Top restaurant in xianggang

Ming Pavilion

As Langham Hotel, which is famous for its modern fashion and luxury style, Mingge Chinese restaurant is one of its signature catering services. Mingge Chinese restaurant, located in Mongkok, Hong Kong, has been awarded the "Michelin Guide to Hong Kong and Macao" for seven consecutive years.

T’ang Court

The Langham Hotel Hong Kong is located in the Michelin-starred T'ang Court Cantonese Restaurant, since 2009 began to obtain very authority of the Food Guide "Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macau" named for the star restaurant, is now the world's five award-winning Michelin stars in one dish hall. T'ang Court elegant style, with unsurpassed workmanship chef, cooking a variety of Cantonese delicacy, to show the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty style.

 Lei Garden

Lei Garden Restaurant Group was founded in 1973, originally as a traditional Cantonese restaurant, fine dining development has become internationally renowned, brought together multinational and local cuisine. Group is now all over the world has a total of 24 stores throughout Hong Kong, Macau, China and Singapore and other countries and regions, as many as 2,500 employees. Lei Garden was founded, has been with excellent food and service quality, the industry has a "diet Shaolin Temple" and "celebrity canteen" reputation. Lei Garden has always been to the interests of the guests first, by the choice of materials to the process of cooking skills are very thought, with enthusiasm attentive service, be sure to make guests feel value for money, satisfaction. Therefore, Li Yuan Group has won numerous awards and honors, can be described as deserved.

Yung Kee Restaurant

Yung Kee was founded in 1942, is located in the heart of Central, to burn charcoal taste ancestral secret and authentic Cantonese Bong-off, not only to save Hong Kong's traditional food culture, have become favorable for local residents and tourists eating places. Yung Kee founder uphold consistent style, adhere to sincere hospitality, homely service. In 1974, a generation of cultural master Lin Yutang, at 79 years old, is "Yung Kee" inscription: Yung Kee, Tianxiadiyi. Now this plaque hanging in the aisle at the Yung Kee, recounting old Yung Kee in the infinite glory.

Jiaquan Qifu Restaurant

The predecessor of Jiaquan Qifu restaurant is the famous "Fulinmen". The restaurant is designed in favor of traditional high-end Cantonese restaurants, with gold as the main theme and dark color ornaments interspersed with beige soft clothes. The overall atmosphere is simple and atmospheric, luxurious but not luxurious. The restaurant pays attention to the selection of food materials, delicacies from all over the world, and seasonal food materials are strictly selected. For example, Qifu"s Dried abalones are all selected by Mr. Xu Weijun, the son of the founder of Mr. Xu Fuquan, who has more than 50 years of experience, and only the dried abalone produced in Aomori Prefecture of Japan is selected. The dried abalone produced here is uniform in size, thick in flesh, clean in surface and hard in body, which is the best among abalones. Similarly, the glue is also selected by Mr. Xu Weijun himself to ensure high quality.

Ming Garden Restaurant

Ming Yuan Restaurant Ming Garden Restaurant pursue different. Pay attention to health, pay attention to taste, but also the pursuit of novelty, adhere to choose the best quality materials, with exquisite cuisine and surging creativity, making sections of specialty dishes. Abalone, ginseng, wings, belly are the four senior Guangdong seafood dishes, in most people's eyes, want to eat these expensive dish, we need to pay a high price. But gardens restaurant, but to break the routine, the choice of the finest Australian abalone, dried abalone with traditional production method, is definitely a big diners delicious food.

 Qiao Cuisine

Founder of the early settlers to Hong Kong from his hometown in Zhejiang, cooking from generation to generation. The restaurant dishes to the court for the signature dishes, among a number of Road through improved traditional Qing emperor royal banquet dishes, will sell beautifully. "Qiao Food Bank", Hong Kong for seven consecutive years Michelin restaurant, dedicated to studying food to sophisticated process royal cuisine type well-known, word of mouth lips, award-winning. Now Resident national chef with 32 years of experience in the kitchen, there are "hidden world of Sword of God," said. Beijing had "Diaoyutai State Guesthouse" and "Great Hall" served the state leaders and dignitaries and so on.

 Kam's Roast Goose

Fresh Roast, go to Gan card. Gan is a brand new restaurant in Hong Kong roast goose roast goose restaurant "Yung Kee," the grandson of the founder Gansui Hui opened, Gan brand opened in 2014, opened only four months to get a Michelin star title and kept up to date. Located in Hennessy Road, Wanchai station and only right close. Music and a goose, good luck Qi Tim Tam "parity Michelin," the name, loved by tourists, also can imagine how long the line up.

Good wine, good CAI

Haojiu Haocai, which was launched in 2005, is a high-end cuisine brand under Haojiu Haocai catering Co., Ltd. with a new style of Chaoshan cuisine with a fusion of Chinese and Western styles. In 2019, in the "2019 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide", Guangzhou"s "good wine and good Cai" restaurant won two diamonds, and Hong Kong"s "good wine and good Cai" restaurant won the third diamond. "Good wine and good Cai" has become one of the most recognized restaurants by diners, and is also praised by many gourmets as "one of the restaurants that must experience life". At the same time, Beijing"s "good wine and good Cai" are also bringing surprises to the catering industry in Beijing!

Hee Kee Fried Crab Expert Ltd

"Hee Kee Fried spicy crab" is Hong Kong's famous seafood shop, more authentic typhoon shelter ancestor, founder Liao Xi (called hi t) was founded in the 1960s, the most famous is the signature dish "Hee Kee fried spicy crab "and hi-t himself too will do crabs, known as the" king crab "title, well-known gourmet Mr Chua Lam, personally inscription hi t.

Quan Zhang ranking

Traditional old Hakka restaurants, shop in Mong Kok opened in 1964, will sell straightforward and simple dishes, large clip Disi, fatty and salty flavors, still can survive a busy area, because the ancient adhere processing, the same level , do not look brand can easily point out the meal will eat Zhendian dishes: salt-baked chicken, pickled pork, fried large intestine, and Sam Sun tofu stuffed marrow and so on. In particular, salt-baked chicken is sold talkative street, no one does not know, thin flesh with chicken flavor salty enough, coupled with sand ginger and chili sauce can be more then "climb" two bowls of rice.

 Ah Yat Harbour View Restaurant

Hong Kong gourmands well known chefs Ah, Mr. Yang Koon abalone dishes greatest advantage, catering sector known as abalone in the world. In 1986, Deng Xiaoping invited Ah Xian Yi, Deng Xiaoping when he finished tasting the abalone dishes, exclaim: "! This abalone, only get to eat after open policy." After the news, Yang Koon more fame big noise, "abalone" in the Mainland and overseas, no one does not know, the world's wealthy businessman, politicians, gourmets, gourmands have to eat "abalone" proud.

Otto and Mezzo BOMBANA

As a famous chef, he doesn"t confine his food to Italy. He likes to explore and select ingredients from all over the world But its cooking style and taste are still loyal to pure Italy, so when you taste the first dish, you can feel the Italian scenery full of birds and flowers slowly flowing into the mouth.