Jinan Cloth bag chicken

Baguette chicken, also known as "sea-flavored assorted chicken", is a famous dish of Lu cuisine. It has always occupied the first place of Lu cuisine egg and poultry. It originated from the early Yuan Dynasty and was held in Qianlong. It is a traditional characteristic of Xiajin. Because of its shape, it is like a bag. Named "Bag Chicken". It is the finale of Manchu.

The bagged chicken is well-chosen, and the production is unique. The free-range stupid chicken is used. After slaughtering the mane, the incision is cut into small mouths, and the neck bones, wing bones, body bones, leg bones and internal organs are removed, making it a “chicken bag”. Then, according to the proportion, sixteen kinds of seasonings such as sea cucumber, abalone, scallop, ham, and bamboo shoots are put in, the mouth is sealed, fried into golden yellow, steamed on the basket, and matched with green, red, yellow, etc. The colored vegetables are put into a pattern, which is placed on the plate like a whole chicken in the kit. After the seat, the back is cut open, and the inset is exposed. The meat is beautifully filled, the fragrance is not greasy, the fragrance is overflowing, the nutrition is balanced, and the unique The flavor is well known and is listed in the "Chinese recipes" by the state.