and mutton, and introduce various characteristics of yak meat, Tibetan sheep dishes, the joint body yak, Tibetan sheep people directly on the table, so that the province and the country people familiar with the Qinghai yak meat, efforts to achieve yak meat brand management, the Qinghai yak big selling brand in the country.

Ma Restaurant

A tourist season to Qinghai, Ma restaurants hot scene is a hot topic of people Xining, accustomed to sitting eating Niangpi of people Xining, standing on the roadside to eat while walking or carrying stuffed Niangpi visitors eat the skin, see more do not already strange. For people Xining, Xining, especially the old people, the mention of "Ma" Niangpi first thought was, this is the old Xining memory of taste, and continues to this day as the "Xining taste."

Lijing new millennium Hanging Gardens

Hanging Gardens is part of the new millennium Regency New Millennium Group project, which is in the northwest plateau city only a large roof garden restaurant in this 5400-square-meter restaurant creatively exotic, Qinghai plateau scenery folk scenes in the park , into one, Qinghai Province is the first green and eco-tourism, ethnic folk culture, leisure and entertainment integration of "green development model" project, is a new starting point for cultural tourism of the new millennium. Up to the park can accommodate more than 1,000 people dining, a step King park, walking scene, derived from a community into a park, unconsciously learned in Xining regional style dining in, wander enjoy the scenery picture of Qinghai.

Wyatt Binlou restaurants

Wyatt Binlou state-run old hotel, the hotel features halal Qinghai, can be considered a locally famous restaurant, it has a history of thirty or so years, a beautiful environment inside the restaurant, service is very warm.

Haifeng International Hotel

Haifeng International Hotel is the only high-grade tourist hotels Haidong, catering, accommodation, tea, bath, fitness, indoor ecological park based. With all kinds of luxury suites, standard room, bed room and other 169 rooms are spacious, rational layout. Wealthy elegant Chinese and Western restaurants, banquet halls and luxury are available luxury boxes between 301,000 people at the same meal, and offers Sichuan and Guangdong dishes for hotels, snow-covered plateau natural beef and mutton. Northwest snacks, western style, Chinese tea.

Xining Mansion

Xining Mansion was built in 1958, is the old hotel Qinghai, was one of the Soviet Union in Qinghai aided building, which belongs to the old Soviet-style architecture is the Qinghai people"s heritage, but also the heritage of the country. Hotel itself is a group of more than six decades of age in buildings, as well as with each other against the background of classical gardens, the buildings built from now, has always been the hotel, use has not changed for half a century, the number of provincial and municipal VIP, foreign tourists have stayed here. In the yard again took a good, flowing years, the classic is still, 60 years later, these buildings become increasingly sophisticated atmosphere, and only they are worthy of this beautiful highland city of Xining temperament and modern history can speak more story.

Halal Restaurant in origin

The origin is a halal restaurant catering, accommodation, leisure and entertainment as one of the "four-star" tourist hotel, located in Xining City Bayi and Jianguo Road Interchange, next to the bus station, bus station, Xining Railway Station . Western restaurants Wealthy elegant, with KTV banquet hall and more than 50 boxes available for 800 people at a time, and provides guests with Sichuan and Guangdong dishes, beef and mutton natural snow-covered plateau, northwest snacks, local flavor, Western-style snacks, Chinese tea, coffee and other Western-style diet.

Million-source eco-park

Million-ecological park is a large source of a food and beverage, leisure and entertainment as one of the major ecological park in the Qinghai Province, located in the small town of Huangzhong County 西川南路多巴 Village, Lake District from the sea 6 km. Park fresh air, beautiful environment, a song and dance performance hall, an artificial lake, an artificial river and so on. Mainly engaged in Sichuan, Cantonese, seafood, local specialties, Qinghai Skiles disk, contracting group dinner, open all year round, is a good place for leisure and vacation.

New Haven source fry

Huangyuan hot and sour fillet over a long period of development has been "turned" snack, "hot and sour loin", "Huangyuan loin" in the name of the region from the trend across the province, Xining City, only there are more than 50 direct order for the signature restaurant. Huangyuan hot and sour fillet thus became an important starting point a lot of the masses of poverty.

Sand Sea Force

Xining will be known as punch to eat, a lamb featuring old-established restaurant, popular very hot, do not go early, then place a long time to wait. Braised lamb neck and sheep taste of well-deserved reputation, dipped in chili sauce, more chewing the fragrant. Fried potatoes crisp outside and tender, taste is a must. Drink a local characteristics of the eight treasures tea, clear solution tired mouth.

Baofeng International Hotel

Baofeng International Hotel Lanzhou Baofeng Group"s four-star hotel, located on the east side of the city of Xining Wanda Plaza, the new Union Square, Central Park Lake House squat sea hot area, and embrace the bustling modern city, neighboring Qinghai Grand Theater; Qinghai Province Science and Technology Museum, surrounded by three Hall gymnasium, real celebrities living museum. Haihu three hospitals, schools Huang River Middle School, peaches and plums primary school nearby, fully supporting all kinds of high-end. District street two-story commercial, leisure and entertainment shopping planning cuisine, enjoy the worry-free life.

Urban Oasis Ecological Park

Haidong urban oasis Ecological Development Co., Ltd. (Ecological Park) was founded in September 2009, the ecological park covers an area of ​​6 acres, the building area 4800㎡, equipped with a Chinese courtyard architectural features two luxury rooms, more than 40 different styles of private rooms and 30 shade trees, bridges scattered around the stage during which can accommodate 600 people dining, eco-park overall planning with reference to the southern imperial garden layout, arrangement of tropical rain forest park, pure water system, summer and winter cool, pleasant indoor climate. Ecological Park mainly engaged in Hong Kong-style Cantonese, Sichuan and local dishes, especially mutton unique characteristics of Qinghai, known as the "Northwest is a must."

Nadun Manor

Nadun Manor Hotel food and beverage department is now Qinghai Province. Cooking Association, 2015 Nadun estate successfully joined the International Olympic food restaurants Federation, and co-founded the Qinghai branch. 2016 Qinghai provincial intangible cultural heritage disk Skiles, World Heritage List, Qinghai become the only non-food and beverage heritage items, rather than genetic order-person team in Nadun Manor, 2017 Nadun estate Intangible Cultural Heritage in Qinghai Skiles plate restaurant experience is about to start.

Yi Erdun International Hotel

The hotel and the first mosque adjacent to the northwest, is set catering, accommodation, shopping malls, banquet as an integrated hotel, also Xining City Chengdong District landmark. Located on the fourth floor of the multi-purpose hall supporting facilities for the needs of large group meetings, large weddings. Hall can accommodate 1,200 people dining, hotel construction area of ​​50,000 square meters, the whole building unique ethnic charm, there are 37 different styles of bag, 8 room luxury packages and provide new breed of Cantonese, Sichuan, Northwest, Western improved service and other dishes.

Song hand side sheet Dick

Qinghai Song Dick Industrial Co., Ltd. in August 20, 2013 in the establishment of Xining, is an operating manual patch dining northwest store. Head office is located in Xining City, the Yellow River Road No. 7.

Spread good meal Restaurant

Spread good meal but also a series of "Sarah dinner" ethnic customs cafes, is the city"s first, and only reflect the national characteristics of gourmet secrets. The restaurant has been to create a healthy, delicious and authentic as an integrated national teahouse mode, embodies the "Salar" the overall image, so that the century-old national culture and urban casual cafe integration. The restaurant is located in the elegant East District, Xining City, the summer capital of the Eastern Avenue mansion summer capital, environment and strategic location for friends and family gatherings, business meetings, afternoon nap, warm and thoughtful human services, elegant and comfortable environment, are entertained, relax, taste the best place to food, unique ethnic charm, enjoy the food but also can get the influence of physical and mental.


Just Chazha Tibetan cloth, animal husbandry Food Services Ltd. is located in northern shore of Lake Qinghai, Tibet beautiful seaside city - Gangcha Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture pull waves of color pedestrian street, is a restaurant, accommodation, bars as one of the richest of the rich Tibetan style distinctive restaurants. Walking into a restaurant, diners are enjoying gourmet dinner, ears melodious Tibetan songs where you can taste the cake tsampa, yak mouth pieces, life auspicious rice, a variety of dairy products, sweet tea and other Tibetan food dishes.

Yan old roast lamb

Delhi is hidden in the desert of a clean and beautiful city, "Delhi" is a Mongolian "golden world" means, here is the state capital of Qinghai Haixi Mongolian-Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is located. Delhi can eat roast known as the first Haixi old Yan roast lamb (headquarters). Halal classic, set thousands of honor in one of the "old west strict" and won the award a - "China"s top ten local name snacks"!