Top restaurant in shanxi

Tongshengxiang restaurant

Tongshengxiang restaurant is located in Xi"an Bell and Drum Tower Square, Xi"an is a unique local characteristics snacks made famous restaurants, is also one of Xi"an old. Restaurant, founded in 1920, has nearly 100 years of history, the main bubble steamed beef and mutton, cooking, shabu-shabu, etc., to make steamed beef and mutton known. Sheng Xiang restaurant steamed beef and mutton is characterized with a "heavy mellow material, Tangnong rotten meat, bun smooth muscle, scented, pure taste," expected from the Commission has made a complete and strict operational procedures, technology very particular about, Xi"an is the only won the highest award "Golden Tripod" snacks, is recognized as one of the "top ten Shaanxi cultural symbols."

Yang Mei Museum

The predecessor of a century the United States Yang Qishan Folk Food Co., Ltd. is the United States Yang Qishan Museum. Built on behalf Dynasty, it has been 100 years of history. At that time in front of a screen wall "Dragon Flag" pattern of emperor coming to a decision, the nine kitchen store (set fire to nine the pot) is a legend of Luban design, in front of the plaque for the famous Qing Dynasty calligrapher Yan Lin autograph book . Museum of the Great Western Zhou Yang Mei set food culture, food is tasteful, beautifully produced, sophisticated materials, highlighting local flavor West House, the century-old renowned West House, long time to flourish.

Best in the world face

The first plane in the world is to write "First noodle under the sun" means the best in the world face the world famous American scientist dining. Vice chairman of Chinese Artists Association, head of the yuan Mao, president of the Xi"an Academy of Fine Arts Liu Xi Mu ink brush after meals wrote the name "the first surface", thousand guests message reputation "the first surface" after tasting. With this, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce registered certification trademark. "West Village House face" name changed to "the first plane."

Mihara Huang family

Sanyuan County was founded in the late Qing Huang"s home, located in Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province Sanyuan County Street, even the word, convenient transportation, after three generations of heritage, company "intangible cultural heritage" Shaanxi snacks and traditional dishes. Is a century-old with a long history, hundreds of well-known three original name snacks and dishes by the chefs cooking Mihara, choice of materials known, well-made.

Xi'an Restaurant

Xi'an Restaurant was built in 1929, known as "Shaanxi dishes authentic," "Shaanxi flavor bible" known, had received Zhou Enlai, Ye Jianying and other Party and state leaders, Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hucheng and other patriotic generals and Guo, Lao She, Liu Qing and other cultural celebrities. Xi'an restaurant now serves more than 200 kinds of dishes. Where traditional dishes, vegetable specialties Shaanxi nearly 80 kinds of vegetables more than 120 innovation Shaanxi. Gourd chicken, warm mix waist silk three Pisi, Naitang pan fish and other ten traditional dishes, the restaurant is Zuozhuang dish, is now the most well known specialties Shaanxi varieties of vegetables, the restaurant guests every desk will point. Traditional specialties Shaanxi dishes, hot and sour soup Dusi, soy white meat with the pork, camel hoof soup, monkey cap, etc., the popular welcome customers. Innovation in Shaanxi dishes, Datang basin shark's fin, sea cucumber, grilled goose, Qin pepper crab, squid and other shellfish tip.

Lotus Restaurant

Shaanxi Lotus Restaurant Group was founded in 1992, originated in well-being, he grew up in Xi'an. 27 years, Lotus catering to promote the well-being cuisine responsibility, to tap the Southern traditional folk cuisine, and sublimation according to modern eating habits, developed the "well-being of eight pieces," "Ziyang steaming pot" and more than 100 kinds of local specialties dishes, after the formation of foreign friends to finish off in Xi'an snacks, eat meals Required pattern lotus dining.

Spring sprout

Spring sprouting Hulu since 1996, after 20 years of hard work, forged spring germination Hulu brand, reputation is growing, flourishing, has won the famous restaurant in Shaanxi, Shanxi dishes, most unique food and beverage brands, integrity unit demonstration units and many other awards, but each year, a significant exuberant vitality, currently has 97 branches throughout the country, we can see how popular Yes.

Monkey House restaurant

Monkey House restaurant was founded in 1898 (Qing dynasty years), Xi"an is well-known century-old, whose cattle steamed mutton, halal dishes and western ethnic snacks well-known at home and abroad. Monkey House restaurant has been committed to carry forward the halal western food culture, its unique dishes, tempting taste. Restaurant has successfully hosted Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Wu Bangguo, Jia Qinglin, Zeng Qinghong, Li Changchun, Huang Ju, Zhu Rongji and other Party and state leaders as well as leaders of more than 80 countries, and foreign dignitaries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots dozens of million people, are subject to a high degree praise.

Spring Dali a restaurant

Spring Dali a restaurant founded in March 2001, is located in the northeast corner of Dali County Eastern Ring Road, the main business Nine thirteen flower banquet, cold dishes, hot dishes, pasta and other traditional dishes. While maintaining the flavor of traditional cuisine Dali, following a festive feast, continue to study the market demand, adapt to the era of transformation, it launched a grand series features hometown snacks, to meet the different needs of different tastes of customers. In Shaanxi eat in Dali planning service centers to promote the planning paid off, finally Zhimakaihua steadily high, out of Shaanxi, out of the country, to the world.

Xi'an Jia Sanqing really Guantang buns Museum

"Guan Tang Jia three buns" is one of the famous Xi"an Muslim snack, the famous Hui "Lao Jia home" successor Jia three (Gu Zhiliang) sir, based on ancestral Cheats, absorbing, and the developed north and south a new generation of Muslim Taeshina, it excellent flour made leather, high-quality beef and mutton, seasonal vegetables and seafood material filling system, filling bovine bone marrow soup, the "Chinese Jia three fruit wooden cage" strong fire instant original of the moment evaporated, the preparation of scientific, fine art; nutrient-rich, diverse species.

Beijing kitchen

Beijing kitchens focus on exquisite Cantonese cuisine, strictly selecting high-quality ingredients and strictly controlling the production level. On the menu, there are not only traditional Cantonese classic dishes and Hong Kong style snacks, but also innovative Cantonese dishes created by ancient masters. In addition, there will also be some other cuisines to meet the needs of different guests. The original intention of the restaurant"s name is that no matter what kind of food is sold in it, the restaurant hopes that guests can feel the comfortable and cordial feeling of entering their own kitchen. They don"t need to be restrained or worried. Everything can be trusted by master Gu and his team.

Liang Xi baby Hamburger

Tongguan, Shaanxi Hamburger Hamburger is a martial art, is most critical to fame Liang Xi baby Hamburger, Liang Xi baby brand began in 1945, after a century of Five inheritance so far, it has been classified as non-left Tongguan County, Weinan City Intangible Cultural Heritage Shaanxi provincial and non-genetic order of the project. A mere Hamburger is a luxurious, Shaanxi Province, there are three most famous Hamburger. Are wax juice Rouga Mo, Baoji West House meat smell of urine steamed folder, and Tongguan Hamburger. January 8, 2016, Hamburger selected Shaanxi Province intangible cultural heritage. Liang Xi baby Hamburger, China had been entered on the tongue in, it is known as the most authentic Tongguan Hamburger.

Hyatt Hotel · lakeside Chinese Restaurant

Hyatt group has a very high reputation in catering. Its lakeside Chinese restaurant has won the public"s comments for three consecutive years. In terms of decoration, it is like an art gallery with a lot of Chinese garden landscaping methods. The dishes are more worthy of recommendation. Roast duck must be important, otherwise it will be regretted. It focuses on authentic Guanzhong cuisine, and the atmosphere dining environment shows the charm of Tang Dynasty Appropriate service attitude, neither alienated nor overly enthusiastic, to make dining customers comfortable.

Yongfeng Qishan surface

In the Shaanxi provincial capital Xi"an, ancient capital of thirteen, there is a Qishan Mr. Hu Yongfeng Yongfeng hotel founded by Shaanxi Restaurant Management Co., Ltd., its subsidiary 8 "Yongfeng Qishan noodle", the main business is known as the West House (Baoji) gourmet "first bowl "and" God"s food "Qishan Sào face, referred to as" Qishan face. " Jia Ping - wa plaque to its title.

Spring occur Hotel

Spring occur hotel is part of Xi"an Catering Co., Ltd., founded in 1920, its name taken from the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu "Rain in Spring Night" poem "good rain knows the season, when spring is here," the famous. Spring occur hotel inherited health diet concept Sun Simiao, and followed the traditional process of cooking for thousands of years, it is to operate a "health Han and Tang feast", "five health food" and "Hulu Tou Paomo" and other specialties and snack of a special hotel.

Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel

Intangible Cultural Heritage in Shaanxi Province ", Shaanxi official food production techniques" protection units - large Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an is China's first Tang culture museum-style hotel, designed by renowned architectural design master Zhang Jinqiu, based on the original Museum of History of the Tang Dynasty the transformation from, Tang architectural style, traditional Chinese three-yard, garden Langfang structure, bridges, green grass, always show a profound cultural and flourishing Tang Chang'an faint rhyme. Is a yard can see the Big Wild Goose Pagoda Hotel.


Chang"an No.1 is the top restaurant of true love, which is the representative of high-end Shaanxi cuisine. The classic Tang Dynasty decoration in the shop shows the style of ancient Chang"an, and the environmental design tries to highlight the style of ancient Chang"an. The stone carvings of six horses in Zhaoling on the wall, the sculptures at the corner, and the oil lamps on the table are flowing in every detail. The exquisite version of Shaanxi cuisine is produced with moderate weight, delicious and high grade. The service also has the posture of a provincial restaurant, which is very suitable for entertaining foreign tourists.

Lotus Western food


Fan in mind wax juice butcher shop

Xian Fan in mind wax juice butcher"s shop, founded in 1925, after the public-private partnership in 1956, formally "Fan in mind wax juice butcher shop" operations in the city of Xi"an bamboo fence began 56 shops. Xian Fan in mind meat juice Shaanxi renowned, award-winning: In 1989, the former Department of Commerce awarded quality products catering "Golden Tripod"; in 1999, won the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce and Shaanxi Province Cuisine Association awarded the "Shaanxi snack" title ; in 2000, he won the former internal Trade Bureau, China cuisine Association awarded the "Chinese point" "Chinese snack" title.

Haishi Shaan Restaurant

The Shaanxi cuisine restaurant, which is a relic of the prosperous Tang Dynasty, is located at the edge of the city wall. Its environment is antique and its main flavor is Qinlong in Northwest China. Its special dishes include mandarin fish with oil, pig"s feet with hemp skin, cucurbit chicken, etc. Sitting on the terrace, you can directly face the ancient city wall scenery of Xi"an not far away. The style of the courtyard has a historical sense of massiness, and dining in such an environment is more artistic conception.

De Fa Chang Hotel

De Fa Chang founded in 1936, it is a historic old Chinese international food brand, national super restaurants, Chinese commercial brand-name enterprises, Chinese AAAAA level Green Hotel, while in 2010 it was first included in dumpling making skills intangible Shaanxi cultural heritage, and to 318 varieties of dumplings tricks successfully challenged the Guinness World records as the Chinese and foreign tourists enjoy the Shaanxi characteristic flavor, a taste of history and culture of the ancient Chang"an important window of party and government leaders at all levels to receive foreign dignitaries and celebrities of choice place.