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Apricot Church

Apricot hall, full of Shanxi style of apricot as the name, Shanxi Heng Fa Chuen Tang Restaurant Management Co., a subsidiary of Shanxi food brands. Shanxi remembered as a hometown flavor, as many memory table from Shanxi, Shanxi Heng Fa Chuen Tang restaurant to taste authentic Shanxi, Shanxi dishes will be extended to the country, has set a successful brand classic dishes Shanxi, received wide acclaim consumers .

People fishing village

People fishing village Restaurant Group was founded in 2004, mainly dedicated to modern hotel management and catering weddings cultural communication, has created fourteen large-scale catering hotels, an educational company, a media company, their staff two thousand people. Fifteen years, people fishing village brand has always focused on the banquet market people, People First price, to provide high-quality banqueting, wedding services, professional catering for wedding receptions, birthday, unlock feast, Teacher Appreciation Banquet, Business, etc., in the "people dinner, preferred brand of "business philosophy, and in 2016 the company formed a strategic alliance to Albert, regular storms and 4D import video shows the results of the inspection, as well as the transformation of 4D clear bright kitchen stove, stir in Shanxi," No access "is kitchen, playing a "Welcome" attractions, received several visits and learn from across the country catering people.

Hajime Seiwa

According to legend, Qing Yuan Hotel was built at the beginning, so far, 390 years of history. In 1956, Qing Yuan restaurant moved to Bridge Street, rebuilt the restaurant, please return the long-lost old teacher, conducted the first revival of traditional flavors cuisines of consolidation. "Head", "hatbox", "a little plum", "lamb" and other traditional cuisines, dishes are returned to traditional recipes, traditional production method, combined with excellent raw materials complete, to ensure that the listed product quality, quantity, greatly meet the people's demand for special products of.

Yang Mei Museum

The predecessor of a century the United States Yang Qishan Folk Food Co., Ltd. is the United States Yang Qishan Museum. Built on behalf Dynasty, it has been 100 years of history. At that time in front of a screen wall "Dragon Flag" pattern of emperor coming to a decision, the nine kitchen store (set fire to nine the pot) is a legend of Luban design, in front of the plaque for the famous Qing Dynasty calligrapher Yan Lin autograph book . Museum of the Great Western Zhou Yang Mei set food culture, food is tasteful, beautifully produced, sophisticated materials, highlighting local flavor West House, the century-old renowned West House, long time to flourish.

Boss with restaurant

"Boss with the restaurant" founded in 1988, with the continuous development and improvement, the establishment of a limited liability company boss with restaurants, stores restaurant's "Hongfu floor," "Tai Fu Building" "Jin Flo" "Yanbei hotel restaurant" and spread all over Datong, popular people, loved. Chinese Restaurant Association was awarded the "Chinese food brand"; catering company is in Shanxi, Shanxi Restaurant Association awarded the "Gold Medal Shanxi pasta shop"; its "Hongfu House" hotel successfully held three sessions "boss with pasta Festival", much industry attention, praise waves, hit the province, the provincial diet companies and get highly praised and restaurant Association awards.

Shunliu surfacing

Shunliu surfacing is the first fast food restaurant franchise Shanxi noodle and snacks, and is "Datong noodle" is the essence of Shanxi pasta cultural heritage, in order "to build the first Shanxi noodle fast-food brand" as the goal, to promote cultural Shanxi pasta, Merchants heritage representative of the spirit of enterprise in Taiyuan, there are hundreds of stores. Shanxi noodle pasta Chinese living in the first five, but also an important business card of Shanxi. Shunliu people rely on "do not abandon, do not give up," the entrepreneurial spirit, only a few short years, went from a 30-square-meter store, which owns the development Shunliu fashion noodle restaurant, Yanbei whole grains museum, Xiniang dumplings, 2000 square meters of processing and distribution centers and more than 100 national Shunliu fast-food chain, on reception passenger More than 50,000 food and beverage companies.

Best in the world face

The first plane in the world is to write "First noodle under the sun" means the best in the world face the world famous American scientist dining. Vice chairman of Chinese Artists Association, head of the yuan Mao, president of the Xi"an Academy of Fine Arts Liu Xi Mu ink brush after meals wrote the name "the first surface", thousand guests message reputation "the first surface" after tasting. With this, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce registered certification trademark. "West Village House face" name changed to "the first plane."


Speaking of hibiscus, every Taiyuan people are familiar. Beginning of the 21st century, can eat a meal in Seremban, feel Bel a face children. Blink of an eye, Lotus has gone through 26 years, the restaurant industry has always been able to Taiyuan place, it must have its attractions. Hibiscus Restaurant From the inception of herself, only Jin vegetables, the demand for quality food grains crops in the Loess Plateau and modern combine the homes of ordinary people in the potatoes, Noodle, millet, beans and other grains introduction of different types of Daya Church.

Fengtian Pavilion

Traditional Liaoning cuisine and fusion cuisine are the main dishes, supplemented by the innovation of local specialties. The green and healthy "home cooked dishes" have been upgraded and developed. They have won the honor of "top ten famous restaurants of Chinese liaocai" and confirmed by the representative inheritors of national intangible cultural heritage. The main dishes such as Fengtian old style pot wrapped meat and snow soft bean paste are listed in the list of Chinese famous dishes.

Shanxi Hall

Shanxi Hall was established in 1990, originally called Baiyun restaurant. Shanxi Hall has the original 430 years of history, is a history of the Shanxi culture, business culture, residential culture, food culture extract was concentrated to a museum and cultural center catering a stove, the "can eat a museum," said, is from Shanxi the living room is also a banner of Shanxi culture dining.

Taiyuan old restaurant

Chinese food culture originated in the tradition of Shanxi, Taiyuan in Shanxi food culture. In order to help Taiyuan cuisine flourish, Shanxi days off the coast of Xinghai Restaurant Group chairman proposed "to help revive the dishes Taiyuan, Shanxi dish and then revitalize" slogan, has been following the company for many years of Jin dishes master, master pastry and strong identity support. In full support of Jin Chuan Cheng Gongxun dish Masters Nizi Liang and Liu as Master of recognition and exclusive secret formula, the old restaurant to debut Taiyuan Dragon.

Cai Linji

Cailinji was founded in 1928. After several generations of cailinji people"s pioneering efforts, cailinji has developed from a single noodle shop to a catering brand enterprise producing diversified characteristic snack products, and has become a well-known hundred year old snack brand in Wuhan and Jingchu. Cai Linji"s hot and dry noodles are smooth and smooth. They are oily in color, fragrant and delicious. They are full of nostalgia when they are not eaten. When they are eaten, they are fragrant and have endless aftertaste. Therefore, Cai Linji hot and dry noodles have been praised by the general public, enjoying the reputation of "Chinese famous snacks" and being rated as "China"s top ten noodles". In 2011, cailinji hot and dry noodles production technology was included in the "Hubei Province intangible cultural heritage list".

Yili recognized restaurant

Recognize Yili Hotel is a well-known Muslim-style Taiyuan, Taiyuan is a famous old. Yili recognize the hotel"s predecessor called "a force identified Dumpling House," the Department in 1930 Anliang Tian Hui founded. 1957 lamb dumplings known as one of the ten Cuisines Taiyuan, in 1985 was named quality products in Taiyuan food service systems. Over half a century, although the owner, shop several changes, but "recognize Yili" but enduring reputation, especially traditional cuisines - "lamb steamed."

Linfen Jindu Garden Hotel

Linfen Jindu Garden Hotel as one of the most popular luxury hotels in Linfen, integrating business, conference and leisure in one comprehensive foreign-related hotels, rustic appearance, refined, uphold the essence of Chinese culture for thousands of years the earth, yet regal pride, highlighting features Jinnan culture. Linfen Jindu Garden Hotel joined the 2019 Golden Key International Union, becoming the first in the region Jinnan Golden Key International Hotel, is the sole owner of six Golden Key Golden Key Hotel Services team Jinnan district.

Fung A House

"Phoenix Pro Club" restaurant is a restaurant famous ancient city of Datong in history so far, nearly 500 years of development history. "Phoenix Pro Club" restaurant was founded in the Ming Zheng years, because of "Prince and the Showgirl" stories and Qing Dynasty "flowers dumpling," the story known. It will Datong historical culture and modern catering services perfect fit, become a renowned Octagon Datong culture card.

Yonghe Wen Ying Hotel

In Datong, just mention food, "Yonghe" the boss with the brand hardly unknown, known to everybody, but it"s Datong Wen Ying Hotel is a well-known hotel where food and drink. Wen Ying Yonghe enter the hotel, make the customer feel both forceful Shanxi compound, but also enjoy the scenery to the south garden. Traditional courtyard, independent space, vertical and horizontal trails, pavilions, bridges, can directly see rooms with wooden roof beams, wooden windows Kam traditional patterns of lanterns, bamboo blinds and wooden screen mapping elegant traditional culture beauty. In the hustle and bustle of the city, into the Yonghe Wen Ying Hotel, a time-veil spy deep history of romantic feeling wells put aside.

He elderly Haggis Museum

He gained a reputation Haggis old "municipal intangible cultural heritage". He began in Chong years old Haggis, Haggis He inherited the old recipe for ancestors left behind and absorbed Wai Yan Haggis, the advantages of the county should Haggis, Haggis Wang Ping, the selection of high-quality sheep meat offal and refined vermicelli yam, increases the cinnamon, star anise, and other seasonings after sheep offal, blood, boiling points and braised vermicelli, its own style. Haggis bowl through its concept of Hongliang, smell the pleasant fragrance, food for thought, those who ate the people gave a high appreciation.

Lihua Grand Hotel

Lihua Grand Hotel is a five-star international standard hotel. Lihua Grand Hotel "Jin taste" restaurants invite you to share Jin taste on the tongue, looking for the taste of the year, the price of the civilian population to experience five-star service. In addition, every day, comic, storytelling, allegro, lotus falls, Pasta performing live show. At the same time with your recollection of childhood memories - slip painting sugar, blown sugar, dough figurines, folk paper-cut, cotton candy, candied fruit, glass slightly bang, allowing you to enjoy the sights and sounds of Jin taste. In those years, those people, those things, those taste, eating Jin taste, sipped Jin Yun children, all in "Jin taste" restaurant. Whether you are entertaining friends from overseas, Shanxi folk experience, or from afar Shanxi tour, this is definitely your best choice.

Jin Yun House Hotel

Over the years, Qingxu people Jin Yun Building Culture Company won many awards. Jin Yun floor of its flagship store as China Tourist Hotels Association, Shanxi gold face food shops, Shanxi premium flavor shop, in 2011 the global hotel industry Culture Industry Forum "Jinzun Award" ceremony, won the "most influential food and beverage brands "Shanxi is the only one recognized company.

Chuang Jia Yu Garden Hotel and

Chuang Jia Yu Garden Hotel and is set catering, accommodation, conference, entertainment, leisure as one of the countries AAAA green hotels. The famous director Jia Zhangke's wedding was held in his hometown Fenyang, Shanxi and Chuang Jia Yu Garden Hotel at once. This is a four-star hotel, covering 78 acres and has 151 rooms and a large ballroom for 580 people at a time, and Cantonese dishes, seafood, and there is Dongbei, Hunan and Fenyang local dishes. A wide variety of dishes, both cooked millet Russia sea cucumber such Chinese and Western dishes, also has such a seafood steamed crabs, Shanxi more Sauce, Fenzhou sauce Meirou, you face Kao Lao lao local specialties such.

Chui Ling restaurant

Chui Ling restaurant is located in the southern end of the road construction Cao Bang by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Mountain Province "Ten bowl Cao Bang," the representative inheritor and Shanxi cuisine and cultural celebrities "China Golden Kitchen Award" winner, Mr. Sun Yongsheng created. Gaoping most authentic Ten bowl, and innovate without loss on the basis of the original excavation of inheritance. More than good taste, very fine, on the grade. Choosing the food product Cao Bang to go to the Department.

Pan Hua Jinglun Hotel

Xinzhou Pan Hua Jinglun Hotel (formerly Xinzhou Hotel), is composed of Shanxi Long Construction Development Co., Ltd. invest in the construction of five-star hotel in accordance with international standards on the site of the former Hotel Xinzhou luxury hotels. Xinzhou Pan Hua Jinglun Hotel is located in the core area of ​​Xinzhou City, is a city center landmark, the only luxury business hotel Xinzhou City, is a government reception designated units.

Jiangnan Hotel

Taiyuan Jiangnan Food Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991, is dedicated to modern business hotel catering, Chinese food culture, industrial development and dissemination of Shanxi Province-based large-scale private enterprises, over the years to a sound investment strategy and business integrity management business model, continue to rise to the development, now has now has Jiangnan hotel, all-Jin Hall hotel dining culture, Jiangnan TX Park Inn, Bai Le food chain of Chinese fast food company, Jiangnan food logistics distribution Co., Ltd., Jiangnan fresh chain, Hong Qi new real estate company and other subsidiaries. Taiyuan is well-known catering business, won the first "Chinese restaurant brand" the title of business for three consecutive years to enter the top 100 Chinese catering enterprises.