Zhuozi smoked chicken

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    Inner Mongolia Zhuozi County Lizhen Smoked Chicken Co., Ltd.
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    Top Ten Famous Snacks in China (Inner Mongolia)
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Zhuozishan Smoked Chicken is a traditional famous food in Zhuozi County, Wulanchabu City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It has a history of nearly 100 years of production. In 1956, at the National Cooked Food Exhibition, Zhuozishan Smoked Chicken and Shandong Dezhou Chicken Henan Daokou Roast Chicken, etc., and listed as one of the three famous chickens in the country. With a large body of fat, ruddy color, delicious taste, tender meat and civilized inside and outside the Great Wall.

The production and processing of Zhuozishan smoked chicken dates back hundreds of years. As the chickens in this area were very tender, people began to process them into marinated chickens as early as the beginning of the last century. At that time, only three or four households in Zhuozishan Town processed the roast chicken, but sold it to the surrounding villages and towns and passenger trains to and from the Pingyi Railway. However, due to the simplicity of the process and the general taste, it is far from being famous. Until later, after the smoked chicken completely different from the roast chicken appeared on the market, after a competition, the smoked chicken gradually gained an advantage, and the roast chicken suddenly faded out of the market. In the various smoked chicken workshops at that time, the smoked chickens produced by Rui Xikuan, a master chef from Tianjin, had the highest reputation and the best sales. As early as the early 1930s, Li Zhen, the master of Hebei Xuanhua, came to Zhuozishan Town to start the first smoked chicken shop. They took the longevity of Hebei Dingxian smoked chicken and Zhuozishan town, and after a long period of exploration, they created the unique production process of Zhuozishan smoked chicken, which is characterized by ruddy, crisp, delicious, color, fragrance and taste. . Because Zhuozishan Braised Chicken is obviously not as good as smoked chicken in terms of taste and color, smoked chicken has quickly replaced the roast chicken in the market, and the popularity and sales volume are also increasing. It was from that time that the scale of smoked chicken production in Zhuozishan Town began to expand year by year. Among the many masters who are smoked chickens, the most technically superior and the best in reputation, the first is the chicken technician Li Zhen from Xuanhua, Hebei. Because of his skillful craftsmanship, he used a variety of seasonings and spices to make the smoked chicken taste very delicious, so he was quickly known as the Inner Mongolian work area.