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Shanxi Fried Boiled Pork

Over-oil is the most famous traditional dish in Shanxi. According to legend, this dish first appeared in the Southern and Northern Dynasties. It was originally a famous dish in the official residence of Pingdu (now Linyi) in the capital, and later spread to the Taiyuan folk. In the Song Dynasty, it has become a representative variety of the market. “Over-oil” is available in Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang, and Shanxi’s oily meat is different from the selection of materials to the production, with a strong local characteristics of Shanxi. In addition to the traditional use of selected lean meat after sizing, pulling oil, with natural black fungus, mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots fried, and now there is a mushroom over oiled meat (Taiwan mushroom, is the abbreviation for the production of Wutai mountain mushroom, is a kind Highly nutritious edible fungus, also known as "broccoli".

Sauce plum meat lotus leaf cake

Sauce plum meat lotus leaf cake Shanxi's friends are estimated to have eaten this "hard dish" at the banquet and dinner. The marinated and steamed sauce plum meat is sandwiched in the lotus leaf cake. The pork belly looks fat and thin, the color is ruddy, bite up and not greasy, and the mouth is full of fragrance. It is really drooling when people think about it.

Steamed yellow rice with red dates

Yellow rice steamed rice is a traditional flavor food of Linyi. The method is to soak the fresh yellow rice in cold water for ten hours, then put the red dates and red kidney beans in the pot and cook for use; then remove the yellow rice and put the iron on the large iron pot; Rice, a layer of yellow rice, a layer of kidney beans, a layer of red dates, and steam for an hour. Finally, it is extruded into a cake in a magnetic basin, and it can be eaten with yellow rice steamed rice sugar, and the taste is soft.

Beef steamed corn bread

The wolf head made of cornmeal was once the staple food of the ordinary people's table. Especially in the age of lack of food, it is lucky to be able to eat the wolf head every day. It is the memory of the generation's tongue. It is said that in 1900, the Empress Dowager Cixi fled to Xi'an and passed through the Shanxi Qiao Family Courtyard. Qiao Zhiyong was the Empress Dowager Cixi who had been eaten by the poor people. The Lafayette had long been hungry and tasted delicious and sweet. Later, I went back to the capital and thought about this, but I couldn’t make the taste of the imperial kitchen in the palace.

Stewed sea cucumber with millet

Xiaomi stewed Liaoshen is a veritable health food. Liaoshen is rich in protein, which has the effect of nourishing kidney and nourishing essence, nourishing blood and moistening dryness. Millet contains vitamins and other mineral elements, suitable for digestion and absorption, and has the effect of losing weight, lowering blood fat and lowering blood sugar. The combination of the two makes the plant protein and animal protein cleverly matched, acid-base balance, scientific food supplement, has a strong therapeutic effect, the taste is fresh and mellow, and the aftertaste is endless.

Stewed mutton with Astragalus membranaceus

Huangqi Mutton is a famous traditional dish in Shanxi Province and belongs to Jincai. Taking mutton as the main ingredient, the cooking skill of Huangqi mutton soup is mainly based on cooking, and the taste is savory. Eating mutton in winter not only increases calories, but also protects against cold, increases digestive enzymes, repairs gastric mucosa, and fights aging. Together with the traditional Chinese medicine of Astragalus, the yellow mutton mutton can be said to be a must-have item in winter. This dish is soft and fragrant, full of flavor and very delicious.

Tomato noodle fish

The noodle fish, as the name implies, is a cute thing like a small fish. The steamed clams and fish are fried together with fresh vegetables. The nutrition is rich, the fish and fish taste is a must, soft and flexible.

Shanxi sweet and sour fish

Sweet and sour fish is a simple dish, which is a common dish in the recipe. It is more common in Shanxi. The taste of sweet and sour fish belongs to sweet and sour taste. It is a kind of cooking, but how to make sweet and sour fish is best to eat, mainly depends on your own taste habits. Make detailed adjustments. Features: Yiqi Tiaoyuan, nourishing deficiency, promoting blood circulation and stomach, rich in nutrition, with the effect of pacifying cold and strong body and prolonging life.

Shanxi  Mixed meat in chafing dish

Datong Assorted Hot Pot mainly contains eight kinds of ingredients, including sea cucumber, prawns, squid rolls, braised pork, meatballs, fried tofu, cucumber strips and carrot strips. Nowadays, with the abundant material conditions, some restaurants and people have innovated the assorted hot pots, adding dried bamboo shoots, ham, fresh shellfish, abalone slices and other raw materials, and using chicken soup as the base.

Braised Abalone with potatoes

There are many ways to eat abalone. The hotel often has steamed abalone, garlic steamed abalone and abalone. In fact, after the fresh abalone is steamed, it is delicious enough to eat empty mouth; fresh potatoes, simple braised, can also make people love it; The abalone and the potatoes are stewed together. The abalone juice is not sprinkled. It is all infiltrated in the thick sauce at the bottom of the pot. The juice is wrapped around each small potato. Every fresh abalone is also served. The fragrant potato juice is infiltrated.