tianjin specialty

Yellow flower pecan

Huanghua pecan is produced in Jixian County, Tianjin. It was called "Yuyang" in ancient times. It was renamed as Jixian in the second year of the Republic of China. Now it is under the jurisdiction of Tianjin City. It is located in the heart of Beijing, Tianjin, Tang and Chengcheng. Although the area is small, However, the agricultural and sideline products are abundant, and the natural environment is beautiful, which is rich in high-quality agricultural products. Huanghua pecan is the most representative specialty of Jixian.

Honghuayu Mulberry

The safflower mulberry is one of the characteristic products in the mountainous area of ​​Jixian County, Tianjin. The protected area of ​​this product is located in the east and west Shizhuang boundary of the Beshan Town on the south bank of the Yuqiao Reservoir in Jixian County. It is named after the red flower buds growing in the town of Bishan. The groundwater resources are abundant and the water quality is good, and the soil nutrient content is high. The safflower mulberry is divided into black purple and yellow and white. The fruit is plump, the fruit handle is short, the fruit is fragrant, the color is bright, the sweetness is sour, and it has been planted for more than 500 years. It is one of the well-known forest fruit products. It is deeply loved by the people.

Chadian fragrant rose grape

Chadian Rose Grape, a geographical indication product in Hanyu District, Tianjin. The peel is black and purple, the color is gorgeous, the flesh is sweet and palatable and has a strong rose scent. It is both an excellent fresh food and a good raw material for brewing.

Qilihai river crab

The Qilihai River crab, a special product of Ninghe County, Tianjin, is named after its growth in the Qili waters of Ninghe County. The Qilihai Sea is a typical ancient lagoon wetland in the Bohai Sea of ​​China. The water is clean and rich in trace elements, making the quality of the Qilihai crab very good. The Qilihai River crab was a court tribute in the Qing Dynasty. Because of its nutrient-rich, high protein content and low fat content, it was deeply loved by the Tianjin people.

Lutai Spring Liquor

Lutaichun wine is produced in Ninghe County, Tianjin. As a model of high-quality wine, Lutai Chunyuan Liquor has a unique historical and traditional cultural connotation. It has a pure, soft, clean and harmonious product style, representing the original cultural wine of traditional brewing techniques for three hundred years.

Tianjin chestnut

Red oil chestnut, Tianjin sweet chestnut, Tianjin chestnut is an ancient cultivated tree species in Jixian County. The cultivation history of Tianjin chestnut, which enjoys the reputation of the oriental "black pearl" in Tianjin, can be traced back to two or three thousand years ago. Because chestnut is rich in starch, sugar and fat, and has many trace elements such as phosphorus and iron, it is often called the fruit treasure. The production area is from Jixian County, Tianjin (now Yinzhou District). It is mainly produced in the mountainous area of ​​Yanshan in the north. It has first-class quality, delicate fruit taste, strong glutinous taste, sweet and delicious taste, rich nutrition, and unique unparalleled flavor of chestnut produced in other regions.

Taitou watermelon

Taiwanese watermelon skin is crispy, sweet and refreshing, contains a variety of amino acids and vitamins, and is a good product for summer heat relief. Since the ancient times, Taitou Town has been known as the “land of fish and rice”. Taitou watermelon has a history of thousands of years. The clear and sweet Daqing River water, fertile black land and high-quality climatic conditions have produced high quality, green and pollution-free Taiwanese heads.

Panshan millstone Persimmon

Panshan Mopan persimmon, the production area is Guanzhuang Town, Jixian County, Tianjin. Panshan Mopan persimmon is named after Panshan, a beautiful tourist resort. It belongs to the specialty of persimmon fruit in China--Da Mopan persimmon. The persimmon fruit is large, thin, Tang Qing, uniform, colorful, sweet, especially in Panshan. The surrounding granite area produces the best quality. Panshan has been rated as the hometown of Mopan persimmon by the State Forestry Department.

Zhouhe carp

The state river carp is produced in Yuqiao Reservoir, Yinzhou District, Tianjin. The head is small, the back edge has no obvious bulge, and the body is slender; the back is slightly green, the body scales are golden, the abdomen is golden yellow, the pectoral fins, pelvic fins, anal fins, and caudal fins are all light red; the meat is firm, chewable and tough, and the taste is delicious.