Top restaurant in tianjin

Yan Chun House restaurant

Yan Chun floor restaurant was founded in 1927, is a well-known Muslim restaurants in Tianjin. Old Tianjin catering sector has "eight to", "Top Ten restaurant," said Yan Chun House is one of the "Nine Building," "Nine building", is every inch the old Muslim, it is suitable, family gatherings, friends, dinner .

Apricot Church

Apricot hall, full of Shanxi style of apricot as the name, Shanxi Heng Fa Chuen Tang Restaurant Management Co., a subsidiary of Shanxi food brands. Shanxi remembered as a hometown flavor, as many memory table from Shanxi, Shanxi Heng Fa Chuen Tang restaurant to taste authentic Shanxi, Shanxi dishes will be extended to the country, has set a successful brand classic dishes Shanxi, received wide acclaim consumers .

Huaiyang Mansion

If you want to eat authentic Huaiyang food in Beijing, you must be Huaiyang house. Beijing huaiyangfu brand has been well received since it brought Huaiyang cuisine to Beijing in 2011. Many foreign dignitaries like to come to Beijing for dinner. The dishes are authentic in taste. The stewed lion"s head at the state banquet retains the original delicacy of the ingredients, and the crab meat grains are clearly visible. Steamed Taihu white fish in the ancient way is tender and delicious. It melts in the mouth. Even master Dong Keping praises it as another good place for Huaiyang cuisine in Beijing.


The founder of the Family Li Imperial Cuisine, Beijing, Professor Li Shan-lin, taught Applied Mathematics at the Beijing Capital Economy & Trade University. His wife, Wang Xiao-zhou served as a pediatrician, who passed away in Dec 2009.

Will Fong House

Fong House will take the name "Kwan Fong meta" in Italy, it was built in the late Qing Dynasty, dating back a hundred years of history has been, and prestigious. Famous crosstalk artist Ma Sanli's comic dialogue said: "engage the object will go Fong House!" The most famous is the variety of beef and mutton dishes here.

Hongqi restaurant

Old Chinese restaurant is famous Tianjin Hongqi style restaurant, was built in the early thirties, formerly with poly-floor restaurant, created as Tianjin Wu (School hole). Take satisfied that the world Magi, gather on the first floor with meaning. Jin Lu fry flavor to operate features, very famous.

Tianjin baijiaoyuan

Tianjin baijiaoyuan is a national large chain restaurant with the main feature of promoting Chinese traditional food dumplings. With 229 kinds of dumplings in 10 categories, it is ranked as the largest in the Guinness world. With its unique characteristics of "thin skin and big stuffing, authentic materials, open kitchen operation, instant packaging and cooking, and 100 dumplings and 100 flavors", it can be called another unique feature of Jinmen. At the same time, the 100 Yuan Garden brings together the essence of the four major cuisines of Tianjin, Sichuan, Shandong and Guangdong. It takes the lead of all the families, innovates, and brings out exquisite dishes, fully meeting the needs of different tastes of guests, and gradually forms its own unique style.

Castle Restaurant

Castle Restaurant is located in Dali Road five trail, quiet cottage, watching the facade is not particularly gas eyes, really full of charm, it has a unique style heritage. It reveals a modern decor shop in quaint, very suitable for the party. Tianjin boss is renowned master chef, main dish basically Cuisine of Tianjin cuisine, feel the color and then put the disk, everywhere knee section are indicative of the intentions of the chef, the restaurant in Tianjin can be discharged into the top three from the mouth. In "A Bite of China" described Evans tofu, it is the signature dish of his home.

Tianjin Geneva Hotel

Geneva Hotel Tianjin is located in Tianjin, political cultural and financial heart of the exhibition area, with the Tianjin International Exhibition Center as a single entity, is one of Tianjin's tourism screenshots hotel, a five-star standard design construction of four-star business hotel, location and convenient transportation, is one of Tianjin landmark.


Zhimeizhai is a famous Halal Restaurant in Tianjin. It mainly deals in beef and mutton snacks, bean products, beef pie, mutton soup, old tofu, and sauced beef. Many Tianjin people are used to buying breakfast here. They can eat in the shop or take it away. It"s very popular here. There"s a big line every morning, and other people are full of food.

Huibin Restaurant

Huibin restaurant is a restaurant dealing in Tianjin cuisine, Shandong cuisine and seafood. We are committed to inheriting and carrying forward the traditional Jinlu cuisine. It has been named as "Tianjin famous restaurant", "Tianjin harmonious labor relations enterprise", "municipal health red flag unit" and "municipal health advanced unit". The national hotel restaurant rating committee has been rated as "national Four Diamond Restaurant" and "national hotel restaurant demonstration shop".


Erduoyan Food Group was founded in 2001, is engaged in catering, hospitality industry based, FMCG food, entertainment, leisure, trade, advertising, decoration as one of the large-scale comprehensive private-owned enterprises. After ten years of development, has its own "Erduoyan", "Cuisine of Tianjin collection", "Bauhinia fishing house", "Bauhinia Hotel", "Chan Su," "Tai Fook" six pillars of the brand, with a total business area up to 30,000 square meters, employs more than 2,000 people, the annual passenger received nearly 500 million people. Now fully covered by the Tianjin market, Tianjin has become the food and beverage industry leader, well-known food brands.

Baodi Great Wall Hotel

Tianjin Baodi Great Wall Hotel, founded in 1994, is subordinate to Tianjin Baodi Great Wall Industrial Co., Ltd. The hotel is located in Baodi City, adjacent to the railway station, bus station and high-speed exit, with extremely convenient transportation. It was rebuilt in 2010 with 6 floors of main building, with a construction scale of more than 10000 square meters and a total area of more than 7000 square meters. It integrates accommodation, catering, banquets, bathing and business meetings. It was rated as a three-star hotel for foreign tourism by the National Tourism Administration in 2013.

Cuisine of Tianjin Collection

Cuisine of Tianjin extensive collection director to win the Cuisine of Tianjin, Tianjin fashion model focused on creating leading catering. Adhering to the mining heritage classic, promote Cuisine of Tianjin cultural and creative Cuisine of Tianjin purpose, new and old Cuisine of Tianjin, put on a long humanistic charm, presented one by one in front of the people in Tianjin. Cuisine of Tianjin will fight the culture collection and wisdom of loading, the other diners immersive will influence its culture, but also admiration for their wisdom.

Baiji dumplings

Baiji jiaozi originated in 1890. It was created by Bai Xingheng, a native of Tianjin, and named "Baiji steamed food shop". The main variety of sweet food steaming, there are sweet salty, bean paste, rose, hawthorn, chestnut and other core varieties. In addition, vegetable dumplings, shrimp skin and leek powder dumplings, with their unique taste and high quality, have won the favor of the majority of customers. Every day, the market is full of people, and the income is quite high, which has laid a historical foundation for the development of Baiji dumplings.

Stone doorsill plain bag

Among the vegetarian snacks in Tianjin, shitoumenkan vegetarian bag is popular among people. It is well-known as the earliest time-honored brand to make vegetarian bread in China, with a history of more than 100 years. Shitoumenkan Subao shop was originally the zhensu Garden opened in gongnan street in the late Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty. Because the shopkeeper built a doorsill at the door to prevent the summer rain from entering the shop, he got the nickname "stone gate sill". Later, he was awarded the title of "stone gate plain bag" by Cixi. A total of 19 kinds of by-products were put into shitoumenkan vegetable stuffing, all of which were famous products from all over the world. The steamed stuffed bun with thin skin and big stuffing has strong bite force. It has a strong and unique vegetarian flavor, which makes it a unique traditional snack in Tianjin.

Dacheng Shengji

"Dachengshengji" was founded in early 2004. After ten years of hard work, it has developed from a 40 square meter store on Shaanxi Road to 56 Direct stores and franchise stores, and 41 fast food chain enterprises within Tianjin Outer Ring Road. It has always maintained a good reputation in the industry and has been unanimously recognized by the same industry. In 2010, dachengshengji responded to the call of the municipal government to join the breakfast in Jinmen, such as Dou After three years of unremitting efforts, "dachengshengji" was rated as the leading breakfast enterprise in Tianjin in 2013.


"Goubuli" was founded in 1858, is China's well-known trademarks, old Chinese, ignore the dog buns making skills are recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage. Goubuli Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 to. It is a variety of formats and catering hotels, food industry, logistics, quality control research and development, training bases and other business groups. Goubuli always pursue the "good faith, quality management" concept, to create the ultimate artisan products with spirit, the spirit of innovation with business conditions, with modern ideas to improve management. Group has won China's top ten food and beverage brands, Chinese brand-name commercial enterprises Honor. Goubuli brand value through authoritative assessment, ranking first in the old Tianjin, the country's old two.

Da Fulai

In Tianjin, Guoba dish is called "three big pieces of breakfast" together with soybean milk and old tofu, while "dafulai" is almost synonymous with Guoba cuisine. The founder of dafulai Guoba dish is the 13th generation descendant of Zhang Qing, a hero vegetable garden in Liangshan, Song Dynasty. On his way back to Tianjin on his way back to the south of the Yangtze River, Qianlong accidentally ate a delicious dish called "Guoba dish" by "tearing up the pancake, adding salt, sesame oil and coriander, and flushing it with boiling water" at the pancake shop of shopkeeper Zhang. A few days later, the imperial bodyguard returned to the pancake shop with the money awarded by the emperor. When he entered the pancake shop, he called out, "here comes your Dafu." and "dafulai Guoba dish" became famous.

Hung from Shun

Hung from Shun founded by left-hung Lin, left Hongfa, Zhan starting in the summer of 1935, from June 1, 1936, it specializes in Halal dishes. After several times of expansion, just a few decades, the development of the business area of ​​nearly 10,000 square meters of business income over a hundred million, profits of over ten million, assets of over a hundred million of the famous Muslim catering business. Economic efficiency of enterprises in Tianjin for seven consecutive years ranked first in the Chinese food industry and among the national catering hundred, a Chinese business services brand, Chinese restaurant brand, old Chinese.

Four Seasons Hotel jinhouse

Jinyun Jin house is one of the most authentic Cantonese restaurants in Tianjin. In the modern and elegant environment, taste Tianjin cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine and other Chinese classic dishes and innovative fusion flavor.

The Bauhinia Fishing House

In 2001, Bao Xuan Investment Group founder After several efforts, the founder of the "unique cultural tastes, upscale matching decorative, popular food and drink, low-cost consumer" business positioning of Bauhinia fishing house catering company. Shandong cuisine techniques for the foundation to cook fresh Hohai two features, the Tianjin love to eat fish, fish eating practices will play the most. The Bauhinia fishing house to "fishing" led to "fish" for the statue, portrait of dedication to diners the best "fishing" product, a road food, not just a pleasure, but also gave birth to a unique "fish" culture. Its specialties are "steamed octopus", "OK Bombay duck", "sour fish", "soup Dunyu head", local materials, full flavor, much favored by diners, but also won the "Chinese catering enterprises signature dishes "award.

Ding Wei Cao Xuan mansion

Tianjin Xuan Wei Ding Food Development Co., Ltd. Tianjin to build high-end restaurant brand, the company was founded seven years, with their own efforts have been recognized by the industry and the community, it has become a symbol of Beijing and Tianjin soft spot for high-end consumers food and beverage brands. Enterprise won the national five-diamond dining restaurant, the national party and government organs designated hotels and the glorious title and honors. Ding Wei Cao Xuan mansion located in the Tianjin Nankai District Gulou District tourism business, is the Northern Government's last president of the former residence of Cao Kun, here mansion built in the early Republic of China, Chinese and Western-style courtyard style typical for the residential construction.