Top restaurant in xinjiang


Quanjude was founded in 1864. The continuous fire of a hundred years inherits the skill of hanging oven to roast duck in the palace, and also records the hardships and achievements of several generations. It began in 1864. If we say that Cheapside is the representative of "stewed duck", Quanjude is the representative of hanging duck. The duck baked out of his house is crispy and tender, crispy and flowing with oil. It is dipped in salty and fresh sweet sauce, and then added with scallion and melon sticks. It is rolled into lotus leaf cake. It tastes delicious!

Yili Hotel

Ili hotel is the predecessor of the Soviet consulate in Iraq. Now is the Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture Party Committee, the State Government reception hotel, but also regional tourism bureau designated foreign tourist hotel. Yili hotel's architectural style is the perfect combination of style and Russia, not only have there is strong local characteristics, it is a forest villa, its interior is elegant and chic, quiet and elegant, known as the reputation of North Garden Hotel.

770000 years

"770000 years" Xinjiang local people must know his "three high" - high-quality raw materials, high-quality services, high-quality dishes. On the ingredients: chefs select one by one, almost harsh. In addition, the hotel"s own planting and breeding base ensures the safety and reliability of food materials. Second, service: when you come here to have a meal, you can enjoy the supreme service in every detail. As the name of the shop is "770000 years", the moment of time can record the perfect moment that you will never forget. Three said dishes: the chef of the shop has high attainments and delicately cooks the top dishes. Today, "770000 years" has become the synonym of Xinjiang catering peak.

Kaidirui pilaf

The predecessor of Xinjiang kaidirui Catering Culture Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as kaidirui company) was founded in 1984. After 24 years of hard work, two generations established kaidirui company in April 2008. Kaidirui trademark has been awarded as Urumqi well-known trademark, Xinjiang famous trademark, Urumqi time-honored restaurant, Chinese halal catering enterprise of 20 years, advanced unit of poverty alleviation and so on. Kaidirui company is a member of Urumqi County Federation of industry and commerce, autonomous region Federation of industry and commerce, Xinjiang Agricultural Materials chamber of Commerce, Urumqi Catering Association, Urumqi chain business association, and key catering enterprises of the Autonomous Region Department of Commerce.

Shen school's old Hui people in Western Regions

Shen Pai is a famous restaurant in China and a famous halal food brand in Xinjiang. It belongs to shenpai halal catering chain Co., Ltd. It has a history of nearly 20 years and has a high reputation among consumers.

Wu Wu Zi lamb

I my son lamb, if counting from the first lamb sold, dating back more than 100 years of history. But it my son lamb is really famous in the 1960s. A trolley pot of lamb, a stall group of diners, half a century after years of baptism, because of its unique cooking skills in 2010 was included in intangible cultural heritage Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Shanguoxiang music bar

At present, it has been appraised and approved by Urumqi restaurant hotel rating committee, becoming another national three diamond restaurant in our city.

Yizhongyuan Hotel

Yizhongyuan Hotel, established on October 18, 2002, is the first garden style 5-diamond hotel in Urumqi. The hotel is located at 118 North Street of Urumqi Park, in the people's Park, next to the workers' Cultural Palace, 5 minutes' drive from the railway station and 25 minutes' drive from the International Airport. Superior terrain, convenient transportation. The hotel covers a total area of 19800 square meters, with green area accounting for 80% of the total area. The spacious and bright restaurant can accommodate more than 500 people to eat at the same time. There are more than 20 boxes with different styles, more than 1000 kinds of delicious food with different tastes. High grade chess and card room and tea house bring you not only star service, but also star enjoyment!

Zhangye Restaurant

Zhangye restaurant in May 1996 officially opened for business in Urho District Karamay city, was only 16 square meters of shops. Main is a pasta Gansu Zhangye, the middle two sharp rough like fish, called rubbing roe, also known as kung fu noodles, flour only, the production is very time-consuming at first, a fish face on the panel to rub twenty-three next to molding, after years of continuous improvement, in Ms. Tao Ling people shop creation efforts, developed a dozen roe rubbing surface.

Brother Kuqa Nang City

Kuqa Nang City is located north of Kuqa County, Jianshe Road, Victory Road on the south side, was in July 2013 Kuqa county government invested 35 million yuan to build the focus of livelihood projects, covers an area of ​​20,240 square meters, was in 2016 tourism sector as a national AAA tourist attractions. Today, tourists come to eat large Kuqa Nang has become a local landscape. Kuqa Nang city operations more than four years, received a total of 300,000 tourists, you can sell 10,000 a day by Nang online and offline.

Hotan City, the ancient market Yulongkashi have Mingakeda grilled bun shop

Yulong Kashgar River town named because Yulongkashi, there Yulongkashi town in the well-known Xinjiang, "Akdag" baked buns, roasted whole lamb, kebabs, lamb pilaf, encapsulated meat. Yulong Kashi town of Hotan Prefecture Akdag baked buns are the best to eat baked buns, on January 16, 2007 incorporated in Hotan Prefecture Hotan City of Industry. Akdag baked buns facade is not great, basically semi-open. Buns here a large thin, imported delicious, packaging is said to have flown to Beijing and other places.

Shenmuyuan Ecological Garden Hotel

Shenmuyuan Ecological Garden Hotel, founded in 2006, is located at No. 818, Yanerwo Road, Tianshan Mountain, Urumqi, Xinjiang. It is located in the ancient trees scenic area, surrounded by ancient trees, rockeries, lotus ponds, rare birds, small bridges, pavilions, pavilions and natural scenery, which is the first green ecological Garden Hotel with greenhouse automatic temperature control in the capital. The hotel has a business area of 5500 square meters, 35 boxes, and can accommodate more than 1000 people.

Oriental Hotel

Oriental Hotel is subordinate to hotel management company of Xinjiang East China Industrial Co., Ltd. It is located at No. 122 Beijing North Road, prosperous section of Changji City, Xinjiang. It has convenient transportation, beautiful environment, complete facilities and large parking lot in front of the door. With multi-functional conference hall, it is a multi-functional and comprehensive three-star hotel integrating catering, guest rooms, sauna, teahouse, entertainment and business. The hotel room department has 78 luxury suites, standard rooms, single rooms and other rooms, with reasonable layout, complete facilities, elegant and comfortable. The multi-functional conference hall can receive large-scale meetings, equipped with advanced audio-visual equipment. It is an ideal place for business negotiation and meeting. The banquet hall is spacious and bright, the environment is elegant, and can accommodate 500 people at the same time; the food and beverage department: it has more than 50 kinds of fresh and fierce seafood, North and South dishes, local dishes and Sichuan dishes, which are unique in cooking and exquisite in production, with different styles of luxury boxes, to create a warm and warm dining atmosphere for you.

Colorful Yanyu Lou Hotel

Colorful Yanyu Lou Hotel (formerly Yanyulou Hotel) is located in Urumqi meters Eastern podium civil district core area, the largest Muslim Midong scale catering hotel, business area of ​​10,000 square meters, spacious and bright, extraordinary atmosphere, elegant decor, fashion, luxury, the hotel has four theme banquet hall, with high-definition full-color LED display, professional stage lighting and sound, the hotel can host 2800 people dining on the first floor banquet hall magnificent eternal Silk Road, which can accommodate 70 banquet tables, Millennium Loulan second floor multi-purpose hall and auditorium complement each other diffuse yan sand, rich Muqam, Dolan performing arts make when you enjoy the food, exotic feel. Purple East to the third floor has 21 function rooms of different sizes, elegant style package, each seating 12-40 people enjoy the food on the tongue.


Shihezi small four pastry shop is located in Shihezi City, the bustling commercial street, happiness Road and west road intersection, is an individual-owned enterprises, the company called "Shihezi small four restaurants." Founder because at home was the fourth eldest, makes easy to remember, so named for the "little four" and registered the "little four" trademark in 2004. Xinjiang local snacks business: Ganmian skin, cool skin, beef tendon noodles, vermicelli, high egg noodles, noodles, etc. and making sales, due to the sale of products with surface-based materials, so collectively, the "little four dough."