shanghai snacks

Ribs rice cake

Pork Ribs is a kind of affordable and unique snack in Shanghai, which has a history of more than 50 years. The large row is served with small and thin rice cakes, which are cooked by oil and cooked. They have both the aroma of ribs and the soft, crispy and crispy rice cakes. The ribs are golden in color, the surface is crisp and the meat is tender. The mouth is fragrant, slightly sweet and spicy, fresh and palatable. The two main ingredients of ribs rice cake - ribs and rice cakes have high nutritional value, can provide calcium for young children and the elderly, with the effect of nourishing yin and moistening, benefiting essence and blood.

Vegetable Baozi

The vegetable bag is made of white flour and the heart is made of green vegetables, gluten, mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots, dried tofu, and sautéed with sesame oil and sugar. After the packaged vegetarian dish is steamed, the skin is white and soft, and the filling heart is green and green, bright and pleasing to the eye. When the cage is opened, the room is full of fragrance, the taste of the food is delicious and refreshing, and it is not too greasy to eat.

Two sides yellow noodles

The two sides of yellow originated in Suzhou, once known as the "emperor in the noodles", the price is high. The two-faced yellow method is also very particular. Remember to turn over before eating, so that you can eat the best condition of “outer crispy and tender”. A bowl of noodles with a bowl of egg soup, a dish of oil, come up, drink Soup, then fish noodles, will definitely make you feel good.


Qingtuan is a traditional snack in the Jiangnan area. It is cyan, mixed with wormwood juice into glutinous rice flour, and then wrapped into bean paste or lotus root. It is not sweet or greasy, with a light but long grassy aroma.

Babao rice

Shanghai people must eat eight treasure rice for the New Year. The recipes in different places are similar. Shanghai comes standard with glutinous rice, sweet-scented osmanthus, red dates, glutinous rice, lotus seeds, longan and other fruit. It is seasoned with sugar and oil. After steaming, it is topped with sugar marinade. The taste is sweet and the meaning is perfect.

Xiao Yang Sheng Jian

In 1994, founder Yang Lipeng opened a fried restaurant on Wujiang Road - Xiao Yang Sheng Jian, because the word-of-mouth spread quickly became popular. As a speciality shop in Shanghai, it has developed several chain stores. The main characteristic of Xiao Yang Sheng Jian is that it is big, the skin is like baked, crispy and crispy, and with a slightly sweet meat filling, you can make a good snack to enjoy. However, because it does not have the traditional Shanghai fried, the soup is moderate, the meat is firm and delicious, the outer skin is soft and elastic, and the bottom is crispy. It is ridiculed by diners who have been insisting on the pursuit of the traditional taste of Shanghai. The speed of serving is very fast, so it won't wait a long time. Many tourists coming to Shanghai will come and taste it. (Shanghai says the steamed buns are steamed buns. Therefore, the raw fried steamed buns are actually fried buns.)

Guotie (Pot Stickers)

The pot stick is a Han Chinese pastry, belonging to the Su-style snacks. I am afraid that the pot sticker is a fried cousin, although the shape is completely different, but the production process is similar. If the fried fish is fried meat taro, then the pot is the fried version of the dumplings. In the north, people often fry the leftover dumplings, one is to save, and the other is to eat the different flavors of dumplings. The bottom of the pot should be slightly thinner than the raw frying, the mouth of the dough is more tough, the stuffing inside is not meaty, but the juice is beautiful.

Old town 隍 temple fresh meat pot paste

The pot stick is a kind of fried stuffing small food, which is exquisitely made and tastes delicious. Most of the pork stuffing is regular, and different fresh vegetables are used according to the season. The shapes of the pot stickers vary from place to place and are generally the shape of dumplings. I am afraid that the pot is a fried cousin, although the shape is completely different, but the production process is similar. If the fried fish is fried meat taro, then the pot is the fried version of the dumplings. The snacks in Shanghai can be described as very rich, too numerous, especially in the Chenghuang Temple. After entering, it is simply dizzying. Occupy such a place of interest, the old town 隍 temple fresh meat pot paste is not allowed to be liked by foreign tourists.

Crab shell yellow

Crab shell yellow is named for its shape-shaped yellow-colored crab shell. Someone used such a verse to praise it. "There is no smell of the cake first, and the entrance merings are coming down." The stuffing of crab shell yellow is salty and sweet. The cake is made of the oily noodles and the yeast noodles are made into a flat round cake, and the cake surface is adhered with a layer of sesame, which is baked on the wall of the furnace and baked. The fillings are salty and sweet, salty with onion oil, fresh meat, crab powder, shrimp, etc., sweet white sugar, rose, bean paste, jujube and so on. Because the shape of the cake resembles a crab shell, the color after ripening is as deep as the back of the crab shell, so it is called "crab shell yellow".

Kaiyang onion oil noodles

Open onion noodles is a famous traditional snack in Shanghai. It is also one of the famous snacks of the Chenghuang Temple. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, it was first created by Chen Youzhi, a pastry chef at Shanghai Chenghuang Temple. This snack is made with open noodles (ie larger shrimp) and scallion with seasoning. The scallions are delicious and delicious. It is very popular with diners. Known as the "scallion and fragrant floating nine-curve bridge", it is characterized by opening onion oil, mixed with noodles, and the mouth is smooth, fresh and fragrant. It is a deep red and yellow onion oil from the hometown of Subei, and it is specially made to open the ocean. It is an appetizing and delicious food. It is a snack for all seasons.

Xiao Shaoxing White Chicken

Xiao Shaoxing, founded in 1943, has a history of nearly 70 years. Its predecessor was the porridge shop; the founder Zhang Runniu and Zhang Ruhua's brother and sister, because the chicken porridge stall of Zhang's brother and sister did not have a signboard, but the stall owner Zhang Runniu had a Shaoxing sound, plus he was small and thin, some old customers were "small" Shaoxing's name is similar. For a long time, "Xiao Shaoxing" has become a famous name for chicken porridge stalls. White pheasant is a famous Han Chinese cuisine in Shanghai. "Speaking of white pheasant, it is necessary to count Shaoxing", this has become the mantra of many Shanghainese. Because "Little Shaoxing" is a famous "Three Yellow Chicken" produced in the area of ​​Shanghai Pudong, it has good quality and delicious taste, and has won the favor of customers.

Wu Yuan Cake Home Crab Shell Yellow

Shanghai Crab Shell Yellow is Shanghai's long-established specialty snack. It was founded in the early 1920s and is best known for its crab shell yellow cooked by Wu Yuan. The stuffing of crab shell yellow is salty and sweet, salty with onion oil, fresh meat, crab powder, shrimp, etc., sweet sugar, rose, bean paste, jujube and so on. Because the shape of the cake resembles a crab shell, the color after ripening is as deep as the back of the crab shell, so it is called "crab shell yellow".

Shanghai A Niang Yellow Fish Noodles

Speaking of the face of old Shanghai, what I have to mention is the A-Niang face. In the hearts of many Shanghainese, it is a brand of authentic “face” on the beach. The materials and treatments are good, tender and fresh, the noodles are fine and chewy, the soup is soy sauce, the fish fillet is about 10cm, tender and delicious, the yellow croaker is rich in protein, trace elements and vitamins. A good tonic effect, for the physical weakness and middle-aged and elderly people, eating yellow croaker will receive a good therapeutic effect. In general, Shanghainese will add a small bowl of pickled pork toppings to a bowl of yellow croaker in the A-Nan noodle restaurant.

Shen Dacheng Cake Series

When Shen Dacheng started his family, Shen Ajin was the master of dim sum and flavor snacks. So he took the store name Shen Dacheng. Because Shen Dacheng pays attention to the selection of materials, pays attention to the fine production, carries forward the tradition, and innovates, he became famous, so Shen Dacheng’s Shou Tao, Shou cake, sweet-scented osmanthus cake, double-brewed group, Qingtuan and other varieties enjoy a good reputation, as well as crab powder small cages, clams, all kinds of two-sided yellow and banquet snacks, all unique and well-received, so as early as the last century In the 1940s, it was well-known at home and abroad. The bar cake is the most popular cake group in Shanghai. There are many bean pastes in it, which are very delicate and dry enough to have the aroma of bean paste. Glutinous rice, sweet.

Gongde vegetarian buns

Shanghai Gongdelin is an old-fashioned brand. It originated from the merits and vegetables of the Sakyamuni birthday on the eighth day of the lunar calendar in 1922. The name of the store can be used to “accomplish the merits of becoming a forest and popularize the earth”. Thanks to the absorption of the essence of the local help, Gong Delin forms its own unique vegetarian flavor, specializing in the production of vegetarian dishes by burning leeks, color, fragrance, taste and shape.nThe merit forest vegetarian food package is made from vegetarian vegetables such as mushrooms and soy products, and is made from vegetable oil. It is made from fermented dough, hence the name " vegetarian dish". This package was first created at the Shanghai Gongdelin Restaurant and is now known as the Shanghai Vegetarian Restaurant and Chinese Dim Sum.

Cold noodles

Shanghai cold noodles are a dish made from noodles (preferably steamed noodles), chicken or tenderloin, and green peppers. The cold noodles are delicious, and the toppings of different vegetables give you a different taste experience. The rich sauce of peanut butter is wrapped, and after careful seasoning of vinegar and spicy oil, the noodles are richer and more layered. Cucumbers, eggs, chicken and so on can add nutrients and more taste of noodles.


Shanghai people have a special liking for sensation, and it is the heart of Shanghai people. Shanghai is a big man, a bit close to the northeast dumplings. Shanghai Daxie is a classic local dish. There are many shapes of enamel, and there are ingots, circles, triangles, rectangles, cylinders or semicircles. The stuffing of Dagu has lean meat, cabbage and so on, and the suede is smooth and elastic.

Rice cake

粢[zī] rice cake is a traditional snack that is popular in the Jiangnan area (Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai). It is a fried pastry. It can also be called oily rice cake because of its practice. It is called in other parts of the south. For the bomb. The outer layer of the rice cake is golden yellow, and the inner layer is soft white risotto. It is bitten and crispy, eaten in the mouth, and is crisp, salty and fresh.

Sliced Cold Chicken

White pheasant is a traditional dish in Shanghai. "Speaking of white pheasant, it is necessary to count Shaoxing", this has become the mantra of many Shanghainese. Because "Little Shaoxing" is a famous "Three Yellow Chicken" produced in the area of ​​Shanghai Pudong, it has good quality and delicious taste, and has won the favor of customers. “Little Shaoxing” has also become a famous store in Shanghai, and Baiji Chicken is a famous dish in Shanghai. The shape is beautiful, the skin is yellow and fleshy, the taste is tender and delicious, and the taste is very delicious and very delicious.

Steamed small meat dumpling in basket

Nanxiang Xiaocang's craftsmanship began in the Qing Dynasty with the ten years of Tongzhi. The skin of Xiaolongbao was made of non-fermented fine flour. After the hand and face, the dumplings were steamed and crystal clear, by light. You can see the stuffing in the buns through the thin skin. Nanxiang Xiaolongbao has higher requirements for fillings. It is necessary to use the front legs of pigs. It requires three points of fat meat and seven minutes of lean meat. The mixture is not used in MSG. It is mixed with chicken meat and boiled with rind, and mixed with sesame seeds. . After steaming in a special small bamboo cage, just take a buns and put them in a small dish. After puncture the dough, the soup in the steamed buns can just fill a stack. The steamed Xiaolongbao is small and exquisite, shaped like a pagoda. It is translucent, crystal clear and yellow, biting a bag of soup, full of mouthfuls and delicious taste.

Pan-Fried Steamed Bun

The skin is thick and delicate, and the meat is delicate and delicate. It is popular in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. It is the most authentic to eat and fry Shanghai! Shanghai fried oysters are also called fried gimmicks. It is a classic snack in Shanghai. If you want to find a snack to represent Shanghai, you can find a snack. Frying is definitely the strength! In Shanghai, the shops that run this kind of snacks are everywhere.

Nanxiang fresh meat small cage buns

Speaking of small cages, I have to mention the Nanxiang Shantou store in Yuyuan. Whether it is Shanghainese or foreign tourists, or even foreigners, as long as you come to Shanghai, you will basically go to the taste of this classic Shanghai snack. It also led to 365 days in the previous year, outside the store on the side of the Jiuqu Bridge, all crowded. "Gently lift, slowly move, open the window first, then simmer the soup, dip the vinegar, and finely sift". When a small cage is finished, let the Buddha pass through the quiet corridor in "In the Mood for Love". For example, in the film, Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung are passing by, even if the "ceremony" is over, but the air seems to remind us that this memory of lips and teeth is difficult to dissipate.

Wang Jiasha fresh meat moon cake

No matter how the mooncake filling changes, the Shanghainese's favorite is the fresh moon cake. Nowadays, fresh meat moon cakes are sold now. The plain meringue is wrapped with fresh pork. When you take a bite, you will have a warm soup overflowing. The hot and delicious taste is very delicious! During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the long queue from Nanjing West Road to Wujiang Road is not a joke. Compared with many old brands, Wang Jiasha has always been a little innovative. Wang Jiasha's signature moon cakes are not just fresh meat moon cakes. Many people are lining up to buy their special products - mustard fresh meat moon cake. The meat stuffing has a refreshing mustard, not only the fresh, but also the greasy feeling of the meat, the mouth will not be so oily.

Fresh moon cake

In the pedigree of moon cakes, fresh meat moon cakes belong to the Soviet style. It is a popular snack in Shanghai: the dough made of oil dough is layered in a slow fire in a pan, and the hot pork is stuffed in thick gravy. It shrinks into a thick, elastic core. Take a bite, the skin, meat, and juice of the cake are imported together, and it becomes chaotic salty, sweet, fragrant, fresh, and delicious.