Sichuan Style Wonton

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    Chengdu Food Company
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    Top Ten Famous Snacks in China (Sichuan)
官方店铺 立即购买

The copying was initiated in the 1940s. At that time, Zhang Guangwu and other buddies of Chunxi Road "Conghua Tea Society" discussed a joint venture to open a hand-to-hand shop. When the name of the store was taken, the "strong" character was also used, and "Longfeng Chengxiang" was also taken. The meaning of "Dragon Teng Hu Yue" was named "Dragon Hand". The main features of the dragon copying hand are: thin skin, tender stuffing, and fresh soup. The hand-skin is made of extra-grade flour with a little ingredients, which is made into a translucent shape of "thin as paper and fine as silk". The meat is tender, smooth and fragrant. The original soup of the dragon is used to make meat from several parts of chicken, duck and pig. The original soup is white, thick and fragrant.

Production method: 1. Put the flour on the board with a "concave" shape, put a little salt, pour one egg, add water and mix thoroughly, knead and dough. Then use a rolling pin to make a thin piece of paper, cut into four fingers and copy the hand to spare. 2. Put the three fat and seven proportions of pork with the knife back to remove the gluten, smash into fine mud, add Sichuan salt, ginger juice, egg 1, pepper noodles, MSG, mix thoroughly, mix with appropriate amount of water, stir into a dry paste Add sesame oil, mix well, and make a filling. 3. Wrap the stuffing into the skin, fold it into a triangle, and then fold the left and right corners in the middle to form a hand-shaped blank. 4. Put the salt, pepper, monosodium glutamate, chicken oil and raw soup into the bowl, and fill in the cooked hand-made. Flavor characteristics: exquisite materials, thin skin stuffing, fine workmanship, smooth and delicious, soup white