shanghai specialty

Nanhui Peach

Nanhui Peach, Peach, Chunhua and Xiaguo. Its fruit, a view, fine fluff, white red; a sniff, fruity overflowing, sorrowful; a touch, blow bomb can be broken, the peel is falling; summer heat, bite a bit, tender and juicy, the entrance is sweet, refreshing , run into the lungs. Nanhui Peach and the peaches all over the world are deeply rooted in the world.

Chongming old white wine

Chongming Laobai Liquor is famous for its unique flavor of “full body, rich aroma, sweet entrance and moderate alcoholicity”. It is known as “the famous Jiangbei Sanqian, the first of the Jiangnan”. In 2007, Chongming Laobai Liquor, which has more than 700 years of rich cultural heritage, was officially recognized as a geographical indication protection product by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

Chongming old hairy crab

Chongming old hairy crab, also known as Chinese mitten crab, is commonly known as the "old hairy crab" because its two large stalks are full of fine fluff, and the shape has the characteristics of "green back, white belly, golden claws, yellow hair". It is one of the most famous local products in Chongming District, Shanghai.

Fengxian yellow Peach

Fengxian yellow peach fruit is huge, color is golden, attractive and attractive; fruit shape is round, fruit top is flat, meat is soft, sweet and sour, and rich in flavor, fresh flavor is excellent, it is wonderful in peach, fruit in Treasures. The main performance is "sweet, large, round, yellow, fragrant", and is suitable for processing cans.

Cangqiao Crystal Pear

Cangqiao Crystal Pear is a unique variety of pears. It is abundant in the Songjiang Cangqiao area. It is a famous product in the Shanghai area and even in the Yangtze River Delta. Compared with pears from other places, it has tender and crisp flesh and juicy and sweet. It is characterized by fresh and refreshing taste, round and beautiful fruit shape, and contains the protein, amino acid, vitamins, minerals and trace elements required by the human body. It has high nutritional value and medicinal value and is one of the favorite fruits of consumers. .

Jinshan Peach

The fruit of the peach is obviously different from the general peach. The shape is oblate, and the top is recessed to form a small nest. There is a blush, the skin is dark yellow, the flesh is crisp and sweet, and it is rich in various nutrients such as iron, zinc and vitamins. It is called "Xiantao". Jinshan Peach is a fruit-shaped hypertrophy. The fruit core is very small, the skin is thin and juicy, the color is ruddy, the color is tender as an infant, the meat is soft, the flavor is sweet, the sweetness is fresh, and its shape is beautiful. It is famous for its bright colors, good taste and fine meat.

Songjiang Rice

Songjiang, which has been a famous land of fish and rice since ancient times, is known as the “Su Song Cai Fu Half World”. The Songjiang people have used rice as their staple food for generations, and the rice cultivation history in this area is very long. Under the nourishment of the specific climate environment in Songjiang, Songjiang rice has created a full and fragrant rice, uniform size, crystal clear and translucent; rice is soft and elastic, light taste slightly sweet, surface oily and so on, has been widely recognized by consumers.