Top restaurant in shandong

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Chaoyixing, a civilian fast food restaurant with traditional Jinan famous food, adheres to the concept of "purchasing high-quality raw materials, not adding any food additives, cooking delicious meals, and selling them to customers at a low price", which has become the "common people"s kitchen" recognized by Jinan citizens. Chaoyixing"s Bazi meat was named "Chinese famous snack", and Sixi meatball was named "Chinese famous dish".

Root of Brassica campestris

Shandong lucaigen Catering Management Co., Ltd. takes Taishan culture as the background, takes dawenhekou traditional folk food materials as the foundation, explores and inherits the traditional characteristic food on both sides of the Wenhe river around Taishan Mountain as its own duty, adheres to the business philosophy of "seeking root Shandong cuisine, inheriting folk custom", and the service concept of "feeling folk culture, experiencing considerate enthusiasm". Lu Caigen not only focuses on authentic Shandong cuisine, but also brings Confucian culture, Taoist culture and blessing culture of Mount Tai"s Virgin Mary into Shandong cuisine.

Jule Village

When it comes to Shandong cuisine, we can't ignore Boshan, one of the birthplaces of Shandong cuisine; when it comes to Boshan cuisine, we can't get around to the Jule village restaurant, which integrates the charm of Beijing and the flavor of Shandong, and combines the features of the feast of all families, and creates the "four table" set meal system. "Jule village" was founded in the summer of 1919, and its main sponsors are Luan Yuzhuo (Zi Zi Ru), Wang Guangyong and Shi Yulin. It is named "Jule village" by the meaning of "jutaihe, enjoyable Tour". After winning the honors of "Shandong time-honored brand", "China Time-honored Brand", Jule village restaurant was rated as one of the four "Shandong cuisine restaurants" by the Provincial Tourism Bureau in 2012.

Jufeng Germany

De Jufeng hotel is located in the original by the three-wai four junctions, which in August 1947 had made WANG Pi, Wangxing Nan, Cheng Xueli, Minato-share fund-raising Chengxue Xiang seven people, has closed in on the site of a purple spring hotel opened. Its name "De Jufeng" named is luxurious, the name is taken from Jinan and Beijing Lu restaurant three, that is to take Jinan-Bin Park "poly" word, Tai Fung House of "Feng", which Beijing Quanjude " de ". Implications of this approach is that both the German Jufeng long cooking skills of the three.

Shungeng Hillview Hotel

Shungeng mountain villa was founded in 1985, covering an area of more than 200 mu. It is located at the foot of the beautiful thousand Buddha Mountain in Jinan. It is a four-star hotel integrating national style, local characteristics, historical context and era flavor. It is surrounded by green mountains, shaded by green trees, with rockeries and lotus ponds, and even with lake corridors and pavilions. It is one of the top ten landscapes in spring city. In 2002, Shungeng mountain villa group was established. It has become a large-scale tourism enterprise with a variety of business forms, such as guest rooms, restaurants, conferences, exhibitions, office rooms, hotel management, property management, etc.

Penglai Spring

"Penglai Spring" is a Yantai of Shandong old restaurant, opened in 1950, May 2, located in Zhifu Tan Kwai Street. By the Pan Shifang, Panqi Zhu, Mark work jointly funded the construction. Pan Shifang as manager, because Penglai origin, opened in the spring time and value, hence the name. Today Penglai of Shandong spring with its fresh and elegant, salty pure, authentic style, by the majority of consumers. Listed daily operating more than 300 varieties of famous dishes featuring the family, fried conch slice, meatball, fried chives sea intestine, fried oyster horseleech, Braised sea cucumber, scallion tendons, family portrait seafood, cashew shrimp, fish sticks burning slide , hibiscus shrimp, slipped meat, sweet and sour fish, grilled belly of the fish, meat, cherries, kidney and other slip.

Chuange fish dumplings

It"s not only seafood dumplings, but also the Qingdao cuisine of Chuange family.

Fan Dawan

Zouchengfan Dawan Catering Management Co., Ltd. tells a story flowing for thousands of years in Zoucheng, the hometown of Mencius.

Shandong Mansion Hotel

Shandong mansion is located in Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province. It faces Qianfo Mountain in the East. It is a five-star tourist hotel with complete facilities and functions, which integrates accommodation, catering, exhibition, performance and entertainment. It was officially opened in March 2002 and now has 571 rooms of various types, all of which are viewing rooms. The conference center imitates the design of the Great Hall of the people. It has conference halls named after 17 cities and five major enterprises in Shandong Province, as well as 30 conference halls, such as film and television conference hall, multimedia conference hall and youth unfinished hall.

Yan Fu private kitchens

Yan Fu, founder of private kitchens of Mr. Yan Xilin is the Chinese master chef, who is also a native of Jinan, August 26, 2011, he took his signature Shandong cuisine and innovative ideas settled in "Yan House", the perfect combination of tradition and fashion, with spring memories capture the long shadow to create a modern culture of healthy eating. Private extraordinary Shandong, based on an innovation to traditional Shandong cuisine ingredients kidney, Yan Fu domestic private kitchens feast alone "all-waist feast" selection of the finest mutton kidney, kidney, chicken and other ingredients waist, the base fine cooking secret agents tongue delicious, warm service, friendly price business strategy, natural let Yan Fu extraordinary private kitchens.

Spring and floor

In Qingdao, "first spring and floor, after the port of Qingdao" was widely disseminated Qingdao build the same age as the old, and the spring has gone through the century-old building, is the most well-known Qingdao, Shandong cuisine restaurant. Shen Jian group represented by its chairman, single-minded dedication to Shandong, carved, is the spring and the floor of the century-old stick of. In the spring and walked the floor over a hundred years, there have been ups and downs, after ups and downs, but persistent stick Shandong brand craftsman's spirit has never changed, always in defense of the "first floor Castle Shandong" glory.

Huanghai Hotel

Huanghai Hotel is a foreign tourist hotel, the food well-made, new varieties complete, Shandong cuisine with distinctive characteristics. Among them, the production of "Tun Coelomactra" has won one of the ten dishes in Qingdao. Signature dish "grilled sea cucumber Crab white glue" and "Spring shrimp burning cabbage" by the Qingdao seafood dishes.

Taian Dongyue Villa

Dongyue mountain villa is located in Tai"an, with a unique geographical location and close to the water. The design concept is naturally collected from Mount Tai. The heaven is exquisite and the earth is bright. It is the first of the five mountains. Yueshan is the capital of the Yellow River. The design of the project should take the traditional Chinese elements such as Mount Tai and sea of clouds as the cultural carrier, and engrave the Oriental aesthetic tone of the Taoyuan in Daixia into the fine square inch of the carved fence and jade, so that the majestic atmosphere can be filled in the overall layout of the buildings and pavilions.

Rongcheng Hotel

Isle Hotel is located in the eastern end of the Shandong Peninsula - Shidao, was founded in 1992. Isle hotel surrounded by the sea on one side connected to the land, mountains and the sea, beautiful scenery, beautiful environment, summer heat and winter cold. Isle Hotel construction area of ​​35,000 square meters, 2001 January 1, the Provincial Tourism Administration approved four-star tourist hotels.