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Shanxi bubble oil cake

Bubble oil cake, also known as "fried cake", is the top grade in oil cake. Its surface has a layer of bubbles about 10 mm high, and the hyperopia is mushroom-like, such as the evening glow. The near-looking like the leaves and leaves, like Jinjudouyan, Baizhonghuihuang, crystal clear and translucent, is known as one of the Shanxi food flowers. Duoqi.

Cui Ling Tian He Egg

Tianhe Egg is a sweet food in the “Gaoping Top Ten Bowls” of the intangible cultural heritage of Shanxi Province. Heaven and sweet homonym, and for the sake of harmony, Gaoping people added the sweet and harmonious meaning to this sweet food, and because its shape looks like a quail, it is called Tianhe egg. The main ingredients are sweet potato and white noodles.

Xin Bing Ji Taigu Cake

Xin Bingji was founded in 1859 by the first generation founder Li Hengyu and has been passed down to the fifth generation. Xin Bingji Taigu cake strictly follows the ancestral ancient recipes from the selection of raw materials to baking. Only by the experienced master to knead the formed Taigu cake, will it be full, crisp and not broken.nXin Bing Ji is selected from the whole germ of the whole wheat germ wheat, natural non-genetically modified soybean, sesame and other materials, without additives, to maintain the original taste and mellow. Rich in protein, soft phospholipids, dietary fiber, so that you can eat nutritious and healthy.

Renyili beef and mutton steamed dumplings

The “Identity Dumplings Pavilion” was founded in 1930 by the Hui people An Liangtian. "Recognition of one force" comes from "recognition of the Lord, the main force is endless." In addition to the good lamb, the fillings of the mutton steamed dumplings are also equipped with more than ten kinds of Chinese herbal medicines such as Amomum villosum L., soybean meal, white peony root, medlar, dried tangerine peel, ginger, cinnamon and pepper. These accessories have aroma, In addition to phlegm, appetizing, and digestive functions. Therefore, steamed dumplings are not only not greasy, but also delicious, and rich in nutrients. The method of recognizing the steamed dumplings is also very particular. The finished product should reach the standard of “thin skin, small side, large stuffing, half-mesh shape, no opening, no filling”.

Pingyao Jinsheng Oil Tea

Pingyao Camellia is a classic traditional food for health care in Jinshang. It has a history of more than a thousand years in Pingyao. At first, it gradually became a winter drink as a hot food for the cold-selling health, and it was also a typical representative of the Shanxi food culture.

Guanyun Pingyao Beef

In the folk song "Take the Native Produce" in Shanxi, the first sentence is "Piece of Taiyao's Beef Taigu". When passengers walk into the ancient Pingyao City, the Pingyao beef distributor who is good at business, always cut off one piece and try to attract customers with a taste of it. Because they know the psychology of the guests, they also know that the taste of beef will make guests satisfaction. Interestingly, the beef that has just been out of the pot, the knife is not savoury, and as long as the knife is pulled, the rich meat will suddenly come out, making people feel bitter and sullen.

Shouyang Hanyu Tea Food

In Shouyang County, when festivals and weddings are celebrated, locals always want to eat some tea, or give gifts to relatives or friends, or worship the ancestors. Tea food has become one of the most famous foods among local snacks. Most people in Shouyang also know that the tea food in the county is the best in the area of ​​Tai'an. However, in Tai'an, people use the tea food produced by Shouyang County Tai'an Hanyu Food Processing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Han Yu Food Company) as the top grade.

Hunyuan jelly

Wuyuan jelly is a Han nationality speciality in Shanxi Wuyuan. In the summer, jelly is one of the foods that ordinary people like to eat, and Shanxi Wuyuan people love to eat jelly, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter. On the streets, there are dozens of cool powder stalls all year round. Wuyuan jelly powder is made from potato starch. It is added with a proper amount of alum, stirred into a paste, cooked on the fire, and poured out on the cold, so it is also known as whitefly.

Stone cake

The stone cake is a unique specialty snack in Shanxi. Popular in Shanxi Yuncheng, Yongji, Linyi, Fuyang area. The stone cake has two kinds of white noodles and bean noodles, and the latter one is generally for home consumption. Because people's diet is different, white cakes are divided into stuffed stone cakes, sugar stone cakes and general stone cakes.

Datong Haggis

The Datong Sheep in Shanxi Province is a local snack made from the head, hooves, heart, liver, intestines, lungs, blood and other raw materials. It is also known as the Yangzao Soup. Yam chowder soup Riga yam noodles, there are glutinous, oily but not greasy, mellow and delicious, remove the pot to steam, fragrant scent, eat into the belly is delicious, has obvious cold, warm stomach, body And other effects.

Liulin Bowl

The Liulin Bowl is a traditional pasta snack in Shanxi Liulin, also known as bowl or bowl bald or bowl bald. The name of the “bowl group” is because it is steamed in a small bowl, cooled and cooked, and can be taken off the bowl. The bowls are mostly cold foods, cut into strips, and can be eaten with a bowl of knives. Garlic, chili, and good vinegar are the main seasonings. They are also served with ginger and sesame oil. In the severe winter season, it is often fried with bean sprouts, sometimes mixed with the lamb. The bowls are edible in all seasons, suitable for both young and old. They are tough and mellow, and have become a common snack for people, especially children and students.

Datong Baihua Shaomai

Baihua Shaomai as the signature of Datong Fenglinge has long been known as delicious. Legend has it that the Empress Dowager Cixi fled west, passing the Datong, sent the eunuch Li Lianying to the Fenglin Pavilion to order, the chef carefully crafted the nine-cage "Baihua Shaomai", the transparent and bright thin skin wrapped in chicken, duck, fish, shrimp There are nine kinds of meat stuffing in crabs, cows, sheep, pigs and rabbits. They are made into the tops of the simmered stalks, such as squid, lotus, rose, peony, magnolia, rose, autumn chrysanthemum, rhododendron and plum. Burning wheat, the filling is filled with nine kinds of juices corresponding to the petals.

Taiyuan Yiwo Crisp

A nest of clams is a famous snack in modern Taiyuan. It was made by the first-grade chef of Jinyang Hotel, Mr. Hu Shinian, who improved and innovated and baked on the basis of Longshou in 1958. point.

Shanxi corn flou cake

Spreading yellow children is a famous snack in Jindongnan and Jinzhong districts. It is also known as yellow fried. It is also known as a stall. It has golden yellow color, sweet and tender, and easy to digest. The raw materials for the yellowing children are millet noodles, cornmeal, glutinous rice noodles, glutinous rice noodles, noodles, etc., and also can be used with millet noodles and corn flour with a little white flour mixed flour.

Taiyuan Tounao Soup

"Mind" is a kind of halal snack unique to Shanxi. It is a soup-like food. In a bowl of soup paste, put three big pieces of fat mutton, a piece of glutinous rice, a yam. The soup is served with rice wine, vinasse and sassafras. You can feel the mixed aroma of wine, medicine and lamb when you taste it. It tastes delicious and delicious. Features: Yiqi Tiaoyuan, nourishing deficiency, promoting blood circulation and stomach, rich in nutrition, with the effect of pacifying cold and strong body, prolonging life. It has a history of more than three hundred years. Every year, during the Lunar New Year’s Eve, the halal hotels in Taiyuan have a “mind” listing.

Daoxiao Noodles

Shanxi noodles is a kind of traditional pasta that is famous in Shanxi. Because of its unique flavor, it is well-known in China and abroad. The noodles are all cut by the knife, hence the name. The face leaf cut with a knife is thin and thin. The ridge is distinct and shaped like a willow.

Bubble oil cake

Oil cake is a traditional snack in northern China. It is widely distributed in Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia. It is a kind of pastry that is fried and has an elliptical shape. The filling is usually brown sugar or white sugar. The bubble oil cake is golden in color, delicate and soft, and does not change color after a long period of time. It tastes sweet and soft, and is a pure natural green food.

Lin Ji Tounao soup

The mind is a unique flavor of Taiyuan, which has a history of more than three hundred years. From the Lunar New Year's Eve to the Spring Festival, the halal hotels in Taiyuan are eager to launch their minds. Among these restaurants, Lin is most famous. In November 2016, he won the award in the first China Gold Tourism Snacks. The mind is a nourishing food. Also known as "Bazhen Tang", it is made up of Astragalus, Chinese noodles, lotus, mutton, long yam, rice wine, distiller's grains, and sheep's tail oil. It is also used as a primer for pickled leeks. It is often eaten, and it is beneficial to qi and yuan. The effect of stomach and nourishing deficiency is better in the morning. Because in the early years, when Taiyuan was not bright, he got up and eats his mind. It is also called "catch the mind" and needs to hang lanterns. Therefore, a business lantern is used as a sign in front of the hotel where the mind is running. This custom has been passed down to this day.

Yuncheng soft twist

Twist is a traditional Han Chinese snack in Yuncheng, Shanxi. It is rumored that the original flower was a court food. When it was passed to the folk, it became a shape of two sides that were glued together. Now this kind of food can be seen in the Hongdong area. During the Qing Emperor Qianlong period, a businessman from Xiwei Village of Yandian Town took it home to the township, and sold it. There were many eateries. Especially worth mentioning is Lushan Twist, which is famous for its fragrance, crispness, looseness and crispness. It has been in the world for hundreds of years, and now it has already left the Lushan Mountain and spread all over the country.

Huguan sheep soup

Huguanguan sheep soup is a traditional place to eat in Shanxi Huguan. The soup is rich in flavor, the meat is tender and tender, sweating and cold, and nutritious. Drinking pot Guan Yang Tang must first pay attention to seasonality. It is about seven months from the Mid-Autumn Festival to the next year. Changzhi people like to drink sheep soup, and Yangtang is the most famous in Huguan County. The practice of pot Guan Yang Tang is to cut the cooked sheep into silk, pour the old soup of sheep bones, and mix with salt, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, parsley, pepper and other condiments. The fresh and beautiful flavor has the effect of warming the tonic.

Fish and sheep Baozi

The savory taste of the fish, together with the scent of the mutton, is mixed together, fresh and fresh, and it is unforgettable and delicious. Shanxi Yuci's fish and sheep bag is a steamed buns made from fresh fish, fresh mutton, home-brewed soup and a variety of condiments. The unique diet is made with fine ingredients, which not only makes the nutrition match reasonably, but also makes the fish and sheep bag realize yin and yang. Balanced food becomes a meal.

Lushan Fried Dough Twists

Lushan Twist is a traditional traditional snack in Shanxi Yuncheng. It is rumored that the original flower was a court food, and when it was passed to the folk, it became a shape in which the two sides were glued together. During the Qing Emperor Qianlong's reign, a businessman from Xiwei Village of Yandian Town took it home to the township, and sold it. There were many eateries. Later, the businessman constantly improved the production technique, changed the twist from two to three, and then twisted it into a golden yellow silk pattern. At present, Lushan Twist has been sold in more than 10 provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen and Heilongjiang, and is very popular.

Yangquan pressed cake

Yangquan pressed cake is made of high-dietary fiber materials such as “grain noodles, cornmeal, bitter noodles, sorghum noodles, wheat noodles”, which are made by traditional techniques and have the characteristics of “thin, fragrant, crisp, crispy” and high nutritional value. It is a gift with local characteristics. Lift the cake to the sun, and see the sun shining through the pancakes, giving the whole cake a transparent color.

Xiaoyi Sima Wiping bread

Xiaoyi Sima Rubbing Bag is a traditional processing technique and was selected as the eighth batch of municipal intangible cultural heritage projects.