Defachang dumplings

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    Xi'an Food Co., Ltd. Defa Chang Hotel
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    Top Ten Famous Snacks in China (Shaanxi)
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Founded in 1936, Defa Chang is a long-established Chinese old-fashioned brand. The old shop is located in the center of the ancient city of Xi'an, east of the bell tower, Xitun Drum Tower, facing the square. Defa Chang’s dumpling banquet is a must, a dumpling and a shape, a hundred dumplings and hundreds of flavors, known as "a unique Chinese." At present, there are more than 200 varieties of Defachang Dumpling Banquet, and the combination has become dozens of banquets such as welcome dinner, auspicious feast, dragon feast, three fresh feast, and Luo Hanhai feast. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people come to taste the dumpling banquet.

Located in the northwest side of Xi'an Bell Tower, the state-owned Defachang Dumplings Hall was founded in 1935 by businessman Zhao Jiwu to hire famous culinary technicians. The word "Defa Chang" was named after Zhao Jiwu. The gate of the court was written by the governor of Zhao Boping after the liberation of Xi'an in 1949. In the course of business, Zhao Jiwu took the virtue as the purpose and took the letter. No matter how the price of the market soars, always insist on the unique flavor of dumplings to ensure the quality of dumplings. The store pays attention to a "German" word, seeking a "fat" word, and looking forward to a "long" word. Although it has changed many times, it has always been prosperous. After the poet He Jingzhi had a meal at the store, he was pleased to keep the ink: "The feast of the feast of the feast of the banquet, the longevity of Changan Dechang." Dumplings, for everyone, are just plain and delicious. It is said that the medical doctor Zhang Zhongjing first invented it, and it has a history of more than 1,800 years. It is located in the center of Xi'an City, the ancient city, east of the clock tower, the West China Drum Tower, the old Chinese brand u0026quot; Defa Chang u0026quot;, a legendary dumpling feast. It is said that this store, which was named by the Great World Guinness Book of Dumplings with the most varieties of dumplings, was founded in 1936 and is a long-established Chinese brand. It is located in the center of the ancient city of Xi'an, east of the bell tower, Xitun Drum Tower, facing the square. Its appearance is inherited from the national style and is antique. It is the franchise store with the most varieties, the largest scale and the highest grade in China, featuring dumpling banquets and flavored dumplings and fine dishes. There are eight kinds of banquets and more than 200 varieties of banquets. The production methods include: frying, frying, steaming, boiling, roasting, etc. The standard tastes are: sweet, salty, hemp, spicy, and strange. Dumplings can be packaged into intangible cultural heritage. Only this long-established Chinese old name---Defa Chang! This store is famous for its "Traditional Age" dumplings. The busy chef was very quiet, and the skilled dumpling masters did their job and carefully wrapped all kinds of dumplings. The steamed dumplings of dumplings are neatly arranged. The front hall has a menu. Here, there are special masters who will order the dumplings from the customers, or dumplings or steamed dumplings. The biggest feature of the dumplings here is the hundred flavors!