shandong specialty

Rizhao Blueberry

Rizhao Chen Yuzhen - "Hometown of Chinese Blueberries", blueberry is known as "fruit queen" and "king of berries", rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, and higher anthocyanins, etc., medicinal economic value is obvious It has a good effect on anti-eye blindness, anti-aging, anti-cancer, etc. It is not only a functional fruit in China but also in the international market. The growth of blueberry trees requires good natural conditions. The latitude and longitude, climate, temperature, etc. have strict standards, and the pH requirements of the soil are high. However, the various conditions of sunshine are completely in line with the growth needs of blueberries, plus the initial planting. Apply to become the "hometown of blueberries in China".

Chen Ji Yam

Chen Ji Ya Chuan includes two varieties of Xi Shi seeds and chicken skin rough. The shape is slender, round and straight; the meat is fine and white, the nutrient-rich mucus juice is thick and sticky, and the silver wire can be pulled out repeatedly; the texture is hard as an iron stick, the long-lasting quality is not scattered, and the shape is unchanged; "Face, sweet, fragrant, cotton, cool" in one. "To make the West Lake better than the West, the makeup is always appropriate." When Xi Shi with Fan Yi abandoned the official business and settled in Taoqiu (now Dingtao), the introduction of yam, products such as human beauty, quality like humanity. Probably beautiful Xizi would not have thought: Time and space have experienced more than 2,400 reincarnations. In the past, it was a good one. The introduced yam is still being planted in the second hometown. It is still cultivating the people and raising the wisdom of people.

Heze Peony Seed Oil

Peony seed oil is the most suitable fat for human nutrition found in the oils and fats so far. It is the highest nutritional value of all edible oils and the most reasonable composition. Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, its nutritional value far exceeds the olive oil known as "the oil of human health", and the linolenic acid content is more than 200 times that of olive oil. Many indicators are also higher than other oils. It is also not easy to oxidize and deposit on the blood vessel wall of the human body, the coronary artery of the heart and the like. It is these ingredients that make it an important edible oil in medicine and nutrition. It is not an exaggeration to say that the nutritional and health effects of peony seed oil are unmatched by other edible oils.

Wudi shell porcelain

The shellfish is made of natural marine shell sand. It is rich in calcium and has pearl luster. The texture is fine, the wall is thin and soft, the glaze is moist and exquisite, and it is a new member of the new ceramic family. The shape of the device is ever-changing, and the decoration is divided into decals, painted porcelain, and engraving. The product is not only as thin as paper, white as jade, sounds like sputum, but also supplemented with the characteristics of strengthening, sterilization and easy cleaning. The special qualities and characteristics of its products depend entirely on the unique natural environment and human factors, and are produced in a specific process.

Pingyi honeysuckle

“The honeysuckle is open, and the fragrance is full of cliffs.” The hometown of Chinese honeysuckle, May of Pingyi County, Shandong Province, is the day when honeysuckle blooms in the mountains and mountains. The rich and fragrant flowers are flowing like water, and “sneak into the night with the wind. Run me fine.

Taishan red scale Fish

Taishan red-scale fish, also known as Yulin fish, is a precious mountain freshwater fish nurtured by Taishan spring water. In 1992, it was identified as the only freshwater fish in Shandong Province. Taishan red-scale fish live in the mountain stream of Taishan Mountain at an altitude of 270-800 meters, with the carp of Fuchun River, the carp of Qinghai Lake, the oil fish and the bowfish of the Bohai Sea, and is called the five major tribute fish in China. Treasures.

Yantai big Cherry

The Yantai hills account for 39.7% of the city's total area. The temperature difference between the ravine and the hills is large, suitable for the accumulation and full coloring of the cherry sugar. The warm temperate continental monsoon climate is extremely consistent with its growth cycle, and the country's unique North Sea climate is dry and not wet in summer. Winter is not dry, fruit trees are not suitable for mold and other diseases; sandy soil with deep soil, loose soil, good air permeability and strong water retention is most conducive to cherry growth.

Changyi Silk

Changyi has been known as the ancient town of silk since ancient times. The silk here has the reputation of being as light as paper, soft and light, not pleated, wrinkled, swaying, sweaty, and durable. From the time of the Zhou Dynasty, "the silkworm weaving and weaving, the weaving of the silk thread" has been produced for more than 3,000 years.

Guanxian Yali Pear

Guanxian Yali has a long history and a wide area. It is known as the “Pears of the World”. Guanxian Yali is the “county fruit” of Guan County. It has a cultivation history of more than 1,000 years. It is named after the shape of the handle. It has the characteristics of large, thin skin, small core, tender and crisp meat, rich and sweet juice, rich and smooth fruit surface, correct fruit shape, less stone cells and storage resistance.

Chiping big jujube

Yuping round bell jujube has been cultivated for more than 2,000 years in Luanping County and was once listed as a tribute by the feudal emperor. The black date and jujube processed and smoked into the black date, sold to Southeast Asia and other places in the Song Dynasty. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the jujube trees in the farmland have become forested into pieces, and there are poems of "June flowers and water fragrance, thousands of small jujubes shoot cloud red".

Rizhao green tea

In 1966, the “Southern Tea North” of Donggang District (formerly Rizhao County) was successful, achieving a major breakthrough in China's tea-growing region. At present, Donggang District has developed into a green tea production base with distinctive features, obvious advantages, outstanding benefits and the largest scale in Huaibei. Due to its high latitude, the tea tree has a long wintering period and is affected by the marine climate, which is very conducive to the accumulation of tea content. The unique natural environment, geographical conditions and excellent cultivation and processing technology have cultivated the special quality of Rizhao Green Tea, which is characterized by “high aroma, strong taste and resistance to brewing”. It is known as “the first tea in Jiangbei”.

Wudi gold silk jujube

Innocent in Shandong. Originally known as Zaoxiang, Jinsi jujube is a specialty of this region. The golden silk jujube is named because it is a kind of small jujube that can be pulled out by a hand. The filament is drawn because of its high content of honey. It is especially sweet. It is not only delicious, but also a favorite dried fruit: it has high nutrient content and contains a variety of minerals and vitamins with medical effects. Strengthening the spleen and reducing the equivalent use of gallbladder, it is a nourishing good for the folk, puzzle, brain and tranquility.

Ban Dao Jing Liquor

The traditional brewing technique of the down-dwelling liquor was passed down from the wine ancestor Di Zhengzhen, and the brand originated from the Song Taizu Zhao Wei. The origin of Shandong Gaoqing brewing environment is unique, suitable for the reproduction of rare and microbial fungi. The rice is selected from the local production of sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, millet, wheat, corn and other six kinds of food as raw materials, using the only Chinese sorghum process, the wine is rich in flavor, mellow and round, and the tongue is flat. The charm is smooth, forming a unique style with distinct personality.

Yantai Sea Cucumber

“Yantai Sea Cucumber” is like the “Yantai Apple” and is a famous local product at home and abroad. Sea cucumber is the first sea cucumber with the highest nutritional value in the world. It is also known as Lushen and Liaoshen. Among them, Lushen is better than Yantai Sea Cucumber. "Yantai sea cucumber" has a high content of sea cucumber polypeptide and amino acid. A sea-joining industrial enterprise in our city has imported foreign workers to participate in the “sea cucumber peptide”, but had to give up because of the small amount of sea cucumber polypeptide extracted. As the head of “Baizhen Bazhen”, “Yantai Sea Cucumber” is popular among northerners because it does not contain cholesterol and can improve human immunity.

Yantai Abalone

The sea water in Yantai is clear, the water is rushing, the seaweed is clustered, and the rocky reefs are provided. It provides abundant bait and good growth space for the survival of abalone. Therefore, the abalone produced here has the characteristics of tender meat, fresh but not greasy, nutritious, clear and rich. Whether it is cooking or broth, it is delicious and wonderful.

Yellow River mouth clam

Wenyu is produced in many sea areas. It is said that only the Huanghekou has the freshest clams, and the export volume is also the largest. This shell is twice as thick as the thumbnail cover, and the native of the Yellow River mouth is called the clam. A white streak without markings is called white pheasant. The Yellow River Mouth is the top grade in the middle of the country. Because of its high quality and delicious taste, it is favored by consumers at home and abroad. Many people who love food often come here to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Yellow River and enjoy the delicious taste of Wenyu. It’s really beautiful! The “The First Freshest in the World” is the main variety of foreign exchange earned by the export of Hekou District in Dongying City.

Changyi Swimming Crab

The crab is a unique species of Changyi, and it is also an indispensable food on the table of Changyi people. Changshang crab has large individuals, the shell is hard and solid, and the color is smooth and blue-yellow. The meat of the crab meat is delicate, the taste is tender and firm, the fiber is rich and elastic, and the seafood taste is rich. Mature female crab crab yellow is pomegranate red, female crab egg mass, male crab grease, it is delicious and delicious.

Men Tai Yan Liquor

On the basis of inheriting thousands of years of excellent winemaking culture in China, Mengtai Feast Wine uses deep karst water rich in various beneficial minerals to extract the essence of the grain, secret spring song, unique organic mud, mixed steaming and burning. Ultra-long-term fermentation, the white wine has a unique style of “colorless and clear, musk rich, mellow and natural, long aftertaste”. It is this unique and unrepeatable wine password, plus dozens of procedures required by the demand, achievements Mian Ya Tianxiang's alliance Taiwanese wine.

Dianzi long red dates

Shandong Zaozhuang is named after the date. Zaozhuang City Shanting District Dianzi Town is the only long red jujube production base with the largest concentration, the highest yield and the best ecological environment. The production base of long red jujube with the largest output and best ecological environment is Zaozhuang. The first town of the mayor's red jujube base is known as the “hometown of Chinese long red dates”.

Laiyang Pear

Laiyang has a long history of more than 2,000 years and a splendid culture. Laiyang Pear has a planting history of more than 400 years in Laiyang, mainly distributed on the banks of the Qingshui River and the banks of the Weihe River, especially before and after the red clay cliffs. The children's port, Xiaogezhuang, Zhaowangzhuang, and the size of the pottery are the most famous. Among them, there is a 400-year-old Laoyewang in the port of Luer, which still blooms every year. Here is the "Linyang, China's pear town."

Changyi Shrimp

Changyi City is close to the Laizhou Bay of the Bohai Sea. The coastline is 53 kilometers long, with 640,000 mu of tidal flats in the intertidal zone and 3 million mu of shallow sea surface within 5 meters of the isobath. The individual prawn is large and flat, the surface is smooth and transparent, the color is bright, the shell is thin and hard, the meat is tender and delicious, the male is yellow, and the female is blue-blue. After cooking, the whole body is orange red, rich in flavor and has distinctive regional characteristics.

Guanxian glossy ganoderma

Guanxian Ganoderma lucidum is rich in Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide, Ganoderma lucidum, organic saponins, saponins, adenosine, guanidine, pyridine, ergosterol, alkaloids, lactones and other active substances beneficial to the human body, with superior quality and obvious market competitiveness.

Shanxian Mutton Soup

Shanxian mutton soup belongs to the traditional Han nationality in Heze City, Shandong Province, southwest Shandong Province. In the 1980s, it was included in the Chinese name recipe. It was first created in 1807, when Xu, Dou and Zhou were jointly created, so it was named "Sanyichun" Mutton Museum. The establishment of the food industry in that period caused quite a stir, and laid a solid foundation for the famous world of "Single County Mutton Soup". With a history of nearly 200 years, the single county mutton soup, with its "white-like milk, water-fat blending, pure texture, fresh and not sturdy, fragrant but not greasy, rotten but not sticky" unique style, loaded with Chinese recipes, The soup is only a single county mutton soup, which is called the first soup of China by the Chinese. "There is a folk cloud" came to Heze Peony City, not a single county mutton soup, which is equal to white to Heze! One county mutton soup, known as the famous Chinese food soup!

Yantai Green Tea

Yantai is the northernmost green tea planting area in China. Affected by the warm temperate monsoon continental climate, the Yantai tea tree grows slowly, and the tea has a rich accumulation of nutrients and good quality. According to the tea quality supervision and inspection center of the Ministry of Agriculture, the green tea water extract produced by Yantai is 48.6%, which is 14% higher than that of southern tea. The amino acid, tea polyphenol, caffeine, chlorophyll and other important indicators reflecting the quality of green tea can be used with southern tea. Compared with the beauty, it has the characteristics of “the soup is green and bright, the leaves are thick, the aroma is strong, and the brewing is resistant”.

Liuxiayi fructus gleditsiae

Zoucheng Liuxiayu pig tooth soap is produced in Zhuangzhuang Town, Zoucheng City, Jining City, Shandong Province. Liu Xia 邑 牙 牙 has more than 600 years of cultivation history. It is a unique tree species in China. It is one of the four major producing areas in the country. Zoucheng pig tooth soap is rich in resources, widely used, and has good economic, social and ecological benefits.