Danzhou Zongzi

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Quzhou Zizi is a traditional name of the Han nationality in Hainan, with a long history and unique flavor. There are many kinds of scorpions in Zhangzhou, and they are very large in shape. From leaves to stuffing, they are very famous. Especially Fubo shrimp red fish, fragrant meat, squid, scallops and so on are most famous. Quzhou scorpion has a full range of flavors and fragrances, and all ingredients are absolutely guaranteed by the original ecology. Without any artificial addition, it has become one of the best-selling local specialties in Hainan.

Quzhou Zizi is one of the three well-known brands in Hainan Province. It has a long history and is well-known inside and outside the island. From leaf to stuffing, it has its own characteristics: Zhangzhou eucalyptus leaves and eucalyptus leaves are more than one foot long and the leaves are green. Have a clear fragrance. There are many kinds of scorpions, and the body is huge. It consists of pork fat, lean meat, pork belly, chicken, salted duck eggs, beans, dried red, and squid. In the case of ingredients, it is generally mixed with wine, garlic, allspice, MSG, soy sauce, etc. With the deepening of commercial development, Ganzhou has continued to innovate, and Fubo shrimp red fish, dog meat (fragrant meat), squid, scallops and so on have played a well-known brand.

Quality and technical requirements for Ganzhou scorpion 1. Main raw and auxiliary materials 1. Production water: Surface water within the scope of production, the water quality should meet the national drinking water standards. 2. 3. Glutinous rice: The annual output of glutinous rice in the production area, the amylose content is ≤2.0%. 4. Pork: Pork belly for raising pigs in the area of ​​origin. 5. Salted duck egg yolk: duck eggs produced by sea ducks in the area of ​​production, marinated for more than 20 days. Second, the processing technology 1. Process: raw materials → cleaning → soaking and processing → packaging → boiled → airing → finished products. 2. Processing points: 1) Soaking in glutinous rice: soaking at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours; 2) Packaging: egg yolk pork: using the ratio of glutinous rice, pork and salted duck egg yolk produced in the production area 10:10:3 parcels, and wrapped with hemp rope; egg yolk soybean meal: the winter leaves of the eggplant produced in the production area are packaged according to the ratio of glutinous rice, pork, salted duck egg yolk, edible beans, 5:10:3:5, and hemp The rope is wrapped well. 3) Boiled: the water temperature is 95 to 100 ° C, the boiling time is 10 to 12 h, the water surface is not over 10 cm, and cooked. Third, the quality characteristics Sensory features: the corners are straight, the tie is tight and appropriate, peeling off the leaves, the surface of the carcass is light green luster of the leaves, the stuffing in the body is not bad, salty and sweet. 2. 3. Safety and other quality technical requirements: Product safety and other quality technical requirements must comply with relevant national regulations.

Apply to:
Producers within the scope of the production area of ​​Zhangzhou Scorpion may apply to the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Ganzhou City, Hainan Province for the use of the “Special Mark for Geographical Indication Products”, which shall be reviewed by the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Hainan Province and announced to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. . The testing organization of Zhangzhou Scorpion is selected by Hainan Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision in the testing institutions that meet the qualification requirements.