tianjin food

Tianjin roast meat

Tianjin pork is one of the eight bowls in Tianjin. The main dishes of the eight bowls are: fish fillets (taken from herring or black fish), shrimp, whole family (made with sea cucumbers, fish lips and other aquatic products), sweet-scented osmanthus fish, squid, single gluten, glutinous rice Shredded pork, smashed meatballs, roast meat, loose meat, etc. The main dishes of the eight bowls are: fried green shrimp, ingot meat (steamed meat), simmered chicken, burned three silk, burned north and south (winter bamboo shoots, mushroom), green steamed mutton strips, egg yolk crab yellow, whole stew (water sea Products), sea cucumber meatballs, broth chicken, chicken smashed, squid, agate wild duck and so on.

Official Braised flatfish

The officially burned fish is the original name of the fish, and the color of the dish is yellow, white, black and green. It is cute, the fish is crispy inside, the texture is extraordinarily tender, the acid is sweet, and the appetite is opened. The title "官官" is because the Emperor Qianlong tasted this dish during the Qing Dynasty. The flounder has only one big thorn in its body, the scales are small, and the meat is very tender and fresh. The main ingredient of “Guanzhuanmu” is golden yellow, with white, green and dark brown ingredients interspersed among them. The color is harmonious and bright, the fish sticks are crispy, the meat is tender, the juice is the main ingredient, the sweet and sour is slightly salty, and it is unique. Drink the product.

Braised vegetables

扒 vegan is a dish, the ingredients are magnolia, mushrooms (fresh), cucumber, melon, carrot, cabbage. The color is bright, neat and beautiful, tastes savory.

Tianjin Braised Oxtail

Braised oxtail is actually a traditional dish in Shaanxi, but Tianjin has made this dish a classic dish. The table must be a dish. The color is oily, the meat is thick, and the flavor is mellow.

Fire gluten

The gluten is also called a one-sided gluten. It is a halal special dish with authentic Tianjin flavor. It is almost indispensable for every table. The so-called "independence" is actually the meaning of "small fire stew", a bit similar to braised. The single gluten is shaped by a small fire, soft and not rotten, very chewy. If it is served with some river shrimp, it tastes salty, sweet and delicious. The unforgettable rich taste is very popular among people.

Fried shrimp

Stir-fried shrimps are the "fine eight bowls" dishes, the main ingredients are Tianjin River-made green shrimps, the color is green and white, the meat is tight and tender, the best season to eat in the early autumn and winter season, the shrimp at this moment is the most plump and tender. The characteristic of fried green shrimp is that the shrimp is peeled out from the live shrimp. The meat is sweet and full. Generally, the bean sprouts will be put on. When the bean sprouts are fried, the wine can be removed, and the flavor can be removed and the flavor is enhanced. Good bean sprouts are more green. Although the shrimps are small, they are sweet and crisp, refreshing and refreshing, and have a lustrous color.

Silverfish purple crab hot pot

Silverfish Purple Crab Hot Pot is one of Tianjin's traditional dishes. The main ingredient of this dish is the silver fish and purple crab, which are called "Winter", and they are fried and made into a delicious soup. Silverfish is selected from the Sancha River mouth, fresh and tasteless, and cooked food has the clear smell of autumn cucumber. Purple crab is selected from Beitang, deep purple, thin skin, double-layer crab cover. The taste of this soup highlights the freshness of silver and purple crabs.

Zeng Beng carp

罾[zēng] squid is a representative dish in Jin cuisine. The whole squid is wrapped in sauce and lying on the plate, and the squid with scales is fried. Because of its fish shape, it is like struggling in the net, so the name. It is characterized by crispy scales, tender meat, and great acidity. Especially after the hot drink is poured into the hot marinade, the steam is transpiration, the fragrance is overflowing, the hot fish absorbs the hot juice, and the sound is heard, the visual, the auditory, the sense of smell and the taste are excellent, which adds extra interest.

Fried prawns

Using the "Fried Cooking" technique, the main ingredient can be directly heated in contact with the wok. Keep the original color of the prawns, so that the color is more red and the taste is more fresh. In particular, the use of onions, ginger, and garlic pots to scent, highlights the characteristics of the dishes that are good for cooking. Its finished shape, beautiful color, bright oil, savory and sweet, very beautiful.

Twist fish

Jinwei squid is made according to one of the “Tianjin Sanjue”, which is made from Guifaxiang Twist. It takes the live fish as raw material and kills it. The fish is sandwiched between the tenderloin and the fat, and the shape is turned into a twist. Hang the egg white paste, solidify and fish out after the oil pan is fried, topped with sauce, sweet and sour taste, novel style, it seems that twist is fishy, ​​it will definitely lift your appetite.