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Rongzi winery wine

The wine producing area of ​​Xiangzi Winery is located in the southwest of Shanxi Province, on the Loess Plateau in the west of Linyi City. The geographical coordinates are 110°~111° east longitude, 35°41′~36°09′ north latitude, and 900~1300 meters above sea level. The loess face, north of Luliang Mountain, west of the Yellow River water, adjacent to the "Yellow River Wonders" Hukou Waterfall, nature created her magic and beauty. The terrain here is high in the north and low in the south. The mountains are covered with water, the forest behind the mountains is dense, the ecology is good, the climate is cool and dry. The Loess Plateau, 100 meters of soil, fertile land, is very suitable for the growth of wine grapes; rich in groundwater resources, high quality and sweet. The unique geographical conditions give the quality of the wines of the winery.

Yongji Asparagus

The Zhongzhi Mountain of Lingxiu Junyi, the wetland of Wuxing Lake with beautiful scenery, the Qinshui River with flowing streams, and Yongji in the bend of the Yellow River are bred by the rich environment of the earth and the unique environment. Spanish experts in the asparagus consumption kingdom call it “the best place to grow asparagus”. Yongji Asparagus's aura of heaven and earth, the essence of all things, creates an incomparable intrinsic quality such as white color, thin skin, crispy and delicate meat.

Heshun Beef

The body of Heshun beef has a wide and wide body, well-structured structure, firm body, muscular muscles, full hindquarters, bright hair, and red (yellow) white flowers. No matter the season, the slaughter rate and the net meat rate are high, the protein content is high, the fat content and distribution are moderate, the appearance is good, the shearing force is low, and the taste is fresh. Because the growth environment is non-polluting, forage and materials are basically based on real estate plant-derived raw materials, without adding any harmful toxic substances and antibiotics, the “natural” concept goes through the whole process of feeding and management. It is a standard “natural” safety product.

Qilan Kidney Beans

Due to its unique geographical features, the red kidney beans contain zinc and iron. The quality of the red kidney beans planted in Ganxian County is special. The grain is large and full, the color is bright, the color is not faded after processing, the wrinkle rate is low, and the breakage rate is low. It has no glutinous white grains. It has a clear fragrance when cooking. It has a crisp and tender taste. It has a palatable taste and does not regenerate after cold. It has high nutritional value. As a raw material for the development of new nutritious staple foods, the red kidney beans are used as raw materials for the development of new nutritious foods. The unique taste of “drugs and medicines” is favored by consumers at home and abroad. Europe Welcome, Southeast Asia recognized. It is especially suitable for the development trend of food consumption in the city of “quality, nutrition, health care and convenience”.

Qilan Mutton

There are small cypresses and a large number of towering ancient Berlins in the mountains and plains of Ganxian County, Shanxi Province. Between the mountains and rocks, the ditch creeks often flow, the green covers the land, and the flocks living in this extremely special environment are artificially grazing. The flocks eat the cypress leaves, cypress seeds, and the cypress juice all year round. "岢岚柏籽羊". Cypress leaves and cypress seeds have the medicinal functions of soothing the nerves, nourishing the heart and moistening the dryness. The sheep eat these medicinal cypress leaves and cypress seeds, and slowly make the mutton have the same medicinal effects. The meat dishes and meat stuffing made of cypress seed mutton are not greasy, and there is a kind of fragrant fragrance of cypress trees. The flavor is unique and the aftertaste is endless. It is praised by local people as “early ginseng” and “buxin pills”.

Shouyang dried bean curd

"Shouyang Tofu" has a long history of production. Over the years, "Shouyang Tofu Dry" has formed its inherent product features: the block shape is flat, the appearance is brown, the interior is golden, the taste is solid, the structure is delicate and tenacious, and there is no bean flavor. The fresh and fragrant beauty is rich in nutrients. “Shouyang Tofu Dry” is made from local high-quality green beans. The raw materials used in Shouyang Daqingdou are full of protein, vitamins and other nutrients. The unique process of refined tofu, low sugar It is slightly salty, has a delicate taste, is fragrant, has high protein, low fat, high vitamin and low cholesterol, and has high nutritional value. The product characteristics of "Shouyang Tofu" are mainly due to its soybean and water quality. And traditional crafts. "Shouyang tofu" has become synonymous with the regional characteristics of Shouyang.

Linxian red date

Linxian jujube is famous for its large nuclear size, thin skin and thick meat, rich in protein and organic acid. According to the graduate student of biochemistry physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Linxian jujube contains 18 kinds of amino acids, 10 kinds of vitamins and 14 kinds of trace elements. The ripe dates are smashed by hand, the filaments are woven, the sweetness is tangled, and the hands are full and plump, sticky and greasy. Because Linxian jujube is high in sugar and oily, it is more difficult to dry.

Gaoping Big Yellow Pear

Gaoping is rich in rhubarb pears and has been famous since ancient times. Rhubarb pear is not only rich in nutrients, Chinese medicine believes that pear is sweet and cold, has lungs, clear heart, cough, eliminate phlegm, relieve lung heat, fire, alcohol, chest tightness and shortness of breath; according to the "Compendium of Materia Medica" Heart, eliminate phlegm and reduce fire, relieve sore, detoxification, can be used for colds, bronchitis, cough, (in the local, rhubarb pears are often introduced as medicines, especially for eliminating phlegm and reducing fire, sore, cold, bronchitis Cough has a special effect.) Aversion to thirst, constipation, hangover and so on.

Pingding Sand Pottery

Pingding sand has five unique properties: “cooking rice does not change color, decocting invariability, stewing meat unchanged flavor, boiled water without scale, planting flowers without rotting roots”. The texture is fine and light, thin, acid-proof, alkali-resistant and breathable. Lead-free, cadmium-free, non-polluting, environmentally friendly and green; the appearance of light flashes bright, simple and elegant, practical and beautiful. For thousands of years, it has been well received by the people.