Top restaurant in taiwan


The founder of the Family Li Imperial Cuisine, Beijing, Professor Li Shan-lin, taught Applied Mathematics at the Beijing Capital Economy & Trade University. His wife, Wang Xiao-zhou served as a pediatrician, who passed away in Dec 2009.

Shin Yeh Taiwanese cuisine

"Shin Yeh Taiwanese cuisine" in 1977 started at Shuangcheng Street Taipei, Shin Yeh Group is the first brand. Shin Yeh is 11 tables from the beginning, business was first established by the current chairman, Ms. Li Xiuying, breaking only when Taiwanese cuisine restaurant zhou dishes, no dishes given the impression that Taiwan is the first feast dish into Taiwanese cuisine restaurant. In response to consumer demand for many food and beverage, Shin Yeh is committed to the development of different industry types and brands, there are sets of dishes, Japanese buffet, Japanese-style hot pot, curry, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Guangdong, grasping seafood and vegetarian baked.

Paradise Chicken Roll King

Mentioned Tataocheng cuisine, chicken roll king Yongle absolutely one of them, founded in 1907, starting with the old Yongle market stalls and, after moved to its present site during heritage to today's fourth generation, through centuries of years.

Wang Tsai melon soup meat

"Wang Tsai melon soup meat" was established in 1975 to Tsai melon meat broth unique style of break name, not only no stores, other stores sell this blindly rare, is "Huaxi Street Night Market "very distinctive pool. Shoppes "Huaxi Street Night Market" after paragraph (Guilin Road to Guiyang Street) of "Wang Tsai melon soup meat" renamed "Wang cook melon", and re-decorated, in 2019/11 / opened on the 10th. After April to get "Michelin Bibendum No" stores into the new chapter.

Chi Chia Chuang

Old Taiwanese cuisine restaurant in Taipei to chicken dishes and the famous "Chicken Village" (Chi Chia Chuang), the founding owner of the chicken traders because it has the background and instead opened a restaurant, the choice of high-quality ingredients and put pheasant, multi-channel solid cooking process, so each port can taste the chicken tender and sweet sense of bombs, which Zhendian treasure - shamisen chicken, chicken rice pudding and eggs together have deduced warmth of classic traditional fashion feast, delicious meaningful across generations, leading into the taste buds time tunnel. Taipei was named one of the old flavor of carefully selected restaurant, named "2018-2019 Taipei Michelin dinner plate" (The Plate MICHELIN).

Chan Kee oyster gut noodles

"Chan Kee oyster specialized intestinal surface line" plump oyster, very fragrant large intestine halogen, sporting a full sense of chewing. Noodles which did good oyster gut, intestine and oyster cooked separately, and then placed in a bowl with each person shown best flavor, retain their identity to each other but can each use the service, called a perfect match.

New Seafood Restaurant southeast

The new seafood restaurant owner from southeast retired after with his parents put noodle, pickles too few customers too Zuo surface, thus increasing seafood dishes, excellent business results, expanded store flounder around for a place in the four neighboring South Gate market, so far more than thirty years old. The restaurant serves the most "green" of fresh seafood, fresh plump catches the table, as if moved into the harbor in Taipei, Taipei City, guests will be able to do a quality first taste of seafood, there are many rare seafood, but also in The new Southeast relaxed taste.

Ami Hotel

Ami hotel under the leadership of the first generation boss Cai Chonglian of traditional Taiwanese cuisine famous in Tainan, over 60 years still survive this, the signature dish of duck casserole and casserole, through continuous research, improvement, taste more loved by customers a. The restaurant opened in 1902, Taiwan-course menu, such as shark's fin, crab, shrimp, eel, turtle, fish, frogs, these delicacies have been circulating for centuries in Tainan local, which is commonly known restaurant dish, part of being reproduced Hotel Ami, Ami Hotel booking in traditional cooking techniques, so that customers feel the living history in the diet.

Biography being established mushrooms Rougeng

This is a biography is being established mushrooms meat Geng Taichung human memory of good taste. From 1944 to now has been founded more than 75 years, many of my friends asked me Taichung delicious meat soup is recommended which one? I would say this Taichung being established mushroom bouillon, a lot of people from snacks to a large copper delicious people never forget, even if It grew to the field of life, or will return to Taichung to look back at the green River here.