Top restaurant in xizang

Nyingchi Laliesicang Restaurant

Nyingchi friends blanket think Food Co., Ltd. is one of Tibetan folk culture and dining as one of the old three-star meal hiding Limited, restaurant founded in 2003, when the restaurant is now a large scale has not large restaurant, 4 in 2013 May 1, at the restaurant-style changes to Nyingchi friends · blanket think Food Co., Ltd., the restaurant has 24 permanent workers, the company's Tibetan restaurant offers a luxurious and beautiful dining atmosphere, hired Tibet-star chef, restaurant stringent election materials, ensure food safety, restaurant adhering to the heritage of traditional Tibetan meal basis, in recent years not added many new dishes and Chinese Tibetan food combining, the restaurant also undertake a variety of gatherings and parties of different grades.

Yangqingcangcang Restaurant

"Central State warehouse" by the Tibetan transliteration from, meaning "good fortune exuberant home" in Tibetan culture, will bring good luck, wealth and status can give his family, but also up and down the Mu family home called "Central Qing Cang ", is that people aspire to a philosophy of life.

Maggie Ami Restaurant

In 1997, the founder of Majiami Ze Qing Wang Lang has a centuries-old southeast corner of Barkhor Street in Lhasa, a yellow house, he founded the first "Majiami Diner" and into the modern business operating in concept, based on the traditional Tibetan food on the strengthening of a diversified diet, formed only to retain the traditional Tibetan meal character has no shortage of innovative modern Tibetan meal business model. Due to the unique geographical location and Barkhor Street in Lhasa Majiami own rich culture, and soon it attracts visitors from around the world. As group after group of frequent exchanges between domestic and foreign tourists, "Maggie Ami" is the name spread to the rest of the world, is frequently reported in various media, it has become the representative of the Tibetan tourism food culture banner.

Yi Bao Food

Yi Bao called before dining eight square meals Museum, located in the city of Linxia, ​​Gansu Province Sandaoqiao Up to now more than 40 years of history, when Main: River State buns, mutton, sauced noodles, pork noodles, spicy chicken nuggets, traditional heritage to date, now renamed Linxia IHO halal food Co., Ltd., to carry forward the traditional food culture River state, IHO catering for four generations and to discover the essence of traditional Islamic heritage cuisine.

Arrow warehouse restaurant

Arrow warehouse restaurant is located in the Chengguan District of Lhasa Duo Senge Youth Road No. 21 in a restaurant.

Snowland Restaurant

Snowy restaurant is a very casual place, full of wooden tables and chairs, you can as long as the pot of sweet tea or MASALA tea, or a cup of coffee, holding a roll of light readings, sit quietly one afternoon or one night, that very time lazy and casual. Also Hupenghuanyou, a grand feast called the table, and if dinner, that choice is very much.

Nama Sodermalm Restaurant

Nama Sodermalm restaurant and Nepal is a joint venture of a medium-sized food and beverage companies, visible through the glass of the restaurant in Lhasa old-Extension Street. Chefs are specially hired from Nepal and Lhasa excellent chef, offers Chinese, Tibetan, Western, Nepal, Indian food and cuisines.