shanxi snacks

Shredded pancake in beef/mutton broth

Beef and mutton is the flavor of Shaanxi, especially Xi'an. It is cooked fine, rich in alcohol, rich in meat, fat, not greasy, rich in nutrients, full of aroma, attractive appetite, endless aftertaste. Because it warms the stomach and is hungry, it is loved by people of all ethnic groups in Xi'an and Northwest China. Foreign guests come to Shaanxi to savour first to taste. Since the founding of New China, especially in recent years to entertain international friends, it has also been well received. Beef and mutton has become the "general representative" of Shaanxi famous food.

Spring generation hulutou

The gourd head bubble is a famous specialty snack in Shaanxi. The old Shaanxi, which is born and raised in Xi'an, is a good mouth. People who love to eat are said to have eaten too much. There is also a retreat for this. I don’t dare to try it. The key is that the main ingredient of the gourd head is the pig's large intestine. Therefore, many people have always been respectful to it. In fact, as long as you can taste the authentic gourd head, you will love it. it. More than a thousand years ago in Tang Chang'an City, there was a kind of food made from pork sausages, "Fried White Intestines". Because of the guidance of the famous doctor of the Tang Dynasty, Sun Sizhen, it would solve the problem of getting tired and healthy. The Chinese medicine together with the medicine gourd was given to the owner, and the seller was greatly sold. The owner was grateful. Since then, the gourd has been hung in the door, which is named "Gourd Head".

Xi'an old grandson's Shredded pancake in beef/mutton broth

Xi'an Lao Sunjia beef and mutton is the most famous bubble museum in Xi'an history. Before the liberation, it was a national civilization. Mr. Chen Zhongshi repeatedly described the old Sun family bubble in the novel of Bai Luyuan. Now it is a state-owned enterprise under the Xi'an Food Group. Its characteristics are: the soup is rich in soup, the meat is rotten and fresh, the tendon is smooth, the color is bright, the stick is smooth and the aroma is overflowing.

Qishan Noodles with ingredients

The s(sào) sub-surface is a traditional pasta dish in the northwestern region of China, famous for its Xifu snacks. It is popular in the Guanzhong Plain of Shaanxi Province and the eastern part of Gansu Province. The dumplings have a long history. It also contains side dishes such as tofu, eggs, etc., which is simple.

Kang Kang steamed bread

It is also known as sesame cake. It is one of the traditional Han Chinese snacks in Hanyin County, Shaanxi Province. It is a round or rectangular pancake. The round shape is like a full moon, called a round cymbal, the size of the bowl is thick, and the side is thick and thin; the long shape is like a god card, called a long cymbal. The glutinous rice is covered with sesame seeds, and every time it is pointed on the cake, there is a knife-like cut. Hey, rich in nutrients, not dry or hard, not stubborn or soft, crispy and fragrant, suitable for all ages.

Steamed Cold Noodles

The characteristics of Qinzhen Liangpi are eight words: gluten, thin, fine, enamel, light, fragrant, spicy. The dough itself is white as snow, smooth as a fat, plus tender green spinach, sprouted soybeans, nasal spray spicy oil, spiced vinegar. Look at its shape: the skin is white, the spinach is green, the bean sprouts are yellow, the spicy oil is red; the smell is: the sesame oil is fragrant, the nose is fragrant, the spicy taste is strong, the vegetables are fragrant; eat in the mouth: soft and refreshing, all tastes, the more Chew the more gluten, after the smell back. No wonder, whether it is winter or cool summer, people are rushing to buy or self-satisfaction, eat the last time, still want to eat next time. By the time, you have never heard of Qinzhen Liangpi, which shows that you are a little bit ignorant; if you have not yet paid for Qinzhen Liangpi, it is a great pity. Thousands of ancient towns, local famous food, coupled with unique culture, Qin Zhen Liangpi has become a dazzling gold signboard in Hu County.

Hulutou (Pita Bread with gourd-shaped chitterlings)

The gourd head, the fat intestine at the junction of the pig's large intestine and the small intestine, is called the gourd head because of its contraction. The gourd head blisters are made from this section of the intestines and mashed sputum plus other excipients and seasonings with boiling broth (sparkling).

Defachang  dumplings

Founded in 1936, Defa Chang is a long-established Chinese old-fashioned brand. The old shop is located in the center of the ancient city of Xi'an, east of the bell tower, Xitun Drum Tower, facing the square. Defa Chang’s dumpling banquet is a must, a dumpling and a shape, a hundred dumplings and hundreds of flavors, known as "a unique Chinese." At present, there are more than 200 varieties of Defachang Dumpling Banquet, and the combination has become dozens of banquets such as welcome dinner, auspicious feast, dragon feast, three fresh feast, and Luo Hanhai feast. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people come to taste the dumpling banquet.

Biangbiang Noodles

Biángbiáng noodles (Hanyu Pinyin: Biángbiáng miàn, the word biang is a typo, there are many ways to write, can not enter the computer, often replaced by BiángBiáng noodles, biángbiang noodles or noodles) is a traditional flavored pasta in Shaanxi Guanzhong, is Traditional Shaanxi pants belt surface. Because of the sound of biang, biang in the production process, it is named. There is a saying about the writing of this word: a little flying to the sky, the Yellow River is curved on both sides; the eight-character big mouth, the words go inward, the left one twists, the right one twists; the west one long, the east one long, the middle adds a horse king; At the end of the heart, next to the moon, leave a hook to hang the sugar; push the car to Xianyang.

Lvyang Pot tea

Canned tea is a kind of flavored breakfast in Lueyang County. It has been passed down between the villagers for generations. It is a custom of the monks and has become a major feature of local food culture. As a traditional refreshment diet, Lueyang canned tea is divided into several types, such as blisters, oil-fried tea, and canned tea. Among them, noodle tea is the most famous.

Bubble Oil Cake (Sanyuan County)

Bubble Oil Cake is a well-known traditional Han Chinese snack in Sanyuan County, Shaanxi Province. Its origins can be traced back to the name of “Wangfengxiao” oil cake in the Wei Dynasty. The bubble oil cake is a hot noodle and then wrapped in a yellow cinnamon sugar filling. It is called a bubble oil cake because of the bulging foam on the cake surface. Stuffing is made with white sugar, yellow laurel, rose, peach kernel, and cooked noodles; the noodles are made with hot noodles.

Walnut cake

The Luoyang area is rich in walnuts. The local Tongning has the same unique food. It is as small as porcelain enamel, orange-yellow, crispy and oily, delicious and long-lasting, resistant to storage, not easy to mold, stored over ten days, famous walnut cake . Walnut cake is characterized by golden color, delicious oily taste and long-term storage. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and carbohydrates. Walnut also has a therapeutic effect of strengthening the kidney and invigorating the bowel. Hanzhong citizens like to eat, often eat it as breakfast, and some with the dough.

Qishan processed noodles

The noodle skin is a traditional traditional snack in Shaanxi, especially in the Baoji area of ​​Xifu. The Baoji Lushan noodle is recognized as a Chinese snack in 2011. The noodle skin evolved from the cold Tao of the Tang Dynasty. It has the characteristics of somersault, softness, cool fragrance, hot and sour taste. It is one of the representative of Guanzhong Xifu snacks and one of the most ethnic foods in the northwest.

Baoji Qishan 100-year-old Meiyang Minced pork noodles

The s(sào) sub-surface is a traditional pasta dish in the northwestern region of China, famous for its Xifu snacks. It is characterized by thin, gluten, light, king, sour, spicy, fragrant and so on. The mouth is soft and smooth. The noodles are characterized by slender noodles, uniform thickness, fresh scent, and the soup is radiant and fragrant. . The dumplings have a long history. It also contains side dishes such as tofu, eggs, etc., which is simple. The scorpion is the meaning of diced meat. For Shaanxi people, the color of the dumplings is especially important. Yellow egg skins, black fungus, red carrots, green garlic, white tofu, etc. are both good-looking and delicious.

Xi'an Fanji Chinese hamburger

Fan Ji wax juice has been more than 60 years old, founder Fan Fengxiang father and son. Fanji wax juice is famous for its selection of fine materials, complete materials, firework, flesh color, delicious taste, rich and fragrant, long-term storage. The quality of Fanji wax juice is good, and it is also that its "wawa soup" is a soup for many years. The soup is mellow. With old soup and new ingredients, after a long period of tanning, the meat is not bad, and it is full of fragrance.

Xi'an Jiasan halal soup buns

“Jia San Guan Tang Buzi” is made of fine flour, Qinchuan beef, grassland mutton, seafood and other ingredients for the stuffing, with beef and bone marrow raw soup as juice, special skills packaged, created by the “Chinese Jia Sanguo wooden cage” The strong fire instantly evaporates, forming a thin skin like paper, gluten and soft, fresh and tender soup, fresh sauce, shaped like a pomegranate, like the characteristics of the ingot; at the same time, Jia San Guan Tang buns are as white as a purse, 拎It is like a sachet, and the symbol of Jiqing Xiangrui is a classic of halal food.

Xianyang Sanyuan Laohuangjia Bubble Oil Cake

Bubble Oil Cake is a well-known traditional Han Chinese snack in Sanyuan County, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province. Its origins can be traced back to the name of the dying feast of Wei Juyuan in the Tang Dynasty. Bubble oil cake filling is made with white sugar, yellow laurel, rose, peach kernel and cooked noodles. The bubble oil cake features white color and loose skin, such as light gauze, and the flaps are kneaded.

Yaozhou salted noodle soup

Salty noodle soup is a unique traditional cuisine in Yaozhou. It has smooth gluten, rich soup flavor, rich nutrition, excellent health care, Kaidan spleen and stomach function, and affordable price. It is the favorite place in the local favorite. Authentic Yaozhou salty noodle soup "gluten is not hard, oil is not greasy", the face is in the hands, the aroma is tangy, the yellow noodles in the bowl float in the chili soup of the red red soup, floating focus on the white tender tofu Flowers, green onions and silks under the stirring of chopsticks, colorful, like a pleasing picture, really noodles have not yet entered the belly, people have been born forever to lie.

Yulin Minced Mutton buckwheat noodles

"荞面饸饹羊饸饹 soup, want to keep up with life and death," this singer of the Northern Shaanxi Xintianyou uses mutton scorpion and glutinous rice noodles to compare the love of loyalty and unspeakable love, showing the position of the noodles in the hearts of people in northern Shaanxi. . Yulin mutton dumplings are one of the traditional names of Yulin. The noodles and mutton soup are matched with the mutton soup. The taste is quite good, and it can best reflect its unique flavor. Almost all the guests who come to Yulin will be treated with such a kind of food.

Gold line oil tower

The Golden Line Oil Tower (also known as the Thousand Layers of Oil Cake) is a famous traditional Han Chinese snack in Sanyuan County, Shaanxi Province. Its layer is thin, loose and not greasy, its shape "lifts like a gold thread, put down like a pine cone", so there is a mention of gold wire, put like a tower.

Chinese hamburger

Meat folder, also known as wax sauce, is a famous snack in Shaanxi, China. The meat used in meat minced meat is bacon meat. It is a kind of pork cooked in a large pot. When cooking, the soup has a thick layer of oil on the broth for heat preservation and fragrance. After cooling, the oil is white, such as wax, and the lean meat is also like wax soaked in the name of the sauce. This meat is similar to the sauce but is more succulent than the general sauce. The 馍 used is 白 饼 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白. Because the meat folder is similar in shape to the hamburger, it can be traced back to the pre-Qin period (its meat can be traced back to the Zhou Dynasty, while the bread portion can be traced back to the Qin Dynasty), so it is considered to be the earliest in the world.

Shaanxi potato flour

The old Shaanxi potato flour is a special food created by the development of the ancient city in the northwest on the eastern coast, the flavor of Shaanxi potato flour and the flavor of Henan Zhengzhou potato flour.

Babao spicy

"A dish of oily and spicy dishes" is a folk custom in Guanzhong. Pucheng people enriched it. Besides adding oil and pepper, adding meat and vegetables makes this dish even more worthy of its name. Babao Spicy is the most traditional dish in Pucheng. There are many kinds of ingredients, hence the name "eight treasures". The raw materials are not fixed and can be more or less. But there are three kinds of indispensable ones, one is chili noodles, the other is pickled vegetables, and the third is large diced meat. Others can be taken locally according to the season, and then add other materials. The final color of the finished product is red, green, white, yellow, black, and the 煞 is lively and beautiful, and the taste will also be “a star of the stars”. However, a spicy, salty and fragrant is still the root of Babao Spicy. Bring a bowl to the end, let alone eat, first look at it, it makes people drool. Pick it up with chopsticks, the smell, the smell, really intoxicated to return to God. After a meal is finished, people are also spirited, with red light and sweat on their noses. In recent years, the improvement of Babao meat and spicy seeds has not only been the unique life of Pucheng people, but also the delicious taste of people in Shaanxi and even the whole country.